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  1. I have always been a big lover of carbs, my mom used to call me starch queen. I am going to Thailand in a week and I want to be good and eat low carbs until then and also learn some new recipes and ideas for when i get back. Generally vegetable soups, chili, and stir-fry are my go to low carb foods. Also i live in China so I can't get like fake meats and cheeses and etc. so the simpler the better! thank you for any ideas. =)
  2. You should find a gym buddy! My boyfriend, his friend, and I all go to the gym almost everyday and we all keep each other going because no one wants to skip while the other person is out getting buff.
  3. I have a pekingese pug mix. My neighbor gave her to me when her dog had puppies because i spent everyday outside playing with her dogs lol. I, with the help and manipulation of my mom, managed to finally convince my dad to let me have a pet! She is my spoiled little princess and has also been thriving on a vegetarian diet of eggs, tofu, vegetables, and peanutbutter (her gum problem improved and her teeth stopped falling out, she has more energy, and is much healthier overall) Meimei (little sister in Chinese) Sitting on my sister's laptop and eating her favorite food (carrots)
  4. I plan to eat lots of yummy food in Thailand but one of the perks of being vegan is a big portion of the yummy vegan food, epessially in Thailand, is mostly fruit and vegetables haha. I am REALLY looking forward to fruit smoothies, Stir-fried vegetables, Pad Thai, Indian vegetable curry, Sorbet at Swenson's, and mango sticky rice! =D YUMM!!
  5. Welcome! Congrats on the marathon i like running but that sounds so hard haha. I have never been to Texas, or much of the U.S for that matter hehe, I am just curious about how it i to be vegan there. I have heard it is a very meat meat meat state. Also maybe you could post up your exercise regime and sample diet and others could give their opinions and advice and maybe could help you out =) Good luck!
  6. Went low carb yesterday and at the gym i really noticed my arms looked more cut. I think im going to try keeping my carbs really low for the week until i go to Thailand and see if that makes a difference
  7. Recently discovered the awesomness that is lentils! I am not sure what kind they are but they are orange and very small. Been replacing some of my rice at meals with them =) except today im trying to go low carb so they have completely replaced my rice...xP. Going to go on vacation to Thailand on the 21st! so am trying to lose a little weight and really be strict with food until then so when i get there i can enjoy all the awesome Thai, Indian, Lebanese, and Italian food that is there!!! =D There is a gym near where i am staying though so ill be able to work out for the 10 days that i am there still =).
  8. Oh also on Fridays i like to have one cheat meal which usually street food which is stir-fried noodles with grilled tofu and veggies. The noodles are cooked with quite a bit of oil but the tofu and veg aren't bad sometimes instead i might have some french fries. Let me know what you think of this too.
  9. From the beginning of my veganism and exercise my biggest desire and struggle has been to lose that last bit of weight. I have never been fat and when I went vegan i did lose a bit of weight. I have made a new diet plan and if people could give me any suggestions for it and some cutting advice or any advice at all lol that would be so helpful! I have decided to try the carb cycling thing that i had read about. Basically there will be a highish carb day, a normal carb day, and a low carb day. Monday, Thursday, and Saturday are normal. Tuesday and Friday are high, and Sunday and Wednesday are low. I drink lots of water and green and jasmine tea throughout the day. Usually about 6 small pots of tea and 4 or 5 glassed of water. I quit soda and i don't really like juice or coffee and i rarely drink alcohol and when i do it is just a glass of wine or vodka with just about anything. Vodka is my friend :]. I am also not a big fan of sweets. For breakfast nomatter what day it is i always eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of plain sugarfree soymilk and cinnamon. No matter where i am or what im doing. (if only i could be as consistent with all my meals!!) Also every gym day i drink a pre and post work out soy protein shake High Day: Breakfast: Usual Lunch: 1/2 cup brown rice or noodles, 1/2 cup veg, 1/2 cup legumes or tofu Snack: mini muffin (home made oatmeal and almond 45 calories)+ 7 almonds Dinner: Healthy moderate to high calorie meal (For example tonight i am eating spaghetti with tomato sauce, tofu, mushrooms, and salad) Snack: sweet potato Normal Day: Breakfast: Usual Lunch: 1/2 cup brow rice, 1/2 cup veg, 1/ cup legumes or tofu Snack: Fruit (1 apple, few pieces of watermelon etc) 1 cucumber Dinner: Healthy moderate to low carb meal (Yesterday i made a broccoli, tofu and brown rice stir-fry) Snack: salad or 1/4 cup almonds Low day: Breakfast: Usual Lunch: 1 cup veg, 1 cup legumes or tofu Snack: Salad Dinner: Low or no carb meal (vegetable soup or chili or something) Snack: 1/4 cup of almonds I tried this before but it wasnt long enough to notice any real differences because i had to go on a trip and then there was thanksgiving so that was 4 days of me scrounging around to make myself a little stirfry because my family's fridge was full of saturated animal fats. Also throughout the day i like to nibble on a piece or two of dark chocolate with peanut butter but it is never very much. My goal for exercising is 20 minutes of treadmill or elliptical at the gym before my work out plus zumba and swimming once a week and 2 yoga sessions and 2 belly dancing sessions. If i could have any advice or help that would be so appreciated. I have gained muscle and i feel like i exercise a lot and eat healthy but i just cant manage to lose that last bit of fat and if i did i think it would make a HUGE difference and i would show a lot more muscle. Thank you.
  10. My current basic work out routine at gym is 20 minutes of cardio (i alternate treadmill and elyptical) (my reps and weights vary) Chest and Back day: Incline bench press lat pull down. Pull ups Lat pull out thing (not sure what called but it is generally on the same machine as the lat pull down) Leg and ab day: Squats Deadlifts Possibly some random leg machines A few ab exercises of my choice Shoulders and Triceps: Shoulder press Alternating lifting my arms straight out to the side and in front of me Tricep dumbell curls/dips (don't know which one) tricep rope pull downs Dips Abs and Biceps: Dumbell and Barbell curls 6 or 7 sets of various ab exercises I also try to go swimming on thursdays for about an hour, i go to a Zumba class every thursday night, I like to skip one day of gym and do a p90x video for that day instead of the gym work out to switch things up. I also try to make it to 1 yoga class and 1 belly dancing class and do one session of each at home. I have also been trying to work on my stretching but for some reason it is easier for me to spend 2 hours at the gym than sit down for 15 minutes to stretch.
  11. Ya i love my vibrams! except i need to soak them in some essential oil filled water since they have a knack for smelling bad. My gym is like a 10 min walk from my house lol. I am yet to get a bike (used to use my moms) since 90% of the places i go are within walking distance from my house. One of the perks of living in a city hehe. and yes i think she is probably the most spoiled dog ever hehe i give her EVERYthing she wants so she is quite bratty and manipulative but is also very well behaved and lazy so she is still a wonderful dog.
  12. Decided to post some pictures of my little vegetarian princess. I have to admit to loving my little Meimei (little sister in Chinese) more than 99% of all the people i know hehe. What can i say? she is perfect!
  13. I am happy with my muscle gains but still needing to lose some fat before ill be happy.
  14. Took this the day i made my 10 pull up goal (all the way down and chin over the bar). I love pull ups =) I'm mid pull up in this one but it was my favorite pic
  15. Wow i haven't been on here in forever! I have still been working out =) I have gained 10kg since i last posted on here and have been going up in the weights i can lift =). Recently deadlifted 80kg, squated 75kg, benched on incline 50kg and did 10 pull ups =D I have also recently taken up Zumba and swimming once a week.
  16. Wow haven't been on here in forever!! I have been doing great though. Enjoying my extra time this summer. I have taken up yoga and belly dancing and have been loving them both. My flexibility has dramatically improved. I have also gained some muscle . I need to post some pictures soon and do more of an update.
  17. Haha. Ya i am doing pretty well. i have been improving. slowly but steadily =).
  18. Haven't gotten for a while but everything is going quite well The gym is closed for 3 days for China's tomb sweeping festival so i decided to start a food diary and my eating has decreased a LOT with like no effort. I am really hoping my decreased appetite combined with my more frequent jogging and yoga sessions will help me finally lose this last little bit of fat! and Gym is back open today so that helps too x). Summer is also on it's way and it has become quite warm here so there is also the possibility of going swimming!
  19. Haven't written much lately but everything has been good Recently got a pair of vibrams and i LOVE them and enjoy running so much more! Ran too much after getting them though so now i have gotten some new shoe blisters lol. As soon as they heal though i am back to it! I feel like my diet could use a bit of an improvement. Haven't been eating anything bad but i feel like i am eating a bit too many carbs (what can i say i love noodles? x) ). I have convinced my mom to do a 7 day detox with me and so in the next week or two i will begin that and hopefully reduce my daily need for carbs or die trying . I have also become like addicted to oatmeal! It has a weird way of satisfying my sweet tooth even though i never add sugar and my soymilk/coconut milk is sugar free. SO YUMMY! I have been doing wonderfully lately and have been energized, happier, and i worry less now too . Looking forward to Friday so I can have my weekly fried potatoes and possibly a piece of homemade coffee cake! Muahaha!
  20. Today is my rest day and i was supposed to go bowling with some friends later today but the place i found is apparently no longer open so i managed to find a different bowling place. It is 15 min by car but to bike will probably be 40 or so min so for something to do i might bike there ahead and make sure it is open and not too expensive and everything first .
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