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  1. What is your macaroni and cheese recipe? o.O Good journal btw you should post some pictures!
  2. I have decided just to run outside and it is just SO much more fun for me and my throat has been doing fine as well.
  3. Been doing good lately. I have really gotten into cardio more and have been running or biking almost everyday on top of gym.
  4. It is still two years before i even move out on my own and many more after that before children but i think about this a lot. What do you think of raising vegan children and pets? As far as pets go i plan to feed my future dogs a whole foods diet and because they would eat meat in the wild i think they should still eat animal foods with me but i want to find the most human fish and egg sources and add that to a whole foods diet. I will also consult animal nutrionists and etc. as well. I have heard that feeding your dogs a whole foods diet rather than processed dry food can make them live longer as well. Now moving on to kids which would be MUCH harder it seems. I am thinking that i want to raise my children vegan at home and really teach them about the importance of what you eat and loving animals but right now i feel like until they decide for themselves they should be able to choose most of their own foods when eating at friends homes and etc. Although i ate dairy and eggs (i hated eggs but ate them when cooked into something else) growing up did not eat meat from birth until i was almost 14 (except for some meat my parents tried to force me to eat when i was a toddler). I have always been healthier, more muscular, more energetic, and more athletic than all of my friends and the year i ate meat was when i felt the worst and gained a lot of weight. I now haven't gotten sick at all since September, am building muscle at a steady pace, and am healthy and happy. I have NO doubts on raising a child on a vegan diet can easily be healthy as long as you are educated but because of how hard it could be for the child socially i think it would be ok to let the child decide for themselves when outside of the home. What are your thoughts?
  5. Haha ya i really think she looks amazing except if you googled her she did used to pose for nude pictures a long time ago so just a little late warning hehe. I have been sticking to my work outs pretty well and got a great ab workout. I need to get new shoes because 1. one of them is ripping a bit making it lose and it slides around when i do my sprints and two the owner of my gym (it is a small gym so he just hangs around) was telling me how this 50 year old can run fast and do it gracefully but i am young and i am like making loud noises. That is probably true but i listen to music so loud i can't hear but except for the fact that the old guy rans fast for no more than like 20 seconds my shoes are also really heavy espesially at the front (for any one who has keens you know). He was trying to tell me i need to run softer cause other wise it can be bad for my joints but i am running normal it is just on the treadmill my shoes are just hard and heavy and kind of hit it hard at the end. It actually REALLY peeved me for some reason but my boyfriend assured me he wasn't trying to mock me. I have; however, decided to look at a bunch of different cardio options to try and have been weighing the pros and cons of each. My current options are: Treadmill (find it easier to do high intensity intervals), hulahooping (I am really good at it now so can do it for as long as i want), Biking (i find this relaxing while i can go for a long time as well as push myself), jump rope, running outside (the only problems with this are i live in a city so harder and i get a super sore throat if i run when it is chilly), elliptical (this is nice and it is convenient since right in the gym but gets pretty boring), Exercise Vids. Going to go and pick the best few to do every once and a while for cardio to switch things up.
  6. Everything has been going fairly well and i am enjoying my cheat day greatly after a week of 1,000 calories a day. Next week i will probably increase it a bit because my stomach wasn't feeling the best yesterday and i would feel really hungry and eat a little then feel stuffed then in a few minutes hungry again. My body is pretty quick to complain to me so i am going to listen and up the calories just a bit x). On the bright side i was still really high energy and finished my ab work out even though my stomach was hurting . Now to enjoy my break day.
  7. My Long term goals are to get a six pack and become a lot more muscular.I want a lot of muscle but i want it shredded and tight so i still have a very slim look and look like a girl x) but have a lot of muscle packed on. I am kind of going for how zuzana light looks (except no fake boobs) I love the way that looks and i want people to look at me and know i look out and think i look fit and healthy. I think looks are really important because it shows a lot about who you are and i work hard at pretty much everything so i want to also LOOK like i work hard .
  8. Legs are still a bit sore from the work out but haven't gotten in the way of getting a good work out Tuesday . It has only been two days but doing really good on my new weight loss diet plan. I keep forgetting to drink a protein shake before bed though so i have been eating about 1,000 calories rather than my planned oun 1,200. I am still feeling energized so i am REALLY happy about that because usually when i eat below 1500 i get a major energy drop at 6:00pm or so. I am also not getting grouchy which usually happens when i feel a bit hungry after the gym. So ya i am quite happy with how things are going and feeling good about my past improvements and confident that i will get where i want to be.
  9. I grew up here because my parents do business here with agriculture. Had a decent leg work out yesterday Only got 6 hours of sleep and ate almost no carbs so was a bit tired but I did decent and deadlifted more than i did last time (60kg) Which doesn't sound like much but it is almost 10kg more than i weight .
  10. Haha no it is actually the way the picture turned out XD cause i had to resize it a bit to get it small enough to put up. The second picture is more accurate in size. Now that i have it figured out ill do better with the pictures next time heehee.
  11. Had a pretty good weekend. Did all my workouts and enjoyed my off day on Friday . Decided to cut carbs out of my lunch and cut out the 200 calories of whatever at the end of the day to try to speed up the loss of my last bits of extra fat. It is hard to be patient
  12. Today is my rest day so i thought i would put some pictures up. Sorry if they are two big or look weird i had some trouble uploading them and had to resize them a few times.
  13. I recently changed my diet up a bit and I have noticed an awesome energy increase! Except for my protein shakes i eat a pretty low protein diet because I do not have fake meats available to me in China, I don't like fake meats, and I don't like tofu or tempeh xP. I have made improvements on the amount of protein my diet provides but i want to make even more so finally decided to start taking protein powder rather than higher calorie food protein options. My current diet is like this Breakfast (same thing everyday)-1/2 cup oatmeal, soymilk, 1/4 of an apple, 5 slices of banana, 5 almonds, a few raisins and a few sunflower seeds. Snack-100 calories worth of nuts, seeds and/or dried fruit Lunch-Veggies, beans and either rice or noodles Snack 2-100 calories of fruit and/or vegetables Snack 3-Pre workout shake Snack 4-Post workout shake Dinner-Whatever i made that night usually something with a lot of veggies, carbs and some beans or nuts etc. Snack 5-200 calories of anything i want (generally still eat healthy stuff like fruit, i rarely eat processed food and i only make desserts on Saturday BUT if i wanted to eat something bad i could ) Snack 6-Before bed shake I count calories and eat about 1500 calories a day. I have made Fridays a cheat day because having a once a week cheat day is supposed to help give your metabolism a boost and keep it from slowing down too much but i usually don't end up eating any more calories than i would on any other day xP.
  14. A little about me: A have been a vegan for about a year and a half now and began going to the gym shortly after. I have made some decent improvements in that time and hope to make lots more! I will upload some pictures later on but have not taken any of myself in a while. I currently work out 6 days a week and my main focus is my abs and losing my last bit of belly fat. Here is my current work out plan. Monday-Leg day Legs Squats with bar and weights -1 set warm up (15 reps) -4 sets heavy (8 reps) + jump squats to failure Dead Lifts -1 set warm up (15 reps) -1 set slightly heavier (10 reps) -3 or 4 sets heavy (8 reps) Seated leg raise + Lying down leg curls (super set) -6 sets heavy (6-8 reps) each Calves -6 sets with bar (15 reps) Tuesday -Abs + Biceps day (reps vary) -3 sets jesus sit ups -5 sets cable crunches -5 sets ab crunch machine -2 sets chin ups (max reps) Bicep sitting barbell curl -1 set warm up (15 reps) -4 sets heavy (8 reps) Bicep standing cable curl -4 sets heavy (8 reps) Wednesday- Shoulders and Triceps Day Shoulder barbell press -2 sets warm up (15 reps) -4 sets heavy (6-8 reps) Shoulder Dumbbell press -3 sets heavy (6 reps) Shoulder side laterals -3 sets heavy (8 reps) Shoulder front laterals -2 sets heavy (8 reps) Tricep behind head dumbbell curl -2 sets medium (10-12 reps) -2 sets heavy (6-8 reps) Tricep rope extension -4 sets heavy (reps vary) Tricep dip vary between weighted and without -To failure Thursday – Abs and Cardio Day 1 -2 sets ab crunch machine -3 sets hanging leg raises -5 sets leg raises on ground -2 sets ab exercise of choice -20-40 minutes of high intensity intervals on treadmill Friday-Rest Day Saturday-Chest and Back Day Incline bench press (assisted) -1 set warm up (15 reps) -3 sets heavy (6-8 reps) Flat Bench Press (assisted) -3 sets heavy (6-8 reps) Flat dumbbell fly -2 sets medium (12-15 reps) -1 set heavy (6-8 reps) Chin ups -2 sets (max reps) Lat machine -1 set warm up (20 reps) -3 sets heavy, front (8-10 reps) -3 sets heavy, back (8-10 reps) Barbell rows -1 set warm up (15 reps) -3 sets heavy (8 reps) Rear delt raises -3 sets ( Lat machine pullout -3 sets ( Sunday- Abs and Cardio day 2 (reps may vary) -2 sets sides -5 sets cable crunches -5 sets ab crunch machine -2 sets of ab exercise of choice -20-40 min high intensity intervals on treadmill
  15. Those burgers look good! Can't buy any veggie burgers here and the home made ones i make stick to the pan a lot. What is your homemade burger mix?
  16. Maybe try adjusting your diet to spread what you eat throughout the day? About a week or two ago i adjusted my diet so i am eating the same amount of food but i am eating about every 2 to 3 hours and my energy has recieved a major boost! Also it might be helpful to get a work out partner or even get your gf to go. Going to the gym with my boyfriend and his friend has helped me a lot because even if i don't feel like going they will convince me to go anyways and i feel lame skipping when they are going X).
  17. I have always found the easiest way to lose flab is to just count calories and plan when to eat, how many calories and what. May sound a bit obsessive but once you get it down it is so easy and simple and gives me TONS of energy. i also save 200 calories everynight for a treat of my choice . A bit of high intensity interval cardio is always great too but can also cause some muscle loss. Good luck with everything.
  18. I still drink soy and eat soybeans and just started using soy protein powder but i rarely eat anything else made from soy. I think it is all things in moderation. Most of the studies are for someone who is eating soy as a big part of every meal. There are so many vegan soy substitutes for meat and cheese and stuff that it makes up too much of a diet and can mess things up. Most of the stories of people who got bad results "from soy" have no proof except they consumed soy at the time so that must be it. Also most of the studies try to say the reason Asians have not had any soy related problems is that they only eat fermented soy. This is one of the biggest reasons i do not believe most studies because i have lived in China almost my whole life and soymilk is a regular breakfast food and soybeans are a popular dish so a LOT of the soy they eat is unfermented. They just eat it in moderation and not as 70% of their diet so they are fine. Try eating anything as 70% of your diet and there will be problems.
  19. You are right Mufflon, but it is not so much what they think, but how annoying it is and how pissed i can get. I didn't feel like i was at a point yet where i HAD to take protein powder for more muscle so i was wondering if it was worth the trouble..but i decided to start taking it and see how it goes.
  20. Ya. I'm actually the healthiest of everyone I know and have more muscle than any of my female friends. But I want a lot more and hate tofu, tempeh and fake meats so the protein powder boost will be nice. I'm also finding them quite filling which is an extra bonus!
  21. I know this is a while after this was posted on but i have a really good vegan pumpkin pie recipe that you don't need egg subsitutes for. Ingredients -1 pie crust, placed in pie pan -1 ½ cups pureed pumpkin -2 cups water -1/2 cup flour -1/2 cup sugar -1 tsp cinnamon -1/2 tsp salt -1/2 tsp ginger -1/8 tsp cloves -1/4 cup cornstarch Instructions -Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. -Pour into pie pan. -Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius. -Bake in oven for 40 minutes. -Let cool completely before cutting. Makes 8 slices 1 slice is app. 160 calories I have pictures of it and a coconut whip cream recipe on my blog
  22. I have a blog i post all the meals i make up onto. I started doing all the cooking for my family since i went vegan so i could fix what i would eat and my dad is usually gone on trips and my mom hates cooking so it works out perfectly. I generally cook one dessert a week but everything else is healthy easy vegan meals. I don't have any recipes with fake meats or cheeses and stuff because I live in China so i can't get those and i don't really like them. The link is in my signature if you would like to check it out.
  23. The problem i have with most vegan cooking sites is i do not like or am i able to buy fake meats and cheeses and etc. and SO many of the recipes consist of those.
  24. Well i definetely do not think it is cheating because cheating is giving yourself an unfair advantage over others and every body builder or person trying to build a lot of muscle takes protein powder. I just don't want people to think i have to take protein shakes because i am a vegan and i do have a decent amount of muscle but i am not muscular enough yet to feel confident about saying i do this because i lift weights and build lots of muscle etc. etc. My plan for now is to continue working out as i am because i am getting really good results and take the protien powder. After i am more muscular i will let people know. My boyfriend keeps telling me not to worry about what others think about it but i get really pissed off when people act like my diet isn't good. I have the reputation as a health police with everyone who knows me so i get very little of people trying to say my diet is bad, generally people defend their diet to me so having ignorant fat people ask about protein might make me say something nasty hehe.
  25. Paula Deen gave herself diabetes. That shirt is kind of funny but why would any one want to wear a shirt like that...to the GYM? lol
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