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  1. Soy, like ANYthing else in the world, is bad for you if it is making up too much of your diet. Drinking soymilk for breakfast, eating tofu for lunch and dinner and fake meats and soy cheese and soy this and that is going to be bad for you but if you ate apples as 80% of your diet it would cause problems too. It is all about moderation. Chinese people have eaten soy for years (and no not just fermented like all the articles want to say) i have lived in China for 16 years and they drink soymilk, eat soybeans,soy sauce and tofu. and have way less soy related problems than Americans so it is just when you try to subsitute EVERYthing for soy that you will have problems.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I have made a lot of progress with out worrying about my protein at all but my end goals do involve getting a lot of muscle so i decided to start. I was worried that if people knew they would say things like that "oh you have to because you are vegan." I will definetely use what you said Robert thank you for that! but I decided i am just not going to tell anyone untill I look a bit more muscular.
  3. Wow that looks good! I would love to check out the recipes on your blog. I love cooking!
  4. Well, Thank you everyone. I was just really feeling uneasy about it but i decided to start drinking them and just not tell anyone till i reach a slightly higher muscle level hehe. Well thank you.
  5. I am having some trouble with uploading an avatar. I have gone to the edit avatar section and it only gives me the option to attach a url for the picture but there is no option to upload it from my computer. Can someone please help me with this? thank you so much for any suggestions.
  6. Yes I know i shouldn't let other people effect what i do for myself but the idea of an unhealthy and overweight person acting as if i get all of my protein from a drink is keeping me from it lol. I am really thinking i am going to do it. i am doing fine without it but everyone does it to build muscle and it is supposed to give a boost so i should probably give it a go.
  7. I went vegan over a year ago and started working out after that and i have made a lot of improvements. I lso eat way less protien that you and have not yet started protein shakes so it's not that or meat. Try doing less cardio because that can hinder your muscles because your body takes the protein to recover from the cardio.try to keep adjusting your workouts until you find what works for you. Also if you have any extra fat or weight that can hinder any muscle showing so if you do have any it might be good to count calories, I am about 5'6 and weigh 116 pounds and i am trying to lose weight so my abs will show through better =/. The sad thing with muscle is if there is any fat it doesn't show well. You sound thin but that is just a suggestion since that is something i really had to work on. (stupid fat! hehe). Good luck! and no it is not meat at all i have only eaten meat for a year of my life and i am more muscular than all my female friends. Also it is good to remember that it takes a while for change to come in usually. Took me over a year to really be like oh YA i guess i am not wasting my time. patients, sadly for me, is an important part of building muscle
  8. Have any of you experienced people acting as if you MUST take protein powder because you are vegan? I have never met another vegan in person and only my boyfriend and one of his friends works out regularly. Everyone else I know is pretty ignorant about veganism and exercise.
  9. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section i do not really understand how to use this site yet.
  10. My name is Jessica. I was a vegetarian for 13 years and i have been a vegan for a little over 1 year. After i became vegan i started working out a lot and i go to the gym almost 2 hours pretty much everyday. I have made a lot of improvements at the gym and am doing really well. My goal is to get a lot more muscular and toned and get the bottom of my six pack to come through (need to lose a teeny bit of fat still). My boyfriend, who has been working out for the past 3 years, told me i should take protein powder because it will help boost my improvements and will be good for helping maintain my muscle as well. I know he is right and it sounds like a great idea but i can't help feeling very torn about taking it. I am very healthy and despite never monitering or worrying about protein intake have gained a lot of muscle and strength improvements. I worry that if i take protein powder, if people know, they will act like because i am a vegan i HAVE to take it for my muscle. Almost anyone who tries to gain a lot of muscle takes it but people can be so ignorant and i am always asked about protein and if tofu is the only thing i can get protein from (i never even eat tofu or fake meats) I really want to take the powder and get a good boost and be able to put some extra focus on my weight loss and treadmill with out having to worry too much about muscle loss but i am worried that people will act as if without it i would not be able to get enough protein as a vegan. I need some advice because i really feel torn about this. Thank you.
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