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  1. How I am supposed to work up to my working set without using lighter weights first? As for starting strength I already have it, but thanks anyway.
  2. That's my warm up, so not an issue.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Pretty sure I'm lowering my hips to much after watching the rippetoe video again.
  4. The main issue is I keep banging my knees, any tips to avoid this?
  5. Just wanted to formally introduce myself, I've been vegan for about 6 years, I started strength training about 6 months ago. I've been lurking here since around the time I started. I just decided I should finally register here and participate.
  6. Would like to get some feedback on my deadlift form. If still doesn't feel like I have it down right. http://youtu.be/N-YM3btdSno?t=25s Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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