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  1. Sometimes stress can make your pH more acidic, which can cause health problems like mouth soares. You may want to self test using 5.5 - 8.0 pH Test Strips for testing the pH of your saliva and urine. Ideally you want to be around 7. You can get these test kits at a pharmacy, amazon.com, etc.. There is a lot of info on the web about this stuff. Generally, eating more greens in your diet (like green smoothies) and alkaline foods can help make your pH more neutral, which is healthier. Ofcourse reducing stress with exercise is great too. Good luck to you. Be well, Am
  2. The website looks awesome! Wow, looks like this year will be a record breaker. With the Free Admission, I bet you'll get more than 2,000 attendees. Thanks for making another great vegan event happen. Have a good time in SF this weekend. Today I'll be volunteering at the Walk for Farm Animals. Go Vegans!!!
  3. Thanks soooo much Jessifly. Now I won't miss the meet ups because I saw them on the forum just a little too late.
  4. Hey loveliberate if you can make it there, here is the info: There are MANY italian plum trees at this site, so bring your friends and neighbors - there is plenty of fruit for all! No need to register - just show up at 10am. Here are the details: Italian Plum Harvest, Saturday, 9/1, 10am-1pm Zenger Farm ( http://www.zengerfarm.org/ ) 11741 SE Foster Rd Please bring bags or boxes to carry fruit home with you, and any fruit picking tools or ladders will be welcome additions to the Project's. And if you have a favorite plum recipe, feel free to bring that along too! Bus # 71 stops in front of the farm - at 120th & Foster. There is parking on site. Look for the gate & Zenger Farm sign on the North side of Foster Road. We hope to see you there!
  5. This is a great opportunity in the Portland area to get free fruit and do some good work for the community. It's called the Portland Fruit Tree Project and they are organizing harvesting parties for the next two weekends. We are going to the next two Saturday events and hope to see some local forum members there Here is the link: http://www.growing-gardens.org/portland-gardening-resources/fruit-tree-project.php
  6. We just got a whole bunch of fresh FREE fruit this weekend by volunteering to pick some fruit trees in Portland. It's called the Portland Fruit Tree Project http://www.growing-gardens.org/portland-gardening-resources/fruit-tree-project.php This a great program to prevent waste of fruit that would otherwise not be picked. When the fruit is picked, some of it goes to the owner, some of it goes to a charity foundation and the volunteers get as much as they want to take home. Maybe you could start doing something like this in your area or just find some fruit trees in your area that could use some harvesting. This is a great mutually beneficial deal for a tree owner who does not have the physical ability to pick their fruit. Both you and they will get to eat if you put in the physical work of getting the fruit off the tree. It helped me with toning up as well as providing fruit for my new endeavor of going on a Raw Food diet.
  7. Thanks Jessifly for the apple cobbler recipe. I tried it today with a few variations. Next time I will go by the exact recipe you posted, so it will taste more like the one you made. Also, thanks DV for posting too.
  8. These videos are great and you are all so cute. I love you guys!
  9. My desktop pic changes from time to time. This photo is from a trip to Alaska taken about two months ago. A photo from VV07 may be next on my desktop. http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/1170/desktopub3.jpg
  10. Thanks everyone! Lotus, your choc cake recipe would be very much appreciated. I'll be visiting the recipe thread soon. xveganjoshx: your new pic looks great! I hope to see you all again sometime soon.
  11. We're also going. We plan on doing the 8 bridge ride so we can start at 7am. We also plan on going to the Bite of Oregon event since it will be free for those who do the Bridge Pedal. Who knows, we may bump into some forum members at the event.
  12. Thanks Robert and to everyone for making this happen. I think I read somewhere that Robert used his rent money to make some of this happen. If there is a Paypal account set up, I'd be happy to send a small contribution. Meeting all of you and being a part of this family is priceless.
  13. Since my last post, I've been 100% vegan. Thanks Rebecca for the personal stories. I appreciate you sharing those, because it is very inspiring to know there are great vegans around. As Flanders says, lots of veggies and fruit will help for weight loss. However, most of the recipes in my new veg cookbook have tofu in them. I even tried a few of the dessert recipes today. We had two dessert after dinner tonight (chocolate mouse and blackberry ice). At least they were healthy and no sugar was added. Ravi, ditto to you if you are in Beaverton. The hot springs trip made for great summer time memories which will be needed come winter time. Also, thanks for leading us to the great Ethiopian restaurant on Saturday night. I love eating in different ways like using hands and sharing plates family & friends style. So far no weight loss, however the yoga is helping with toning what little muscle I have. Of course I will be more careful about desserts. Again, thanks to everyone for all the welcomes!
  14. Please do talk me into it. The reason I'm involved with a great group like this is to eventually become 100% vegan. The raw food lifestyle is also appealing. For now my goal is to be completely vegan. Oh, and also to lose 10 lbs.. Last night while driving to the closing dinner, David reminded me that Robert said, in his Thrive diet presentation, we must have a plan to reach our goals. So I've decided on reading numerous cookbooks (vegan and raw food), trying out new recipes and doing yoga twice a day (if I don't do any other significant exercise). Since I walked up and down lots of stairs and through numerous gigantic homes today at the Street of Dreams home tour, I excused myself from the 2 yoga sessions. I'll do just one yoga session before bed tonight. Salads can be creative and tasty I suppose.
  15. Hi Flanders: Well, I can't really totally say I miss you because it seems you're still around to me. So far you have popped into 3 of my dreams! In one you were talking about how good something tasted, in another you were looking at my small messy garden while standing on top of my water hose container and on another you just seemed to pop in. So I feel like you're still around (just on a different consciousness level). You truly are a kindred spirit. I truly am very happy to have met you and to be your friend. You are always welcome to visit in my dreams.
  16. Thanks everyone for the great welcome! It's been great meeting you all. In reply to the question about being almost vegan: At home I eat like a vegan and in Portland it is very easy to go to a vegan friendly restaurant, unfortunately the rest of the world is not always like that. The reason I say "almost' vegan is because on occasion, when I travel with my boyfriend David we eat out at restaurants. We try to make it easier on the wait staff and go with whatever vegetarian (or hopefully vegan) items they have. Generally if they don't have a vegan dish, I'll just ask for their vegetarian dish without cheese. We are also the only vegetarians in either of our families, so if a relative cooks a dish they thought was vegan and made a slight mistake making the dish vegetarian not vegan, we still eat it anyways and show our appreciation for their efforts. Hope that answers the question. Looking forward to tonight's VV'07's dinner at Bay Leaf.
  17. Just kidding. Well, actually I'd prefer not to talk about myself so here is just a little something about me ... I had a dream one morning about being on a murder mystery case with two detectives. In the end we find a metal warehouse (factory farm) where an entire herd of cattle are being corralled into. I could hear a baby cow (calf) moo to it's mom, saying "Mommy, Mommy" in cow language (Yes, somehow in the dream I could understand cow language). Anyways, I decide to walk around the building to the other end where I saw two big stone rollers rolling out a wide ribbon of what looked like lunch meat. Ah! murder mystery solved... the cows were being turned into lunch meat like bologna. I woke up from that dream and stopped eating meat from that day on. This was a paradigm shift for me, who grew up singing... "My bologna has a first name, it's...". So that's how I became vegetarian and now an "almost" vegan. It was great meeting other forum members yesterday on the Portland Vegan Hot Spots tour!
  18. The Bridge pedal is something I've wanted to do since I first heard about it last year. Hopefully I can talk David into doing the 8 bridge (24 mile) route since that will start about 1.5 hours before the 6 bridge (14 mile) route. REI has in-store registration this Sat. (Aug. 4th) however the Bagby Hot Springs have priority on my schedule! See you Vegan Vacationers tomorrow! Ana
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