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  1. No multivitamin but loads of sun haha
  2. i sleep minimum 7 hours per night and up to 10 some times, i eat around 3200-400 kcals a day, i'm 171 tall weigh around 75-77 kg 11 % body fat goes to the gym 4-5 times a week
  3. thanks i'll totally check it out !
  4. I've been really tired lately and i was wondering if it might have 2 do whit my nutrition so am just gonna put a list of what i eat , and if any1 could know if there any nutrition i miss that could cause me this sleepyness please holla (i'm not feeling i'm 2 low on fuel cause i dont feel hungry and my workouts go great) Oats soymilk blueberry, banana apple, soyprotein Blackrice tofu lentilles onions garlicks red pepper carrots Green Peas Herriconverts Broccoli d12 suplement
  5. Really nice progress just scooped trough this tread !! keep it going
  6. Stretch your knees good , dont stretch to hard just , just stretch carefully so you dont go to fast, also you should , also i recomend you to exersice your knees as often as you can but now heavy at all just so you activate your muscle and limbs. this solved my back pain
  7. that was the way for me to get started ! i started off not beeing able to do 1 in 6 months i was over 100
  8. You should try doing dropsets worked great for me when i started working out(if you have any injuries it might be to hard on the muscles) You do 3 sets per exersize 1 set is 10-12 reps pritty easy just get the blood into the muscle 2 set 8-12 reps heavy but stop 2 reps before fail 3 set 8-12 reps Take the max weight you can do 8-12 go for fail , drop to lighter weight 8-12 to fail and then drop a last time 8-12 (final set is 24-36 reps total) this gives you a sick pump i would say 4-5 exercises which gives you a total of 12-15 sets per muscle tho i only do 2 exercises for calf, hamstring and abs but then i do for sets and i do diffrent reps on abs and calf depending on how they respond (sorry for bad english hope you understood)
  9. Well im eatin round 2500-3000 kcals a day and just want 2 g protein per body kilo ......... Thanks for the log tips
  10. Cause i had a good diet plan as a meat eater , and the only diffrent thing from my meat diet and a vegan diet is the protein sources , and i got the mostly from soy cause that was the only vegan protein powder i could find in the store (and it is a highvalued protein), cant really find any sea weeds , been looking around and this was just how my day looked , not that my diet is gonna look like this just wanted to know if it was solid. ofcourse this is not the only things i ate that day , i had lots of fruits also put the only concern i have is to get a full protein uptake since its not as easy as a vegan as a meat eater. i want to get atleast 160g+ protein a day
  11. Does fruits have any impact on the protein uptake ? and what vegetables should i add to get a better protein uptake ?
  12. I've just started trying 2 go vegan so today i had my full vegan day , and i'm curious if i need 2 change anything in my diet (just focusing on the protein soucses) Breakfast: Oatmeal, soymilk, soyprotein, Afterworkout :soyprotein Lunch: Tofu,couscous,greanpeas snack: soyprotein dinner: Lentills,brownrice,greanpeas so i'd b happy if any1 told me if this is a working rotation of proteinsources or if i should add something !!
  13. No im not.avoiding soy or seitan just want to have varities I dont really know how many g of protein but 24g or more would be Good in a 500-700 kcal meal Thanks for all replies
  14. Is there any Good high protein dish out there that dosent include soy or seitan ( trying 2 get started on a vegen lifestyle)
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