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  1. Akiva

    Hello n_n

    I mean I used to be heavier in my early teenage years but I grew out of it. Evened out at about 5'11 150-160lbs. I think I still have either extra skin from then or I just have tiny muscles and the little fat on my stomach looks worse than it is. Either way I would like it to be gone asap. Lol.
  2. I've lived in Austin my entire life! A great city
  3. Akiva

    Hello n_n

    Hi been lurking on this website for a while finally decided to make an account 20 year old college student here, vegan. I've always been knowledgeable about fitness but recently I've been putting all my knowledge into practice in a consistent manner so we'll see how I progress. I've been the same weight for 3 years and never been overweight in my entire life so the thought of "gaining" is a little scary to me but it's for the better I think.
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