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  1. I have been raw for 3 months now and am just getting back into body building again. I take the summer off.. Are there any women out there that have experimented with different foods or superfoods and can tell me which really made a difference for them? I have a long frame and have troubles building muscle. Thanks!
  2. I have read this book and loved it. Have tried so many recipes from it. One word of caution....the crackers do not turn out like i want them to. I will be making the Curry Lentil crackers this week. The salad dressings are amazing. I made like 4 diff ones and keep them in fridge.
  3. If anyone can get this stuff to pop let me know bc i've tried 2 diff ways and it burns each time! I have a couple recipies i'd like to try it in.
  4. I did it. I chose to flavor it with cumin and tahini and it was okayyyyyy..I wanted to love it, but i didn't, so i put a little on a lettuce leaf chopped up some dates, sprinkled these on top and wrapped it all up. This was good. There's still that mettalic taste. that's how i describe it. Next time i will try seasoning it with the rosemary. thanks!!
  5. I just sprouted some chickpeas for the 1st time and they worked! I am just waiting for someone to post a tasty hummus recipe. Does anyone ever make a salad with their sprouted lentils? Kind of like a bean salad but replace them with the lentils?
  6. Does anyone have a recipe for sprouted chickpea hummus?
  7. You say it takes little time to prep a raw meal, i think i may be trying to make too many gourmet raw food meals, so to speak. I love cooking and trying new recipes, i can't just eat the same old salads everyday, so i spend alot of time looking for new things. Can anyone recommend a site or book that has some tasty but simple raw recipes?
  8. I looked it up and you are right, the almonds don't sprout. If yu soak them overnight they swell and get softer and they consider that sprouting almonds. They taste amazing like this, i tried it.
  9. Thanks for replying, I've been cutting back on the nuts in the past 3 days and eating more fruits. When i'm hungry i eat fruit in btw meals. Yesterday i felt dizzy alot and today i am tired so i had a bean salad for lunch, i thought maybe i needed more sustenance. I'm intriqued by the whole idea of eating mostly fruit, but it also scares me also. It sounds so extreme(even though i love fruit). I'm curious, those of you who are serious fruitarians, do you get blood tests done regularly to make sure that everything is as it should be? That's the only part that scares me that i would be missing out on certain nutrients that my body needs. Please don't be offended by my question, i am truly curious.
  10. You all make it sound so easy! I am trying sprouting for the first time. I'm doing chickpeas. Someone told me they are not the easiest to do??? If this doesn't work you'll be hearing from me!! Anyone ever sprouted almonds, i hear they are delicious, let me know...
  11. I'm new to all this, so bear with me. I eat 6 meals a day i'm about 75% raw vegan. In between meals i eat just fruit. My meals consist of raw veggies and nuts, amounts vary depending on what recipe i have made. If i'm hungry in between should i just eat more fruit? More nuts? How many nuts is okay? I am 30 yr old female, 130lbs and i don't want to get fat!!! Do i just have to experiment with portions and watch and see what happens? Has anyone gained weight by eating raw? By the way i am in this for the amazing health benefits not to lose weight but not to gain weight either...Confused.
  12. Hi, my name is Nicole and i have been following a raw food vegan diet for about 3 weeks now. I am eating raw about 70%of the time. I feel great, also! My fitness goals for summer are to just maintain what muscle i have, we go to the lake alot and just hang out. I figure our summers are too short to be cooped up in the gym everyday! In the winter, i go hard lifting weights and i hate cardio, do it maybe 3x a week!! So far i've found making seperate meals for me and my family to be a challenge, i make alot of stuff ahead of time and freeze or make it in big batches. So i am here to get ideas, recipes and chat with others who follow this lifestyle AND stay very ACTIVE.
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