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  1. They won't spoil. I have young kids as well. I work shifts and when I'm up at 5am for my day shift I'd get killed for running my blender or juicer so I make them the night before. No problems with it spoiling. As far as the actual nutrients starting to go away I don't know but I figure it's gotta be better than what I used to eat.
  2. Not sure where to post this so it's going in here. I've just tried to pre-order the book from Canada and I only had the option of ordering it from the States and to the States. I chose the Canadian payment and delivery option but when I went to the checkout I was only able to choose USA for shipping and home address, the drop down bar had no other options. Can anybody help out?
  3. Thanks for the replies. My daughter is eating pretty much everything we eat right now. She's been off of breast milk now for about two months and has been on formula since. So is almond milk ok at this stage? I thought nuts were not a good idea this early because of allergies. I might be wrong. She does drink lots of water and luckily her favourite food seems to be steamed broccoli. She'll eat that all day long for some reason.
  4. I'm still confused at what you would eat.
  5. Thanks guys. Breast milk is no longer an option. We'll keep going with the soy milk and other stuff like avacodo's and beans for the healthy fats. Thanks.
  6. My daughter has just turned 1. We have been giving her formula and now my wife has agreed to get her off of milk altogether but I do need to find some good, healthy alternatives that have good fats in them. This is a pretty big step and I'm excited that I have the chance to help raise our child without dairy but I also don't know a lot of the facts. How good or bad is soy?(I've been using it daily since I gave up meat and dairy) Is rice milk a better option? I make smoothies with soy milk and tons of fruits and I've been giving my daughter a bit of that every day. Any opinions and any links to scientific studies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I'm not interested in joining but I am very curious as to what you are going to eat.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate it.
  9. My mother in law was watching 60 minutes or something like that the other week and they did a big special on Soy Farmers clearing out the rain forest. I knew the fast food industry has been doing that for years to raise cheap meat but soy now too? I did a bit of reading online about it (it's a few years old I guess now) and it seems that they are growing soy to feed to the animals to fatten them up for the fast food industry. McDonald's is under investigation I think. My question is this though. Is that all the soy is being used for (not to downplay the importance of that issue) or is this also the soy that is being used in soy milk, tofu and all of the other staples I've been putting in my diet? It feels a little frustrating, like a lose lose situation. Any thoughts?
  10. They're not that bad for you? I am one of those people. Please enlighten me so I can stop hating them and start loving them again
  11. Since going vegetarian and I'd say about 90% vegan I've done very well except for potato chips My weakness, especially on a Friday night. Just needed to complain
  12. I was in the bookstore yesterday looking to buy 'Disease proof your child' and although that particular book wasn't in stock, I was amazed at how many raw food and vegan books there were..and there were quite a few on display shelves. That was very cool to see.
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