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  1. Well an annoying thing happened, I started getting digestive issues with gluten (and I think soy but that's not confirmed yet so I'm sticking with the first now). Slightly gaoling for me as I've know so many people who jump on the coolest "allergy" or "inteollerance" which can get annoying.. Anyway, noticed a lot of things I buy like breads and fake meat (sandwiches) and other fake meats are not gluten free.. Should I just give these things up or should I try and find something different? The issue I've had with the second is that, well I can't seem to find any in the UK apart from one or two that are really expensive..
  2. Well I've been told by the Doc that it's a myth that fats and so on cause spots.. Also that it's possible for adults to get acne as they get towards middle age. May have to try some teenage spot cleansing things.
  3. This is kind of annoying... I never really had that many spots when I was younger but now that I've hit thirty I'm getting lots of red blemishes on my upper arms and pretty substantial spots on my shoulders and upper back. I've been to the doctor about it and I've done a few things though the strongest was antibiotics. Wondering if anyone has managed to shift this if they've also had it later in life?
  4. Praying to the toilet gods Yeap I've been there too, juicing veg is just not my cup of tea, i'd rather have my someone fart in me gub than trying to take down a veg juice. A few years back i bought one of those Jack Lalane power juicer (fell hook, link and sinker for the ad:), anyway i decided one day to have a go at one of the recipes in the accompanying booklet, it was apple, carrot and ginger, i juice the apples, then the carrots, and then went to add the ginger, it said use just a one inch chunk, well, i'd never had ginger before and thought that a one inch chuck was a bit stingy, so i threw in two whole roots. I then give the juice of the apples, carrots and ginger a good stir and took one huge gulp. it was at this point i got "schooled" in the potency of ginger, felt like my throat had been set a light, i shit ya not, i was talking like chewbacca for days after. I've never juiced since:) I think I can put mine down to what was in it rather than juicing itself. I'm pretty sure I could get away with juicing fruit and so on.. yea you're missing out on a good portion of the fibre and so on but still better than store bought juices.
  5. Eh all I could taste for two days was kale. It's a good vegetable juicer but I might lay off of the kale for a while because, well it was either what I ate for dinner or the juice, not sure which.. I was thinking more the juice as I ate the same thing the day before and I was fine. Just surprising that it can make you hurl.
  6. No not steroids.. Bit of a problem that they share the same term.. Anyway, I got a vegetable and fruit juicer for my birthday so I thought I would try it out, always wanted to try the vegetable/fruit juice stuff as I'm really not a breakfast person and that would be much easier (some of the time). I tried a kale one and about two hours later I felt really sick, not feverish just sick. Another hour or so later I was praying to the toilet gods.. I could put this down to the vegetables being a little off and me not noticing, contamination or something but I've heard of juiced vegetables making people blow chunks too.. Just wondering if it happened to anyone here?
  7. The Institute for Proper Nutrition (UK)'s Summer magazine.
  8. Reading your previous comments on other threads I think that you're a bit of a subtle troll. So I'll just block you for now.
  9. Vitamin B12 is made by the body, fatty acids are easy to get. The magazine basically said "Vegans are all sick and have high death rates".. So you don't have a problem with that?
  10. It's something that gets me very angry. To the "fat acceptance" movement, anyone who is naturally slim OR has worked for their body (be it muscular, slim or so on) is oppressing them and is unfairly privileged over them. Just look up "fat acceptance" or "thin privilege" To them, being obese is healthy and they think the world should accept that. The amount of amazing, over the top lies they tell themselves is insane. They will sometimes put pictures of themselves, usually obese but doing basic yoga moves.. Congratulations, just because you can get into a yoga pose doesn't mean that your body isn't swimming in fat. http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/773/260/5c6.png
  11. A few years ago, when I became vegan I didn't see much comment about it other than the usual meat head comments that no one could really believe. However, there seems (at least to me) to be a growing push back against veganism. For example, I was waiting in my Doctor's surgery a few days ago when I saw a magazine by "The Institute for Nutrition" with a big "Should we eat meat?" article advertised over the front cover. After reading it I was a bit shocked. It claimed that all vegans are sick, they lack vitamins A, B12 and "essential fats". They even claimed that people should eat animal fats because they are good for the brain. Currently, the BBC are running a documentary about meat though they don't show how the meat industry affects the planet, it also doesn't show the health costs of meat or how the animals are treated in the meat and dairy industry. All it seems to say is "Stick to grass fed, "humane" meat sources".. It seems like every day I wake up I will see or hear more and more pro meat and anti vegan propaganda without even looking for it. Some times you just wish you could reach over and.... smack someone >
  12. There is a growing problem (usually seen on places like Tumblr) of thin shaming and fat acceptance. This is not just accepting people for who they are, this fat acceptance movement says that basically, if you're thin, then you're privileged along with claiming that being obese isn't unhealthy for you. Crazy world with stupid people in it today.
  13. Okay subjective question but which magazine do people prefer... I haven't been on the forums in a long while due to surgery, sickness and problems way out of my control. It seems some genetic issues that caused my bad eyesight also messed up a few other things. Regardless.. What do people read? Looking for some magazines (preferably vegan based) for inspiration.
  14. I used to do a log of Kung Fu which had a lot of Yoga like stretches in it.. Now I do Wing Chun (not so stretch orientated) and Kendo (Pretty much the same). I started sleeping on a futon as my back was giving me pain sleeping on any other bed. After the first week waking up was a pain in the... back.. After some some with a rolled up mat under my knees my back was aching a little but getting better.. Though when I was doing Kung Fu I didn't have much in the way of back problems. I can't really do that again and there isn't a yoga class anywhere near me (I mean really.. I thought it would be everywhere). I was wondering if anyone knew of a good book on the subject?
  15. You know, for the longest time I thought I was lazy. Well I used to go the gym a lot (mostly just to stop me getting fat) and then I decided to put more muscle on after coming here. It all went well.. About 8 months ago things started to tail off after two flu like sicknesses in a row. At first I thought I just had a longer tail end of just feeling "Off" and that I would get around to things normally again like doing my martial arts classes four times a week and hitting the gym every day. Weeks and week and then months of barely doing anything than sitting around at home, trying to pull myself out to do things became harder and I was totally sure that I was being lazy.. But I just felt tired no matter how well I ate or what I tried to do to get myself up. So I ended up going to the doctor who eventually put it down to a digestive bacteria problem.. I'm probably one of the few people in the world that NEED to take pro-biotics now.. Anyway it helped a bit but still I kept feeling tired.. Eventually (again) they found out that I had general adrenal fatigue from being sick and stressed (due to family issues and University work) and that I needed to take real rest and then get back into things. Think is I've have weeks and week of being.. well I guess biologically lazy now.. I was thinking, do I try and do things slowly or should I force myself into stuff the hard way?
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