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  1. I don't really think there is a need to ridicule meat-eaters, or even show aggression towards them. But that's not the same as forming a logical explanation of why they are wrong to do what they do. I am positive towards meat-eaters, and don't treat them negatively. If they talk to me about veganism, I explain to them why I am vegan, not why they are wrong - and certainly don't insult them. But fundamentally - they are wrong. In addition, having the opinion that eating meat is wrong is not the same as attempting to get everyone to stop eating meat. I know it is futile, even if it would be a good thing. That is out of my hands, I can only deal with those around me and try to do what I can, in a positive way. Can you outline to me why there isn't a problem with killing an animal? Do you think there is a problem with killing a human? I just want to underline that there is no need to be confrontational on the subject - to me it is a matter of logic. Taking a life is intrinsically wrong, because it is halting the life of an individual without their consent - regardless of the suffering caused before the death. Sure. Okay here is the "problem". I'm a Buddhist and I do follow the general rule of not taking life but I would add the stipulation "if it can at all be avoided". If someone is trying to kill me or injure me badly, yes I'm going to save myself even if it involves their death.. That's very hypothetical and I doubt it would happen but yes I would defend myself to the death.. I would try not to kill but you can't totally rule it out.. On the subject of animals, I can't argue against the fact that humans are part of the food chain and we are able to eat and hunt though the way we hunt and farm has totally broken evolution (It hasn't, we will always evolve depending on what outside stimulus we are exposed to but it's a general idea). So, should we eat meat? Maybe, do we have the choice not to? Yes. If you want to be part of the food chain that hunts and kills for your food then fine, we are animals and other omnivores do this. If you want to be a plant based creature, great, good. Humans have a higher conscious and the ability to choose when other animals don't. I would say human beings are no longer hunters or gatherers, we are scavengers, more so if we allow people to farm our animals for meat.
  2. I think this topic kinda went off on one but that's cool. I don't know, every so often, more like every other day I get someone who either makes a negative comment about my veganism or just comes out and straight up tells me I'm wrong, what I'm doing is wrong and so on and they either have no evidence or spout out spurious "evidence". I even had a doctor (not mine, just a random one) online laugh at me and tell me how much of an idiot I was. Really gets on your nerves.
  3. We are equipped to yes, I do not disagree with that at all. We ate meat throughout our evolution. Yes, pretty much proven. People should be allowed to eat meat or not eat meat without ridicule or aggression against them. Yes, I agree with that. As my original post suggests, I don't have a problem with "meat". It's the way we get it these days I have a problem with. If it changed would I change? Very much doubt it. However, we wont really get the world to stop eating meat, in my opinion it's a futile exercise. Instead, I think we should be campaigning for ethical meat OR alternatives such as synthetic meat. Just my opinion. You have your own and you're entitled to it.
  4. That's a bit of a hard one. There are debates weather us (humans in general) ate and should eat meat from our physiology. There is a lot of evidence that we were tool using hunters to gather meat for "our" diets. However our bodies were never and are not designed to eat so much meat as we do today. What I'm trying to say, in my hap hazard way is that hunting for food and death to continue life is part of nature and we should never try and remove ourselves from natural ethically (even if we choose to not eat meat). Does this mean I think killing is right? No.. I don't think believing in any sort of god is right but I'm not going to stop someone doing so. Am I going to stop someone hunting for their food? Maybe not, it's far more natural than farming anyway. It's a moral grey area.
  5. I think my biggest problem with the idea side of things, not the animal part, we'll set that aside for now. Is that so many people are so preachy on both sides. You get the typical militant vegan who will decry anything you say no matter what and will try and make you feel like scum (yes it's happened on some boards). Then you get the militant meat eaters who will ridicule you and keep telling you you're wrong with no real logical input. For example, I spent a lot of time finding Kendo armour and our bamboo swords that weren't using real leather parts. I eventually found a supplier that will custom make me some stuff for a little extra cost. However, I found that some people on the martial arts forums, instead of offering advice, questions or shutting up would just say things like "Huh, non leather armour? Wouldn't be the first irrational thing a vegan did". How is it irrational? Also, did I ask you to step in with an insult? I asked a question, I didn't start a fight.
  6. You know, every so often I end up talking to someone about being vegan, I'm not even sure how it comes about but it does. Now I know people have many different attitudes towards things and I do NOT want to start any sort of flame war or anything like that at all, everyone is entitled to their opinions, peaceful or destructive. I have this little issue that is quite hard to explain to people. I don't have a problem with meat. Now to explain this, I don't have a problem with OTHER people eating meat, even if everything that made me vegan changes I really doubt that I would change. No it's not meat I have a problem with, humans are animals and can eat other animals. What I HATE is the way we get meat these days, how we've managed to mentally distance ourselves from other animals we share the world with and treating them like a commodity than living things. I worked and now semi work in the animal welfare industry, mostly with wild animals and exotic animals such as bats, snakes and so on which are my specialty and when you see things happen to animals we consider as pets then look at animals we (humans) consider food you can see how we just treat animals as throw away "things" rather than living creatures. Sorry if that was awkward, I kinda needed to write my thoughts down. /discuss maybe?
  7. Creatine is very hit and miss, at least in my experience. I know what it's meant to do but I don't see much different between taking and not taking it. Protein powder and BCAA's work fine and you'll save money by dropping creatine.
  8. Obsession comes when something you do takes over your life and everything else gets pushed to the side because of it. I don't use certain things because they could be bad for me. I worked / still work in the animal rescue sector so I got to see a lot of bad things which stopped me. There is a difference between being obsessed and doing something because it's good. However, get your information correct first. For example, a lot of the "superfoods" aren't really "super". In fact, some of them (like spinach, which is good but not as good as they say) are only called "superfoods" because of miscalculations.
  9. Can't, was advised (quite a lot) to cook it. Even the maker says "Please cook it as it could build up bacteria and fungus"
  10. Oh yes I understand I don't think it's something I need to "get off my chest" more of a... paradox.. contradiction.. Whatever you want to call it Grew up with heavy metal, punk and so on so I tended to wear the leathers and so on. As I got older I stopped because leather costs a lot of money and doesn't last as long as people think. By the time I turned veggie and then vegan I had no leather items of clothing (apart from my protective gear, but I have no say in that). However, I found that fake leathers made of man made weaves and plastics were a lot cheaper and had no animal products whatsoever. It's probably my opinion (even though I never really thought about it) that if it hasn't got animal parts in it, it's fine, no matter what it is.
  11. Yea I still wear fake leather. Looks the part but it isn't and it's just for the look. Though I find it interesting that I have to keep pointing out that it's fake when I bring up the fact that I'm a vegan and then I get asked "well why not wear the real stuff?" ... Doesn't that defeat the point? I also have jumpers that look like wool but aren't.. Bit off topic but, well I was wondering what people think about "looks like but isn't" animal products?
  12. Mmm sort of but not quite. These are more cardio based, they slip across the floor so you can slide your hands and feet back and forth.
  13. Hi there, I've been looking for something for a friend but I can't find them. Basically they look like four pads you put your hands and feet on and you can do mountain climbers/all fours running on the floor as they are slippery on one side and have grip on the other. Anyone know what they are called?
  14. Yes and no. Think about it this way. If someone is mentally ill and is going to become a serial killer then it doesn't matter what the stimulus would be, horror films, comics, religion and so on they are going to do that. Magazines and forums, such as this one are meant for people who at least know what they are doing and know when to stop. A lot of people have very specific diets for the outcomes they want and that's the difference. They know what the diet is for and when to start and stop it and if they don't they can get some advice. It's about eating right for what you want to be but no matter the diet the bases should always be the same. Health. If you are not healthy on your diet, then the bases is wrong. Also, look at the people on this forum. They either want to be sport fit (whatever sport it is, cycling, running or lifting) or they want to be a bodybuilder and make their body look awesome. If you are the type of person that has the above condition that makes them UNhealthy then you are not following a sport fit diet or even just a general good one.. Please stop confusing people who have a specific diet for their sport or competition with people who follow buzz word detox idiotic diets.
  15. I love Relentless energy drink though I really, really limit how many I can have as the sugar content is.. astounding..
  16. I decided to take Creatine at one point. I started with what I assumed to be a good brand and I noticed no change. My boyfriend went out shopping and got me this cheap stuff from a supermarket for 1/4 of the price and I noticed a significant "boost"... I started leaving the gym less tired so I put more reps in.
  17. Just to respond with an explanation... In "the old days" it was about people who were fascinated or had some sort of connection to animals to the point where they had a fantasy style self that was half animal and half human, allowing them to have the animal connection but also allowing that self to interact with the typical human world. In the old days it was nice, safe and maybe just a little quirky. These days (I mostly blame the internet) it's been taken over by sexual fetishism and things that I wouldn't want to go into because, well, I don't like it. The majority of us still identify ourselves with the "group" but not the new people who are, sadly, more numerous now as there are far more people with fetishes than a connection to animals.
  18. There are very bad vegans out there. I've seen then and met them. From the preachy types (I've met preachy meat eaters to soo.. Plus, don't call yourself a "carnivore" unless you know what that word means) to the types that just don't eat right and look horrible. It's just like everything out there, the odd ones get media attention and people always seem to judge things by how the media presents them. If you haven't noticed from my avatar I am a fur or "furry".. Sadly there are some very odd members of the "community" out there and they get media attention so people instantly assume you are like them, when I am not, nothing like them in fact. It's hard to get most people to judge you for you rather than what they see in the media.
  19. I wouldn't say I've noticed a healthy eating obsession in people but I have seen what I think of as an "unhealthy eating session". I've seen terrible vegans (and non vegans) believing in "super foods" and so on to the point where they eat nothing else and live of nothing BUT vegetables. I ever saw a vegan who said she didn't eat breakfast because she got all her "vitamins" from "the sun".. Yea, and you look dead. People get to obsessed with "eating right" that they forget about a balanced diet.
  20. Thanks for the input! The gym world can be scary if you're looking at it from the outside and I hope it helps someone.
  21. I totally forgot to update this. I did see a doctor an he said I was just "sick" but I was feeling it in my bones. Funny that, I've picked up other peoples "sniffles" once or twice now but I don't get "sick" like I used to.. I just get tired and aching bones and then it goes.
  22. Also forgot. There is no direct arm work in there (I know you'll be working the arms anyway). Just wondering for someone who hasn't got strong arms should I be adding in one bicep specific lift or let my arms catch up during the other lifts?
  23. Thanks. Fitness specific stuff I'm okay at but not weight lifting programs
  24. Right sooo, it may look something like this? (Consider 3 sets of 10-12) Monday: Squats - Good Mornings Dips - Skullcrushers (sometime tricepish) Tuesday: OHP - Pullups (mix things up) Mountain Climbers Standing Bicycle Curls Thursday: Deadlift - Squats Lat Raises - Lat Pullsdowns Friday: Bench Press - Rows Curls Hammers Just mixing things up. If I haven't grasped the principle please say
  25. Thanks, I was kinda going for training the muscle groups more than once a week. I'll reorganise things and see what happens. However, if I'm not able to deadlift more than once a week what should I replace it with for the push/pull on squats?
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