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  1. Before I start I should say that I'm not a qualified personal trainer and this information isn't meant to replace a qualified persons information. This is more of a guide for new people on getting into training mentally. For a while I've been hitting the gym and went from being 230lbs to 165 lbs. The weight I can lift has doubled in one year and while my gains are slow, they are at least improving. After talking to friends and my boyfriend I've found that a lot of them want to get fit but are too scared too or have their doubts. So this is a little information on how to get mentally prepared for exercise. 1) Don't be scared - Everyone starts somewhere A few friends, including my partner have told me that they want to get fit but they are scared of hitting a gym. So I asked them why and the general response I had was "I'm scared of people looking at me". Lets look at the objectively. Take a look at the power lifter, the body builder, the marathon runner, kick boxer or whatever. Do you think they shot out of the womb looking like that and being able to do the things they do? Nope, no one does. We all have to start somewhere and I can honestly say I have never been to a gym where people were looked down on for stepping foot into a gym. Just do that and you're on the right track already. No one is going to judge you, quite the opposite in fact, I've had quite a few people come up to me and give me free advice on how to improve my chest press and so on. 2) You will get results - Don't tell yourself you wont! Another thing I've been told by people who want to start working out but are a bit too scared to is that they worry that they will under perform or not reach the goals they aspire too. Even my partner was a bit upset that he couldn't do X pushups or wasn't loosing weight fast enough. Lets get things right, working out is an exercise in failure. When we can lift a set weight perfectly we add more on until we can't, if we can run three miles but want to run a marathon, we add another mile and so on until we can do what we want. Everyone gains at a different pace, set yourself realistic and small goals. You don't climb a mountain by looking at the top, you start by looking at the first step. 3) Don't get confused - Simple can be better There are a lot of different types of exercises and plans out there and some of them can be a bit daunting for new people. If you can't wrap your head around different plans, stick to simple ones. Simple workouts have done well for many years and they will keep doing well. They may not be as advanced and fast acting as the hot new program but it's better to have something that works instead of something too complex that will make you quit. Also, you may find some people coming up to you in the gym and giving you pointers. I can't say that you take everyone's advice as I have been given advice I know to be wrong before. However I use the principle of "Do they have the body I want and are they teaching me good form", if the answer is yes then I listen. Also, don't be scared of going up to someone who has a body you would want and ask them how they got there. The majority of people will actually feel complimented that they are acting as an example and even motivation for other people and would be quite happy to help. 4) No one I know goes - I'm scared of getting hurt It's a fact of gym life that maybe not all and sometimes none of your friends will want to go to the gym, go at the times you want or the same gym. I personally feel that this is a good thing. No one I know goes to my gym which means I have no distractions, I can get in and get the job done without having my head filled with conversation that I don't need. This can become a problem if you're lifting heavy and you need a spot, at first I was scared about asking a random guy to spot for me but one day I just asked and I received. Getting hurt, now that's a fact of training I'm afraid. If you put strain on your body is can go a bit "off" every so often. However, you have to weight up the pros and cons, do you want a good body and live longer and healthier at the risk of pulling a muscle or having aching ones every so often? Mind you, I've injured myself far more from general accidents than at the gym.. 5) Still can't face the gym? If you still can't face setting foot inside a gym then all is not lost. You can work out at home, either a full workout or even just to build confidence to hit a gym later. You can do a full range of body weight and cardio exercises at home for little or no money. If you wanted to invest in some weights and an exercise bike then you can, in fact for a little lump investment you could save on a gym membership in the long run and I know people who have set up home gyms and been successful. Personally, I still prefer the gym but that's just personal preference. I hope this is some help to some people. I know a good few people on here don't need it, maybe they do, I can't say. This is more aimed towards the people (like the ones I know) who want to do something but can't seem to make that step. Train hard and have fun people!
  2. Well I was hunting around different websites, books and builtlift.com which was suggested to me and I've come out with something I hope will work. I'm not training to get HUGE but I hope some muscle will come, I'm more training to be fit with muscle. Here's my current program for the next few months/weeks. It's done M/T/T/F rotating the days. M/Tur 3 Mile Jog 2 sets of 10 for the following Dips Pullups (These are done in a superset to save time on a sought after bit of kit) Squats (Front until I get a pad, neck issues) Hammer Curls 1 set of 20 for the following Knee lifts (hanging) Crunches Tue/Fri 3 Mile Jog 2 sets of 10 for the following Bent Row Barbell Press (chest) Deadlift Barbell Curls (replaced with 21's at the end of the week) 1 set of 20 for the following Knee lifts (hanging) Crunches You may add why I am adding extra arm stuff in there.. Well my arm strength has been my biggest downfall, so I added a little extra in there to help.
  3. Just another little point, I totally forgot to address your B12 and so on. I've always taken a multivit just in case, they don't replace a good diet but it doesn't hurt (no one has ever died from taking them). As far as b12 goes, get soy milk or almond milk, most are fortified with B12 and other vitamins and so on. Have it with a fortified cerial in the mornings (according to my Doctor) this can account from anywhere between one third to half of your B12 and other vitamins ect. Secondly, don't rely on plants to get your B12. Yes in "ye olden days" it was possible to get our B12 from plants. However the majority of soil used for growing veg for humans is a bit nutriant sparse (yes even organic soil, it wasn't always organic) these days and since a lot of places still treat vegetables it looses even more. Even animals bread for human consumption are given artificial vitamins to pass on to the people eating them. The biggest problem you will face is that a lot of places selling generic food item X will have it adulterated and in a very base form lacking a lot of what you need. This sounds a bit worrying, but don't. Read the labels and make sure that things you're buying really have what you want in them (for example, don't just buy olive oil because of it's "good for you", a lot of olive oil is refined to the point that it isn't really good for you, however real olive oil is). After a while you'll find out what items you will typically buy will be good for you. Look for items that are fortified with iron, B12 and so on and you'll find your shop and diet go a lot better Also, if you don't like tofu, try Tempeh, it comes dry and easier and quicker to cook and prepair and if you add soy sauce it ends up tasting like.. something.. I think it tastes like cheese and my other half says chicken.
  4. Hi there. I'm sure there are a lot of people here that can point out what to do with a vegan diet plan better than I can. Though I found one thing.. It depends on how new a vegan you are. I started a very good vegan diet (well it's an okay one) and I felt tired, aching and distracted though I found this cleared up after three weeks. I asked others (including my nutritionist) about it and was told that some if not a lot of people have a period of tiredness and even flatulance when turning to a vegan diet and can last for a few days to a few weeks. It's apparently totally normal and just your body rejigging itself to a new way of eating. If it persists, take a long, hard look at your diet and see what you're missing.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll take a look at it. I was given stretches that would allow me to drop the bar back further off the neck area under the "ridge" of the bone and apparently that's also good but for the time being I'll try the pad until I can do it. (edit) I should also say that I'm not putting the bar right on my neck, it's just that the ridge starts there and therefore the pain travels up.
  6. Well I got with the gym's physo and she told me why I keep getting pain in the back of my neck/upper back when doing squats, mainly that I just have a bony curve in my upper back and back of my neck. Nothing wrong with it, some people just have it. However, I have a few questions to the guys here. 1) I was advised I could use a pad to cushion the bar, is there a non leather one around? 2) Front squats and Dumbell squats, are they as good or close?
  7. Hi there mate. I've studied a few martial arts and have been doing Kendo as my primary. Swinging a bamboo sword for two hours is a... ahem.. unexpected workout. The odd thing is that you need to know your body, everyone is a little different, for example I need to eat before and I can't drink during, I down all my water before hand with enough time for me to goto the toilet. If I drink water during I seem to get sluggish, sounds really odd but that seems to be me.
  8. Pretty much what the topic says. I use a lot of it and was wondering if you can cook it and store it for reheating or just eating later?
  9. Great thanks. I'm not so much worried about building big muscles but being "strong" and being able to be "stronger for longer" if you get my drift. Though while looking for a plan a lot of places will give you a complicated, almost gimmicky workout plan.
  10. Great thanks. I'm not so much worried about building big muscles but being "strong" and being able to be "stronger for longer" if you get my drift. Though while looking for a plan a lot of places will give you a complicated, almost gimmicky workout plan.
  11. Hi guys. I've seen a lot of workouts but few of them tell you how much to lift. I was wondering, how would you lift to build strength and muscular endruance? What sort of weight percentage and so on?
  12. Hi guys. I've seen a lot of workouts but few of them tell you how much to lift. I was wondering, how would you lift to build strength and muscular endruance? What sort of weight percentage and so on?
  13. Hi all. I've been pushing myself quite a bit but it seems I've become very fatigued and my bones (especially around the legs) are starting to hurt a bit now, not just when training. I was told it's possible that I may be lacking something like Vit D. Will just taking some help?
  14. Thanks for the advice, I will look into it. I don't really want huge muscle as that wouldn't be good for my sport (Kendo) for two reasons. One being that guys with bigger muscle seem to suffer a bit with their speed and they need to do extra training just to loosen up. Second, my armour is made to measure, if I got bigger constantly then it would pretty much put a bit dent in my wallet for bits of armour that need replacing
  15. Oh also.. I've never been any good at squats. My legs can take a lot more weight than my upper body can and it puts far too much strain on my neck. Is it possible to do squats with the bar in front or using dumbells?
  16. Great, thanks for the advice. I'm not really looking to get HUGE more strong and if muscle comes of that then fine. I don't suppose you have a good workout plan laying around I could use?
  17. Okay here is my diet: I don't have any defined meals though it usually goes like this Breakfast: Usually proidge or musli with soy milk + pre workout shake of soy protien, soy milk and banana along with creotine. Snack: Post workout shake, seee above Lunch: Tofu, vegetables and some sort of buckwheet noodles/pasta. Can be stur fried, steamed or raw depending on mood Snack: Bagle with peanut butter Dinner: either same as lunch or something like chili made with vegetables and rehydrated protine mince. I don't really have X set meals but I keep the portions of protien/carbs/vegetables the same. Common things I eat are Quinoa, Tofu, Buckwheet noodles, brown rice, mix of fruit and vegetables. Workout is as follows, if two exercises are put one under the other then they are supersets, all exercuses are 12-20 done to faliure. Monday and Thursday x3 Dumbell chest press Single arm DB row x3 Pec fly machine Lat pull down (wide, close and reverse grip) x3 Straight bar bicep curl Dips (assisted) Tuesday and Friday x3 Single leg high step (with barbell on shoulders) Single leg step up (with barbell) x3 Dumbell shoulder press Roman chairs (knee lifts) x3 Dumbell lat raises Planks Cardio (20 to 30 mins) is done once a day.
  18. Hi guys. Just wanted to say it's nice to find this place. Well I want to keep the intro short. I dropped from 220lbs (fat) to 168 lbs though I still have my stomach to get rid off. Too much BIG muscle would be a hindrance in my sport so I want to focus on strength and endurance and if muscle comes of that, then great. However, I have been on other, well known Bodybuilding forums and asked if anyone knows the ratio of things like soy milk and tofu to meat so I can work out how to get my diet in order for a cutting / strength workout and all I got was scorn and people telling me how stupid I was for making "arbitary cuts to my diet", telling me that I should eat meat and adding things like "I think the issue is that you don't want correct information but, rather, confirmation of your own bias.". So right now I'm a little disalusioned but I don't want to give up.. Could someone, please, someone sensible point me towards a vegan diet plan and a good workout for getting the fat off and getting my overall strength up? Thanks.
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