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  1. I use hummus a lot, mostly with wraps and so on to A) Hold it all in place and B) it just tastes nice. However hummus (well around here) is just all fat and oil really, even the "better options" in the supermarket. I don't suppose anyone has any alternatives to hummus I could use to cut down or out on the oils/fat?
  2. I have no idea. I've been asking for them to be removed for ages and no one will do it *shrugs*
  3. Tonsillitis.. Doesn't matter how healthy I am and how much I DON'T get sick any other time.. I always get tonsillitis once a year, most of the time anyway.. I'm 29 and they have never taken my tonsils out.. Which is annoying.. Just sharing my pain *chuckles*
  4. Well I have issues with my digestion and the Doc said the best course is to take a probiotic as taking medication may have messed with my digestive bacteria
  5. I don't really like taking supplements but one or two are for medical reasons. I take a vitamin and probiotic because I have issues with digestive bacteria and I take protein and flaxseeds in the morning with fruit and fine oats as I just can't stomach breakfast first thing and I need something in me so I just down that. It amazes me that they will tell you that you need.. what was it, 1g of protein per lb of weight and THEN eat steak and eggs every day and say "Oh yea research says that's healthy"... Wut?
  6. Well I picked up a fitness magazine from Holland and Barrette today (for those outside Europe it's a place that sells vitamins, vegan food and other supplements) and I found that all the information inside it was terrible. It still tells people that you need an.. incredible amount of protein to become a body builder.. Even the first few articles in the magazine were about A) How there is no evidence that eggs heighten your cholesterol so you should be eating 4 a day. B) Read meat is good for you and you should be eating it daily. C) How carbs are bad for you.. How the hell does a place like H&B sell a magazine like this that's full of horrible information? It even uses the term "super food" which has been banned in the UK (and Europe I think) because it's misleading. I don't pick up fitness magazines that often, I just wanted something to read and I haven't been losing as much stomach fat as I would like despite trying hard so I thought there may be tips inside it, turns out it was just another fad diet and workout.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I managed to find one combined probi' and vitamin supplement from a powder website.
  8. Well my doctor advised me to try out a probiotic for a problem not connected to my diet or anything like that, separate problem. However, I can't seem to find a vegan probiotic in any form. All the yogert ones have dairy in them and all the tablets I find have gelatin capsules. I don't suppose anyone knows one I can take? I'm in the UK btw.
  9. Well I'm doing okay, manage to get to the gym four times a week after being sick and hurt for a bit. I'm still having a problem with my arms though. I can deadlift, squat and so on quite a bit of weight, not as much as the huge guys here but still above average. However my arms have always been and still are my weakest body part. They never seem to grow or get stronger, I can't even do chin up as they just wont lift my weight (which is embarrassing). It's getting to the point where they are even starting to hold me back with bench's and overhead's as they will tire out before anything else. Is there anything I can do to get them up to speed with the rest of me?
  10. What's annoying is that the curry house used to be great, ordered from them all the time. I don't know what happened but suddenly they just stopped giving a f***. The Chinese was good as well and was the only places that did good tofu dishes.. However they apparently didn't bother to change their menu's as tofu is still listed even though they apparently don't do it anymore, so they have stopped delivering food to me. The other Chinese place that does tofu, well I went to check them out and it's a grotty little place.. Kinda glad I didn't eat what they sent me now. Really the only other take away places around me don't serve any vegetarian (some vegan but you gotta ask) food so I'm kinda restricted to Domino pizza with no cheese.. I don't really want to treat myself with a large pizza though as it would be calorific!
  11. Okay over the last few weeks I've had problems with a lot of take away's in my area (delivery food). I don't always eat it but every so often I like to have a curry or Chinese or something. Well I was working a lot in the last three weeks so once I week I decided to get a large take away dinner so I could have it over two days which would give me more time to work.. I would have to pay for it later but that's another thing. First of all I got a curry, potato and lentil. When it came I ate the starter and when I got to the curry I put a blob of what I thought was potato in my mouth, chewed and thought "That's not potato".. It turned out to be chicken. When I phoned up to complain they said "You ordered chicken". I said "No, I have the original ordering info here, potato not chicken" - "Maybe you meant chicken?" - "I'm a vegan why would I mean chicken?" - "Oh, so is the chicken a problem?"... I got a refund but only after two days of arguing with them. Secondly I got Chinese next time, ordering a tofu dish. It came and there was a slab of something in there which I washed off and identified as beef. I phoned up and asks "Why is there beef in my tofu dish when it's advertised as vegetarian?" - "Well we ran out of tofu so we put some beef in there to compensate" ... I was actually so stunned I couldn't think of something to say for a good minute. Another Chinese place got so annoyed that I order tofu from them that they now refuse to deliver any food to me.. What the hell? Stop offering it if you're not going to do it... This is really getting on my nerves now.. I don't eat take away food a lot but some times I want to treat myself. Now it's just too, well, unsafe to do so.
  12. This is strange.. I have been eating the same as I always have, usual diet with a little treat here and there (usually a soda or something).. However I've started putting on fat even when lifting and running five days a week and having Kendo practice on the weekend.. Did food change or am I going mad and eating a bag of donuts a week?
  13. Then you don't make very good soup
  14. I use them to do free squats with as the gym doesn't like you doing ball squats against the wall.
  15. Well it's the typical misuse of science. You can twist facts and statistics to say whatever you want, or you can just straight out lie. There are people who think that a Summer Camp puppeteer can disprove the work of doctors, universities and a whole countries nutritional institute and there are people who are "meat heads". You know the type, "you have to eat animal protein because" and so on and totally refuse to hear anything else. There are so many people, including the meat and dairy industry who are desperately trying to defend their way of life. Fine, they can have it, and the associated illnesses, heart attacks and so on. 1) Go watch anything by Dr Greger if you want to see good, well rounded information on nutrition and disease. 2) Go look at China and Japan. Their diet was mostly grain based carbs and vegetables and they lived happy and healthy with many of them in their 90's. Until the Western meat and dairy diet came and messed it up. Eat like a caveman? Eat like a chimp? Nah, eat like an Asian.
  16. My gym got some TRX stuff in. Guess I'll be doing some of that mixed in with my bodyweight stuff. Oh come on, who doesn't want to be bouncy from time to time
  17. Just an update as I am changing stuff around, don't want to do the same thing over and over again. I'm using the 5/3/1 program (again) with the body weight exercises. So it would go like this. Monday: (Bar) Squat (Bodyweight) One leg squat or lunge: 5x15 Sit ups: 5x15 Tuesday: (Bar) Bench (Bodyweight) Chinups: 5x15 Pushups: 5x15 Thursday: (Bar) Deadlift (Bodyweight) GHR (Glute ham raise): 5x15 Hanging Knee Lifts: 5x15 Friday: (Bar) Shoulder Press (Bodyweight) Chinups: 5x15 Dips: 5x15 Usual martial arts training stays as is, I'll get some jogging in there too if I am not too exhausted.
  18. Eh just a lot of stuff here either has milk or something processed in it.
  19. You can do. Personally I don't buy anything pre-made anymore.
  20. If you're like me (maybe you're not) you'll find some things you just can't stomach. For example, I can't eat butternut squash straight out, not sure why, I just don't like it.. And why should you force yourself to eat something you don't like even if it's good for you? Well there is a way. If I have vegetables that are going to go off soon or are something I tried and don't like, I soup them. I boil them, blend them up and put them in the fridge, with a little pepper and herbs they taste pretty good, not my favorite thing but decent. Anyone else do this? If not, you should.
  21. I didn't want to go into long, long detail but I generally say "This is what I know works" and I'm very skeptical on what I take in, it has to be researched, scrutinized and tested by people in the field, Doctors, researchers, sports scientists/trainers and so on, not what someone put on the internet. I don't throw out advise to people, well I'm not sure what to call it, I just post something online and if people like it then good. However, these days people are so adamant to prove people wrong and will jump on any bandwagon that I just now think "Yea whatever. I'll carry on with what I'm doing, you do what you're doing, we'll see who's better off"
  22. There are in no particular order or scale of difficulty. 1) Quit smoking 2) Take up exercise 3) Admit to myself that I am disabled 4) Convince myself that number 3 didn't matter as much as I thought it did. 5) Get over my fear of spiders. And 6), stop giving my opinions even when I know they are correct, even when they come from evidence, research or credible personal experiences. There are so many people now that will support people like Denise Minger, these people who are barely qualified or have no qualification in the area they are trying to debunk and will not stand up to criticism. The people who support the paleo diet even though it makes no sense, even when meat supporting doctors and nutritionists will say that a diet like that isn't healthy.. The sad thing is, to me, I've been trying to help people, my friends, family and so on. However it's becoming harder and harder when people will jump on these bandwagons, actively trying to cover up facts because it's fashionable or it's too hard to swallow. Point being.. I don't think I will be giving my opinions, advice (from what I know to be true) and support openly here anymore. I will be going through things with the friends I make here, I'll give a bit of chatter here and there and if someone wants my help I will give it, in private. I am just so tired of trying, sorry. I've met so many lovely and great people here and elsewhere but they aren't outweighing the others for me.
  23. Denise Minger is wonderful, largely because her opinions are actually backed by evidence, unlike the junk she has made a habit of debunking. She's one of very few food bloggers who actually cares about quality research and science instead of anecdotes, woo, and confirmation bias. I.. wait.. what? Seriously.. what? I'm not going to say anything else here as it'll start an argument but.. Seriously? I'll take the evidence of a research backed by three universities rather than a teenage blogger with a major in English.
  24. http://www.vegsource.com/news/2009/12/the-perils-of-dairy-video.html Worth a look. Also anyone seen the rubbish from Denise Minger? Some people shouldn't have opinions..
  25. Yea, I started taking my own food to friends houses when we play games or something. We all used to get Chinese a lot because it's what I could eat but now they want kebabs or whatever, nothing I can eat there so.. Plus if you want a non cheese pizza you still have to eat the whole thing yourself.
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