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  1. Huh. Never knew this. A quick hunt of the internet says -


    "Rennet is derived from one of four sources:


    The stomach lining of a calf, ewe or kid (baby goat). The enzyme rennin is found in the stomach lining of animals because it aids in the digestion of their mother's milk. This type of rennet is usually called “traditional rennet” on cheese labels.

    Plants, typically thistle

    Microbes in fungus and yeast. This type of rennet is called "microbial rennet" on cheese labels

    Genetically engineered rennet that imitates animal rennet."


    "In cheese making, for milk to separate into curds and whey (curdling), the process requires the addition of rennet. Rennet contains the enzyme chymosin. Rennet is usually sourced from the abomasum (fourth stomach) of newly-born calves whereby the chymosin aids digestion and absorption of milk, adult cows do not have this enzyme. Chymosin is extracted from slaughtered calves by washing and drying the stomach lining, which is then cut into small pieces and macerated in a solution of boric acid/brine for 4-5 days."


    So, a lot of cheese won't be vegetarian I guess. It doesn't have meat, but rather an extracted enzyme. I'll read some labels out of interest. Because rennet is made from the bi-product of veal production and consequently a bi-product of the dairy industry, ethically I can't see eating non-vegetarian cheeses as being worse than vegetarian industry... it's the bloody dairy industry again. Calves killed to get the milk have the enzyme taken and are turned into veal.


    Yeap, I didn't really do much research. All I knew was "rennet = cow stomach lining".


    Just shows, stuff goes into food that you wouldn't expect.


    Also, when it comes to things in life where I can't avoid.. say a part of something coming from an animal, I'll try and make that as less of an impact as possible (using as much fake leather as possible, buying second hand if I can) as I have a few different bits of protective equipment that are only made with some leather parts or some wool. Yea it sucks but without shelling out lots and lots of money for custom gear..


    Anyway getting off topic, what I mean is wouldn't the specific vegetarian cheese be better? As they wouldn't be getting the money for the calve rennet?

  2. Okay I know WE don't eat Cheese, unless you're a lacto-vegeterian who uses these forums, I dunno.


    Anyway, what I didn't know is that most cheese uses something called Rennet, it's a "natural" chemical that makes the cheese set. Rennet is made from the stomach lining of cows.


    Soo, does that mean that cheese has meat in it?


    Just an odd thought.

  3. Very cool, interested to see how you get on. How come you have decided to run more?


    Endurance really. I do Wing Chun and Kendo, despite the muscle fatigue (why I don't want BIG arms as it can make your arms more tired in Kendo) it's a very cardio based sport. Lots of long duration fights. Think of it like a HIIT exercise. Fight one guy in a sword fight, move on directly to the next one. By the last few guys I'm so tired my forms totally off.


    When it comes to the body, right now I would rather bit "fit" and "tight" than big


    Here's an example of one of the forms of training we do. You end up doing this fast, while shouting and MORE THAN ONCE



  4. How has your training been going? The snow must be melted by now right? Have you been back in action?




    Yeap, I've had an illness followed by a concussion which didn't help. I'm not sure what to do right now but I'm going to stick with the 5x5 workout.


    Getting strong bit by bit but not really building much muscle or loosing as much fat as I would like (I'm not fat but my stomach always hangs around removing any definition I may have)

  5. Meh full body splits are- in my experience- very exhausting and demotivating if you want to hit ALL muscle groups every other day in *one* go. It'd take me anywhere from 5-7 hours (cardio included) to get both pump and strength sets in and I still would only achieve mediocre results at best. Definitely good for fat-burn but it didn't help me build particularly much up. Then I switched to a 2 split program and sh*t started happening, triceps I never knew existed started buldging, veins I didn't know I had started popping out and abs I thought were long gone started to slowly appear. Now I'm doing a 3 split. I'd rather do a 2 split, but I just don't hit all muscle groups the way I want to, so I single out an entire day for specific bulk (chest, shoulders, tri- and biceps). But callisthenics are pretty good for both strength and muscle, the BarBrotherzz on Youtube have some insane workouts and they're all pretty big and ripped. Check out Hannibal for King, he's exceptionally amazing.


    Well what I mean is I do a 2 split twice a week.


    Monday - Upper

    Tuesday - Lower

    Thursday - Upper

    Friday - Lower


    And it's not all the same exercise it cycles through different ones on different days.

  6. Yes and no. The female athletes I've seen in my gym are relatively strong but I lift as much if not more than them and I'm just in it for myself. It's about getting that good pump and subsequent hypertrophy if you want the physique. Of course that requires strength and you have to push yourself but not as much as say a power lifter. I feel you though I want both things as well, so I stick to my regular excersizes and the only change I make when I want to go from pump to strength is the resistance and adjust the reps accordingly. But I made a similar thread about wanting strength AND pump and I was suggested to try Mike O'Hearn's 12 week power body-

    building program. Here check it out: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mike-ohearn/power-bodybuilding/12-week-program.html


    I know what you mean.


    However I hate full split workouts. Imo from reading research I prefer to train a body part twice a week (so two upper and two lower days). Full splits do work, but from what I've seen it takes a lot slower unless you got good genetics for it, or you're on roids *chuckles* lets face it some guys just are.


    Also I don't understand pyramid stuff, why tire yourself out with lighter weights and move onto heavy when you're already tired. I warm up and then lift the same weight every set.


    I also need to factor cardio and kendo training in so I don't want to get too exhausted.

  7. Good question. I try to stick to a combination of single joint excersizes (for "specific" bulk) and compound lifts (for the overall bulk and strength) which gives me qives me a 3 split program. Every now and then I'll throw in some basic callisthenics and stability excersizes as well if I want to improve in a specific area or up my effort in footwork/floorwork in dance. Depends on what your goals are. Are you training for something specific?


    Combination of strength and muscle. I just want to change my bodyshape really but for bodybuilding (imo) you NEED strength of you wont get anywhere.

  8. I had a trainer look at it and she said it's most likely visceral fat not your typical gut fat. Now that type of fat can take a lot to get rid of.


    One way of doing it is cut out any processed carbs.. Yes wholegrain ones too, don't eat any wholegrain breads/pasta and so on just eat vegetable carbs and so on. Along with more and more cardio that is.

  9. Erg, I think I say this every few months..


    I have been "working out" for two years. First year I was cutting all the fat I put on after two operations on my back and I lost about 90 lbs (coming down to 165lbs).


    Then I started weight lifting and my body is slowly growing. I've tripled my strength though bulky muscle is slow to grow. However one thing is still annoying me.


    I got down to about a 32/33 inch waist (I have big hips and shoulders so there isn't much fat there at all). However my stomach is still around, not big or noticeable apart from me. It's far worse when I sit down and it all "folds up" and no matter how much cardio I do, restrict my diet and so on it will not go at all.


    It's not even wobbly fat, it's totally hard (apart from a tiny little bit of softness at the top).


    Is there anything else I can do apart from running an hour a day?

  10. Always remember, your fats won't burnt in a day. It will be reduced gradually. I think you are doing great


    you can add swimming and good proper diet plan to you check list item.


    Do have a good diet


    I'm not really new to this but a bit of fat, well stomach fat has always hung around me and never gone away. Oh I'm 170lbs so I'm not fat, just that left over stomach fat is always around it seems.

  11. Bit more fat gain? I guess some longer low intensity cardio is ya best bet. Maybe take up golf or tennis to make those few hours something different....


    Mmm was thinking of doing some cardio stuff, more circuit stuff.

    I don't want to take up another sport, Kendo is expensive enough ;D

  12. Hay guys.


    Well I lift three times a week (5x5), and I do cardio three times a week (Running and Kendo).


    Thing is, I now have a lot more spare time and a bit more fat gain than I wanted. You think a few extra things added in would help? Or at least take up time without hurting

  13. Awesome progress!


    Congratulations on the weight loss and all the best as you continue to achieve fitness goals.


    Keep after it!


    Thanks, was taken a year ago and I've put on muscle since then.


    Oddly I don't get all cut like you guys.. I just get "bigger".. Like my father who was a rugby player he was just "huge" rather than looking muscular.

  14. Okay this isn't so much of a "Then and now" but it's something I've been meaning to do for a while. I used to be quite fat and this was me cutting off another 14lbs, so between those two photos I lost that.


    When the program I'm on is finished, I will post something new. This is from a year ago when I was still loosing fat and it's not a great image anyway as I had to scan it




    Yea, cringe..

  15. Why avoid Seitan? I use it quite a bit.


    She said something about seitan messing around with our digestion when consumed in large amounts. She didn`t tell me the details, but thats what she said.


    Huh, I eat it twice a week and switch between that, Tempeh and fake tuna.. Okay yea I loved my tuna mayo and sweetcorn pasta... But I can still have something close

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