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  1. I have a lot of Asian and Indian friends, I learned to cook from them.
  2. Oh, looks like onion fried rice, lot of people in India (okay well the Indian friends I know) eat it, but most use wholegrain rice.
  3. If you can get me to like a type of rice that isn't sushi rice then I will be in your debt
  4. Following the Stronglifts 5x5 program, it's a bit much to put down here so go take a look at it. It's free.
  5. A lot of my diet isn't planned, so to speak. I was trying to do that but, erg, I hate planned stuff. I will be juicing a lot of stuff to: A) Get it into my system quick B) Need to cut a bit more weight so why not do it at the same time.. Well it's possible C) I'm lazy.. I can cook really well but since I eat most vegetables meals raw I might as well just blend it. I will also be taking pea protein isolate and fine oats twice a day.
  6. Oh lord I've been farting around way too much as of late, from being ill to injury and just being a little unmotivated here and there. Well for the run up to December and up over the new year I'm going to be much harder on myself. Watch this space for updates as I'll be doing them bit by bit.. Now where is my camera..
  7. I dunno but it is down south. I can get it from an Asian supermarket cheaper but when you factor in transport and so on it pretty much winds up being the same. Sainsburys? We don't have one of them down these parts.. I could see if they deliver.. Okay they do but none of that soy stuff is on the market on their website.
  8. http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=271671274 I really, really can't tell if this is funny or not.. o.O (If you can't open the link, image is attached)
  9. Hows that working for you in regard to working out?
  10. That is true indeed Though for some reason I could never eat dried beans (yes I soaked / cooked them according to instructions), they made me ill. Canned ones are fine.
  11. Eh, tofu is going way up in price, I could get Tempeh but the shop I know can't always get it in. Apart from lots of lentils and quinoa is there anything else we can have? Even if it's tofu styled burgers I don't care as long as it's something (and not majorly unhealthy)
  12. I would do but mine isn't behavioral (though I'm not saying that it wouldn't help). I have a very rare eye condition which makes me visually disabled but also means that my eyes are still trying to do things while I'm trying to sleep.. So yea that.
  13. Well one thing that people might not know about me is that I get bouts of insomnia followed by periods of long "crashing" sleeping sessions to catch up until getting back to something more normal pattern wise. I've never taken any pills or anything like that for sleeping problems before but I thought I would give some a go. On this not I took some over the counter pills that are a natural sedative.. Well instead of putting me to sleep I ended up pooping myself inside out.. Soo yea, kept me up all night for a totally different reason!
  14. I prefer the Fins But yea they are fine
  15. i checked, he's not sophie moulds. Nah my tits are far better
  16. Oh yea, would move back if I didn't now have stuff here, friends, partner, good gym, kendo club.
  17. Well I'm putting on size while trying to cut out fat as it goes right to my... fat Btw what part of Wales are you from? I was born and raised in Swansea before moving away ten years ago.
  18. Erg I've been missing meals lately, mostly because I have a BAAAD memory. So I set them all out. Breakfast: 0800 Protein Shake with pea and oat protein 2 x Banana Water Snack: 1100 Nuts and Fruit (1 cup) Lunch: 1400 Mixed Green Salad with Kale and one tbl spoon of olive oil Lentils and quinoa with vegetables Snack: 1700 Protein Shake with pea and oat protein 2 x Banana Water Dinner: 2000 Tofu (Or Seitan or Tempeh) Steamed vegetables Snack: 2300 Peanut Butter Sandwich
  19. Good luck getting them in the UK, or at least where I live. You can get the typical "bean sprouts" which are mungbeans I believe?
  20. http://youtu.be/xnWO7iJZXDA Turisas, I love my folk/power/viking metal
  21. Hi all, I've been thinking of trying a raw food plan like on the main website as I've got a few lb's of bodyfat still hanging around that just isn't going away on my current diet. One question I have, I've seen some plans that use beans, typical things like soy beans and the like.. What do you do about them as you HAVE to cook them, even if they come pre cooked out of a can as they are toxic if you don't.
  22. They make a sunflower and a soya brand but check the label as they also make a version with milk in it.
  23. It's called Pure and it's made in the UK I believe. As far as too little salt, muscle cramps is what I got.
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