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  1. Thought I would put my stuff up, probably crap but. 200 220 110 Yea I took the xNumber out because I'm silly and forgot which topic I was writing in
  2. I don't wish to say anything bad about the man at all, this is not even speculation about him. Yes a large consumption of dairy products can mess you up, also the stuff America puts in it's dairy products and how the cows are treated can also cause health problems. There is also the possibility of steroids. Not saying that he took them, what I am saying is that they can mess your heart up too. Also other drugs, legal or otherwise can have bad side effects. Also, he may just have had a heart condition that was not diagnosed. Once you have one problem it can mask another.
  3. Depends what you do. Would either be one rep max (heaviest on one perfect lift) or heaviest reps (some people do lighter but more reps for competitions).
  4. Okay here we go. This is not recorded as well as the 5/3/1 program but we'll see. Monday: Jogging, as much as I can do in thirty minutes Incline DB Press: 10x6 Pullup: 10x6 DB Flyes: 10x6 (Machine if benches are taken) BB Bent Row: 10x6 21's (I like them) Wednesday: Rowing, as much as I can do in thirty minutes Deadlift: 10x6 Leg Curl: 10x6 Crunches: 3x12 Calf Press: 3x12 Friday: Bike, as much as I can do in thirty minutes Dips: 10x6 Hammer Curls: 10x6 Lying Rear Lat Raises: 3x12 Side Lat Raises: 3x12
  5. Okay it's time for a change. The 5/3/1 program has been good to me, and no I'm not about to drop it altogether. However, right now I need to work on my endurance and conditioning for my sport, strength is not a priority right now. I need to loose my last bits of weight and build more on my muscular endurance for a bit. So I'm taking one or two months out to do something along those lines and then will start up the 5/3/1 program again. I'll post my endurance workout soon.
  6. Well the title says a lot really but here's the info. It seems I keep hurting my left shoulder and upper back area (on the left side). At first I though that maybe I just pulled a muscle or something and gave it a rest but now ever time I go to lift I keep getting the same pain for a few days. Even took over a week to get it sorted, felt fine and then went back to hurting. Don't suppose anyone has any ideas of what I can do to stop that?
  7. *Waves* For those that don't know or think that I've gone missing.. I haven't. I post all the updates on the first post soo yea, it all goes there, keeps things tidy.
  8. The PETA thing instantly turned me off. However, sad about his passing
  9. Thanks. My body hates me, I can put it through the worst punishment but it would be just one small thing that makes me limp for a week. Also, my body is odd in itself, it gets stronger but not bigger, no matter how much cardio I do or alter my diet I still get a bit of fat around the stomach. However, seeing decent improvements all around.
  10. The six pack is sometimes a problem. If you see a person with mega cut abs that means they have been cutting weight for a fight / bodybuilding competition or something like it. This can be done safely but no one does it constantly, it's only for a day or two. A lot of people have abs and they don't know it, the biggest thing is loosing all the fat around your stomach so you can actually see what you have. Now you're going to hate this, but this takes time and you'll never have sharp relief abs without dehydrating yourself, but you can get to a point where you can flex and show your abs (also, some guys just seem to have their abs in sharp relief and never need to cut, lucky buggers). Anyway, as far as abs go I say loose as much weight as you can (by this I mean fat, and do it healthily), take time and sculpt your stomach with upper, lower and side exercises for it.
  11. Well so far things are going 50/50. I'm getting at lot stronger, hell now I can do a 90kg deadlift which is a 50kg improvement from when I started a year ago. However, the down side is that I'm not getting much bigger. Everything is getting harder but not bigger and since one of my goals is to change my body shape that's a downer. But maybe I just need to change stuff up. Maybe I'm doing to little or too much. We shall see.
  12. Well times are currently tough, I'm by no means broke but I could do with slimming down a bit.. Wallet wise that is. I know I can make decent chilli and freeze it to eat it later but I don't really want to live on chilli alone so does anyone know some good, cheap things that I can make and then freeze for the week? Healthy goes without saying here I think
  13. I'm fine, I'm just fiddling with stuff right now. A few things IRL have kept me at my computer but haven't really been able to do "anything". Well as far as things go I've been experimenting with a lot of the assistance work on the 5/3/1 program. Right now I'm trying the bodybuilding work as published here http://www.jimwendler.com/2011/09/531-and-bodybuilding/ I think the main lifts are getting better, slow progress as far as building size goes and I'm still having a bit of trouble shifting that last little bit of fat on my stomach. Will happen eventually though.
  14. I'm a bit different, any other time I'm fine. When it gets hotter I don't feel hunger any more and get a bit queezy if I do eat.
  15. I don't know how you people in hot cities and countries do it. When the summer comes around my body throws a wobbler. I can't sleep properly and, the worse thing for an amateur body builder, I loose my appetite totally. Wake up, don't want to eat, don't feel hungry any time during the day and if I eat anything like I would usually I feel bloated and ill. Does anyone else get this?
  16. I think I should ask, what do you think? Protein powder or great diet, or both?
  17. Oh yes but they didn't actually do much research or look at much research on what things do. A lot of bodybuilders / strength lifters, even casual ones use things like protein powders even if they use nothing else and it seems to work, muscles need protein and carbs (to some degree) and if a powder actually gives you that (really actually does it) then why not.
  18. I would say a lot of it the BBC didn't quite understand. While I agree that "sports drinks" are nothing more than sugar water that don't do much for you, protein powder, ceratine and BCAA's have been used by bodybuilders and others to great effect.
  19. The only research that matters is the research you do on yourself. You don't know who they conducted those tests on, how those people lived their lives, or even how the protocols and resulting stats of the tests were tweaked to reflect the preconceptions of the scientists conducting them. There are so many variables, it boggles the mind--but what boggles it even more is how many of those variables scientists don't even consider, or deliberately ignore. Statistics are the most malleable magic trick out there. Four out of five dentists agree. Baby Herc Not saying I believe them. But what I don't "get" is that protein powder and BCAA's have been used by lots of weight lifters with no problems and with results. Wondering what they are saying really..
  20. Well, caught the BBC documentary regarding sports products. While we've kinda known for a while that sports drinks are nothing but water and sugar and don't really do anything for you that water wont, they also came out with research that showed that supplements such as BCAA's, Protein powder and so on don't really do anything for you even if you are a top level athlete. Funny thing is, I don't think they ever talked about powerlifting or body building, just "sports". Just wondering peoples opinions on this.
  21. Well so far everything is going well. I've been messing around with assistance work to see what I would prefer to do. Currently my lifts are getting bigger and on the assistance work I do as heavy as I possibly can and then usual thing, if I can complete the sets, up the weights. Only thing that's annoying is that I don't seem to be gaining, well, size. My weight has stayed between 165-167 and no noticeable improvement in muscle size but we'll see, still early days. Also, why bicep curls you may ask? Well, vanity >.>
  22. Well it's Friday and I'm exhausted. I got to the pullups and my arms decided to go on holiday without prior notice However, I'm going through the assistance exercises to see which I prefer, next week is the Triumvirate setup. We'll see what that's like!
  23. Well just started the new program and I can safely say that my body hates me Can't really complete a lot of the bodyweight exercises, maybe get to about 90% or 80% of what I need but that just shows I need to work harder.
  24. Well today was interesting, switched up to bodyweight exercises and the 5/3/1 program. Well the crunches made my stomach area hurt, no really I could feel twitching there towards the end of the 4th set. The swissball squats seemed fine until I left the gym, half way down the road my inner thighs just went "Muhaha, you thought you were getting away with that?"
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