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  1. Monday 11/9/15 Geared Squats Straps Down 325k 5x1 Geared Deadlifts 255k 3x1 285k 2x1 300k 1x1
  2. I have no idea, I was coaching 21 of my lifters so I was basically consumed with that all weekend haha
  3. Wednesday 11/4/15 RAW Squats 140k 2x5 160k 2x4 180k 2x3 200k 2x2 220k 2x1 w/ Pullups 10x5 CG Bench 120k 5x10 w/ 1 Arm DB Rows 5x15 Skull Crushers 4x15 w/ Band Pull Aparts 4x15
  4. Monday 11/2/15 Squat vs Chains 70k 2x3 90k 2x3 110k 2x3 130k 2x3 150k 2x3 w/ Box Jumps 10x5 Tricep Death 90k 5x3 w/ Rear Delts 5x15 Band Resist Pushups 4x10 w/ CS Rows 4x15
  5. Ok so with USAPL Raw Nationals over and done with I finally started training again this week, going to keep my Online Log here: A little about me: USAPL/IPF Lifter and Coach Single Ply and Raw Lifter Best Lifts: RAW 285k/190k/300k Conventional Single Ply 340k/240k/300k Sumo Own my own Training Company Love the Sport of Powerlifting
  6. Haven't been on in forever..... Just looking to see who on here competes in Powerlifting and what Federation you compete in? And what event do you have coming up next? I myself lift in the USAPL/IPF.
  7. Monday April 21st SSB 12" Box Squats 10x5 150k w/ Bent Over Rows 10x10 70k Deadlifts 8x3 170k (30 sec rest) GHR 5x5 w/ Pulldowns 5x10 w/ Face Pulls 5x15 Training right now has been scattered with 1 of my training partners being hurt, another moved to TX and the other got stationed in FL for a month (military guy) Will be getting back to Grindstone since I have less than 8 training weeks!!!!
  8. USAPL/IPF/NAPF Powerlifter trying to make his mark on the world while being a VeggieSaurus Rex. One goal in Mind..... Making an IPF World Team!!!!!! I am normally so bad at not recording my Training Sessions, even though I write my own Program, haha 1st step, beat my Lifts from the Arnold in March: Squat 325k Bench 227.5k Deadlift 275k Next Meet June 22nd............
  9. I wouldn't go to a Personal Trainer for help with your lifts, I would try to find a Powerlifting Coach either National or International Level if possible. Where do you live? I know a lot of great coaches all over the world!!! Billy Mac
  10. Goals for 2014 will be a 1900lb total and a 500 Wilks, hopefully either at USAPL Nationals or the American Open!!!!! My Goals for each lift: 350k Squat 240k Bench 300k Deadlift
  11. Finally Hit a 227.5k,501 lbs at the Arnold this year!!!!!!
  12. 285k RAW 627 lbs 340k Single Ply 748 lbs
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