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  1. I tried a vegan lifestyle about a year ago for about a month and I didn't do enough research so I had a poor meal plan and understanding of what I "could" and "couldn't" eat I recently have gotten back on the lifestyle and I feel great doing alot more reading and exercise. I've always been a heavy guy weighing about almost 300lbs pounds back when I was living in Chicago, IL I was probably at 300lbs when I was back home Columbia, SC. While I lived away from home with my aunt and cousins I lost about 30lbs from walking and taking public transportation everywhere instead of trying to find a ride. My cousin is a raw vegan and introduced me to the vegan lifestyle he had tons of books on it I was just too lazy to read them at the time. I would flip flop between vegan eating and vegetarian eating I let the beef and pork go completely and would sneak in chicken and fish. Now i'm about 245lbs I do cardio everyday and resistance training three times a week I'm having a great time and currently don't see myself going back to eat the way I was before anytime soon I've done alot more reading on not only vegan eating but proper weight loss and exercise. Learning how to listen to my body and do what it tells me to do.
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