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  1. Took this photo this morning (before/after difference of about 10 weeks). I'm really amazed by the results so far... the closer I get, the more I'm encouraged to work more! And Robert, thanks for all the tips! I'm definitely going to start incorporating cardio post-strength. I'm not big into gyms... I do mostly calisthenic workouts and keep to outdoor runs... but even doing my runs after my calisthenics routines could definitely make a huge difference!
  2. Wow, just realized how long it's been since I've posted an update on here. I'm about 2 months in now... fell off for a couple of weeks with TERRIBLE eating habits, but I've jumped back on training and am feeling better than ever. I've lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks, 2 inches off my waist (and at least another inch or two off my thighs/butt), and my endurance is better than it's ever been! Here's my current before/after photo (about 2 months difference between the 2 photos). Any additional help with how to cut the extra fat would be MUCH appreciated!!!
  3. Thank you! Feels good to hear that. I feel great since I've been eating SO much better, but there's still some toning up I want to do... starting with that coveted 6-pack
  4. If Megan Fox can have killer abs, why can't I!? Therefore, I have begun what I have dubbed Operation 6-pack. Here are my first set of progress pics - 2 weeks full vegan (3 years vegetarian before), 1 week straight daily calisthenics. It's a work in progress still, obviously, but I can totally feel a difference already! 1 week progress photo (march 1, 2012) starting point - way more fluffy (feb 23, 2012)
  5. I've been doing a fairly short (about 20 min) calisthenics routine every morning for the past week and can already feel improvement (next step is to burn the fat so I can SEE IT!) Anyone else do a daily calisthenics routine or have experience in how successful/not successful this is?
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