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  1. hello, i am starting to eat more raw foods in my diet and i am looking to gain muscle and speed and just get tone. I am not looking to get huge where you cant wipe your own butt.. i am trying to start a good meal plan and a good workout plan as of right now this is what i would usally do.. i do eat tons of furits and veggis and least two types of fruit in the AM, with some eggs and one peaice of wheat bread.. lunch is more furits and veggeis with some i know i know meat like chicken trying to get away from it... snack usally vegges and or more fruit.. dinner is usally consists of chicken and veggeis snack if i choose is more veggeis and through out the day i drink maybe 8 or so glasses of water if not more.. workouts are the usally beginner stuff like bench and pushup and ab crunchs and squats with dumbells, and lungs.. i have been doing this one workout called the Spartacus Workout, i would do this workout two times a work,maybe... Circuit 1 two times, rest for 2 minutes, and repeat two more times, for a total of 4 circuits. Once done, rest 2 minutes and move on to Step 2. dumbell hang pull Offset Dumbbell Reverse Lunge Single-arm Dumbbell Swing Thrusters Single-leg, Single-arm Underhand-grip Dumbbell Row Dumbbell Chop Plank Walkup to Push Rotational Dumbbell Straight-leg Deadlift Squat Thrusts Jump Squat and i am gonna start to swim more not a big fan of running and i will bike more when its not frezzing out.. also i take whey protein before and after my workout and after my work out i take it with veggeiss... pretty much i believe i need to replan my meals and my workouts, but to me i feel like their are some imporvments going on in my body.. thank you very much for the help, and for this great site with tons of good imformation...
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