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  1. I like two articles from the site. "From Scrawny to Brawny" (for my son). 4/6 of us are vegans and the other 2 are vegetarians. My son is a vegan and is an 86lb 13 yro going on 14 (currently 5'4"). He does eat a lot of meals but his metabolism is something his sisters and I wish we had. He has been bullied by the neighborhood kids because of his size and lost some confidence in socializing. So, he started to lift weights at the YMCA to try building muscle, gain weight, and build confidence. We have not had any success yet, but we're just getting started. This article is a confidence booster for him that it is possible to be scrawny and work hard to be "brawny" while being vegan. The other article is "What to eat Before and After exercise." Because not only does my son want to get it right, we - as a family need to as well for optimum health.
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