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  1. Day 2 Less hungry today which is nice. Wasn't too bad yesterday but it is still a pain in the booty when you want to naw on your arm! Today is one of those crazy busy days. I am thankful for the meal plan so that I eat on schedule and it is prepped as I have clients and meetings until 9pm tonight. So I am making this a quick update. Macros: Pro 143 Carb 110 Fat 43 So today I am cycling down my carbs and with that I gave myself a few more fat grams to help with hunger. I keep it all on an excel spreadsheet and it does all my math for me. Thank God! I have my spin class tonght so that will count as my workout. My goal is to hit the weights on Tue/THur morning and then teach my class in the evenings but so far life is getting in the way. I know it will happen though, I just need to keep making these smaller changes and then all of a sudden my schedule/eating/workouts will look the way I want them too. Hope you are all having a great Tuesday. I love reading your journals. I should have more time tomorrow to look at them again. Strength in numbers, right!
  2. Found your journal! You are too cute!! Can't wait to see your new app in action. Heidi
  3. Thank you Mina, now I just need to get it back.
  4. Thanks Dylan, I figured it out. YAY. Day one! This morning, just after the first meal, I felt more energy. Like loads more. I am more alert too. Just by sticking to my macros. I am forcing the water intake as well. SO today my macros are 150 pro 130 carb (supposed to be 125 but it worked out to 130. Is this a huge thing or should I go back and take out 5g) 32 fat Workout Circuit train 1 hour All major muscle groups hit in a met con style. Very high heart rate. Felt great. Yoga 1 hour So off to a good start. I think I might practice handstands later, need to work on my pull up as well. I don't want to do the Fitness routine my first contest, so I guess that puts me in figure. But I want to start practicing now as I have a friend doing the Fitness section and she is working on her gymnastics and I can tell I have a long way to go. Might never get there if they require round offs. So main question of the day for me... How do you get yoru protein to remain high while keeping carbs kinda low, with vegan proteins. This is where I need to learn the most. I was looking as some of your meal plans and they look yummy but intimidating. I don't even know some of the ingredients you are using. And then to put it together to get the right macros... I know it will take time. I will be looking into more of your journals for sure.
  5. Thank you Mina. I am excited. i am now trying to figure out how to post that pic. LOL
  6. Hi Everyone! I am new to the forum. i've dabbled in BB in the past but that was before I became Vegan. I became vegan due to health reasons and then after researching and looking into it, I am so glad this was handed to me. I love how supportive you all are to each other on this site. It is very encouraging. My goal is to get my pre-vegan BB body back. I am still figuring this all out. So here is what I like to do. Love marathons, ran Boston, tore a tendon in my foot, no more marathons. I love kick boxing, spinning and circuit! I teach all 3 at the local gym here. I love lifting with my friends, love biking outside and hiking for hours. I live in Alaska so you have to get outiside or you will go crazy. My plan is to record my journey so that I can be held accountable also to learn from you all. I am still alittle bewildered by the nutrition side. I will post a pick of what I was looking like when I was on pt before my health problems and before vegan but would love to get back to this and then some. I am excited, I start tomorrow. My plan is to carb cycle through 100/125/220. Pro will remain 150g and fat will remain 30g. I will also record my workouts. SO here goes! Wish me luck. My hubbys 20 year class reunion is coming up in July and I want to walk in feeling confident as I didn't go to his school.
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