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  1. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER COSTUMES?! Noone else dressed up? For two days I turned from normal Hanjo into Obi Han Jobi, the Helath-Jedi, working in our CHOICES healthcare department: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LKbCJvcmFfk/SQ1W8EyiBnI/AAAAAAAAAQ0/otg9FjQirJ8/s400/ObiHanJobi2.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_LKbCJvcmFfk/SQ1W70gwSbI/AAAAAAAAAQs/FJ2Hkou4vAk/s400/ObiHanJobi1.jpg With my root-vegetable-saber and products like "GreenForce" (from PrairieNaturals) I fought for the health of my costumers... BTW: you look great as Link!!! But nobody beats the cuteness of that little monkey baby!!!! Awwwwesome!
  2. Hi Tasha, I'm having a stay abroad for 6months.... I'm studying PE & English on teaching profession in Munich. In Vancouver I'm only working at Choices and enjoying life, and by that, getting more into the English language and North American culture.
  3. Good to hear!! For sure we should meet up when you travel here! And we probably don't even have to do special arrangements, cause I know Patricia back from our days in Munich and now I'm acutally living next right next to fabolous Radha-Restaurant where she's working at the moment. That btw just happened by chance/law of attraction... I just found the room at craigslist, and could've ended up wherever, but I'm now I'm neighbours with a vegan, raw-vegan high-class restaurant, yeah! Have fun in SanFran! I'm sure you're having better weather down there....
  4. Self-evidently, my questions are intended to all the raw foodists which do not supplement because they think supplements are unneccessary. And to those who want to eat like apes, but then totally miss some aspects of the ape-diet with no replacement whatsoever.
  5. @Balazs: sorry, you've misunderstood the meaning of my post... and I've read your posts, including your statement about the ape-diet, and only therefore I even replied. I wanted to simply ask if you personally include insects and occasionally little mammals in your diet. Or if you advise people that they should include insects and occasionally little mammals in their diet? (Cause that's what chimpanzees eat) In other words: I think it could be dangerous, on the one hand, to design your diet after the ape-diet, and on the other hand, to leave out food groups that are actually part of an ape-diet. You might miss out on some critical nutrients. Personally, I've had a nutritionist education and done a lot of reading on studies concerning vegan and raw food diets, and also our biological heritage. And guess why? Because I actually eat vegan and highly raw. And even though I don't have the experience of people like Doug Graham, who I highly respect for his personal accomplishment (obviously he's in an awesome shape for his age!), I still can critizise the claims they are making about the human diet. Because the 80/10/10 diet might be a great concept (and I hope it works for all the people who're doing it), but the scientific argumentation is pretty weak in this book.
  6. Hi, so why don't you eat animal products and insects then?! It's about 4% of total calories in a chimpanzee-diet.... and that 4% might be very important concerning certain nutrients. And I might suggest that you should consider to start eating our own excrements, cause that's a very good source of vitamin B12. Apes do that as well. Personally, I don't think it is acceptable to say it so healthy to eat raw/fruitarian, use the argumentation that we should eat like an ape, and then in the end, your diet differs from an ape-diet in very important and critical points. Unfortunatly many raw food gurus, including Doug Graham, ignore this issue and, to a certain degree, mislead people. (in my opinion) Just food for thoughts....
  7. I had a sample 3 weeks ago.... Delicious!! It's definitly my favourite flavor... I work at Choice's, a Canadian partly organic, partly conventional supermarket and we probably have that stuff before the US gets it.... I work as a healthcare consultant, so I'm actually recommending VEGA on a daily basis to customers.
  8. exactly! Pea + Rice together should work great for you!! 2nd choice = hemp. But, let's see if someone else here has some other suggestions...
  9. one quotes from Jon Barron on hemp protein that might leave you more confused to do than before... Personally I'd stilll go with the hemp, because of all its other beneficial factors, AS LONG AS you don't combine pea with rice.
  10. Hi DaN, Pea Protein alone is more incomplete in its amino acid balance than hemp. But if you would combine the pea protein with rice protein you had the best deal! Otherwise I'd go with the hemp.... Happy building!
  11. Alright, here're my pics! Taken by the always trustworthy table. And always remember when voting.... tattoos are indeed part of the "overall physique"! http://i34.tinypic.com/adgksy.jpg http://i35.tinypic.com/2j5auck.jpg http://i36.tinypic.com/2e4g1l5.jpg http://i36.tinypic.com/nntbv4.jpg So I hope to get some support from the tattoo-community here and maybe can steal some votes from the big guys... Take care, Hanjo
  12. Oh man, your biceps and neck look so unreal. But as long as you're not taking roids or stuff that's a compliment! I'd love to see you trimmed down with more definition (abs?).... Rock on!
  13. I think those studies are always interesting, but of course more details are needed to truly interpret it. Even though I'm a vegan ethically I'm not convinced that a vegan or vegetarian diet is superior. Eating for example certain amounts of wild game or (non contaminated) deep-sea-fish might be beneficial to us, but I don't want to dig deeper on that here.... All I'm saying is that I suggest to be open to everything and that includes that the vegan diet is not neccessarily the healthiest in avery aspect. So I find studies always interesting that deal with dietary features uncommon in vegan diets. Of course, there are a lot of living examples that you can easily live healthy (enough) with a vegan diet, I'm just thinking of the optimum.
  14. Guess what sprinters (100-400m) eat before a race.... They'll have a freaking white toast bread with jam on it! It's processed, easy digestable, full of sugars => yes, empty calories. But it gives energy to BURN fast... Personally, I hate the idea that world class athletes actually do that to perform better, but it's not about health at that moment, they need ENERGY.
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