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  1. Canned beans or soaked beans? Vitamin D is more efficient for Iron absorption. Have you tried searching the internet "endometriosis vitamin D deficiency"? I prefer raw leafy greens over cooked ones. Have you thought about growing your own leafy greens? Have you thought about taking a magnesium supplement?
  2. Well... there wouldn't be a fluoride toxicity page on wikipedia if fluoride didn't pose any health risks to the public. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluoride_toxicity I say to avoid fluoride products since the body has absolutely no requirements for fluoride. I use a sensodyne toothbrush since a regular toothbrush strips away enamel. I also use non-waxed floss. I eat leafy greens on a daily basis for Vitamin A/K and I get enough sunhine for Vitamin D. Fat soluble vitamins keep the gums healthy; teeth/bones strong and white.
  3. We aren't gorillas. We have to look at our nutritional requirements. Gorillas have a big colon to ferment cellulose into fatty acids, we don't. We started hunting animals because our fat soure(nuts) ran out. @StevenC Read the stuty. The article is bias. Meat consumption. Until recently, hunting of diurnal, group living primates by bonobos was considered to be absent [32] and detection of DNA from such species in bonobo feces would have certainly been considered to be contamination. From observations at Lui Kotale it is known that bonobos of this population hunt and consume the meat of several primate species. Given the paucity of information on the behavior and food selection of gorillas at Loango, we think that the possibility exists that the results from gorilla feces originate from endogenous DNA that has passed the digestive tract. There are various ways to explain this. First, gorillas, in contrast to bonobos, eat highly carnivorous driver ants that scavenge on carcasses, bones and other animal remains and by doing so could take up DNA from their prey. In this context it should be noted that a detailed morphological analyses of 177 gorilla feces from this region did not yield any evidence, such as hair or bone remains, for vertebrate consumption by gorillas (C. Boesch, personal communication). Real source: http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0009419;jsessionid=4223AC5B1F82B47555699DFA2F2E814F
  4. You went well into the details, which I like! Thank you Baby Herc.
  5. @OP You're doing great, IMHO. Incorporating more greens is the way to go! +1 One way to combat this s to rinse your mouth with water right away after eating citruses, it will reduce the acids in your mouth significantly. that and using a straw.It will minimise the exposure of acids to the teeth.Pineapples are even worse tho. Just a warning, don't follow everything durianrider says. He is a nut case that has officially become fat phobic and majorly deficient in healthy fats; oleic acid and omega 6's from nuts and avocados. Natural whole food vegetable fats are nothing like cooked fats and oils. Ripe citrus fruits, pineapple and kiwis contain very little if any acids. The acids are there in the fruit to protect itself from being picked prematurely by animals(we are animals ) that don't follow their instincts. Follow your instincts.. does the fruit smell sweet? Note: Oranges don't ripe once they have been picked. Squeeze the orange, if it feels like the skin is not attached to the inner membrane, its ripe. I can eat boatloads of ripe pineapple.. so sweet!
  6. You're welcome. Mark Sircus sells magnesium chloride. I'm confused about this whole inorganic vs organic. Sites say that we can't convert inorganic minerals to organic ones, only plants can however people are cured from taking magnesium chloride. Maybe beforewisdom should put a sticky in the nutrition section about the importance of magnesium? What form of magnesium did you end up buying?
  7. More fat soluble vitamins will lower BF. Carrot juice, greens, etc.. In the long run, those that shun soaked nuts because of extremism and fat phobia, loose muscle mass because of a deficiency of Omega 6's. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachidonic_acid#Arachidonic_acid_in_the_body 80 10 10 is a good ratio for the summer. More fat in the winter for insulation.
  8. Thanks for the very interesting scientific article. I didn't know magnesium chloride was inorganic however it has worked very well for me. What is the difference between organic and inorganic? As it functions in the body?
  9. Makes sense. You learn to trust your instincts.
  10. The reason why anyone grabs the chocolate in the first place is because they have a magnesium deficiency. There is a youtube video by a very intelligent young doctor on magnesium deficiency if you wanna check it out. He is the doctor writing on a white board. Magnesium chloride is a good product.
  11. Nothing wrong with nuts after you've lost the weight. Omega 6's are essential for a lot of things in the body, including muscle growth, skin, heart and brain health however they get stored in body fat easily in excess because they are so hard to come by out in nature. Anyways, soaked nuts are super healthy since they contain the vitamins, minerals and water content. Have you tried carrot juice for weight loss? Have you thought about getting rid of the oils or limiting them?
  12. D2 is Vegan, D2 is from mushrooms. Vegan D3 is from lichen and pre-D3 is formed in the skin when under the Sun. Vitamin D3 vs Vitamin D2 I've tried Solgar D3 from sheeps wool years ago and felt so sick after the first supplement, a dose of 2000iu and stopped taking them. The companies use carcinogens to extract the D3 from sheeps wool, a very toxic method. I use Vitashine D3 5000iu's from lichen, Vegan. Absolutely no side effects. I don't take more than 5000iu's per day contrary to whatever anyone says on the internet. You can watch the video in my signature if you haven't already done so, there is a chart somewhere near the end of the video, toxicity chances increase right after 6-7000 iu's. USA customers(based on Vitashine): http://www.ghthealth.com/vitamind3.aspx I don't eat legumes/soy because of the phytoestrogens, they effiminate me with beautiful feminine skin and muscle loss however vegetables don't have the same effect. My protein mainly comes from vegetables.
  13. I bet my life on the wonders of Vitamin D. There is lots of other reasons why menstrual cycle stops; calorie restricting, high carb/low fat, high fat/low carb, and what Gaia said, intense exercise to the point the fatty acids get used as fuel. Missing Menstrual Cycle - No Overt Fats? - The comments are good below the initial topic. I personally don't like tanning beds. I made Vitamin D the first couple of times and then my skin was wrecked to make anymore. The Sun is the best option since it also emits color wavelength which stimulates melanin. I also like sweating under the Sun by playing soccer or running around; the sweat with sunshine tans me. No sunburn. Vitashine is my favorite D3 supplement, no side effects.
  14. Vitamin D deficiency is the root cause of all hormone problems. Low Vitamin D Tied to Estrogen Decline Estrogen gives men and women beautiful skin. Vitamin D deficiency -> Low Estrogen/High DHT -> Acne
  15. vitamin d fatigue(google search) Vitamin D deficiency: a worldwide problem with health consequences Vegan Vitamin D3 - Vitashine: http://www.vitashine-d3.com/ - These cost less. USA Vegan Vitamin D3 - Based on Vitashine: http://www.ghthealth.com/vitamind3.aspx To put it out there; the majority of the Vitamin D is produced on the trunk of the body and very little is produced on the face.
  16. Breast cancer happens for the same reason why we gain weight, the stored fat in the breast is prevented from being metabolized. Paleo is known for their low carb/high fat. Those that follow paleo know that carbs prevent fat from being used as energy(fat metabolism), hence the body stores the fat and uses the carbs as fuel. Also, of course excess carbs get converted to fat and are stored. Those that follow paleo also eat more protein and they know that excess protein gets converted to glucose through gluconeogenesis however like fat mebolism is inhibited by carbs(glucose metabolism), so is gluconeogenesis. I actually don't know how well low carb/high fat works with eating Vegan because its the bodies survival mechanism, when a person runs out of food, they kill another animal to survive. Animal flesh is the only natural zero carb/high fat food you'll find on the planet. So.. I wouldn't know how well soy or more precisely how vegetable fats work on low carb/high fat. Keeping carbs between 50-100g per day is for weight loss on a high fat/low carb diet. Keeping carbs between 100-150g per day is for maintanance on a high fat/low carb diet. I prefer high carb/low fat because it keeps the body clean. See what works for you.
  17. +1, monounsaturated fats boost testosterone. Animal products including dairy contain dioxins which are known to lower testosterone. At the bottom of the article, they cited an article that states Vegan man had HIGHER testosterone than meat-eaters and vegetarians. I say we Vegans have normal levels, meat-eaters and vegetarians have lower levels because of the dioxins in animal products. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10883675 Vegans had lower Insulin-like growth factor which correlates with increased life span. I would guess that we have normal levels of IGF and meat-eaters and vegetarians have levels in excess. Testosterone levels are only important for reproduction; they have nothing to do with muscle building.
  18. The rule on metabolism, you can either go high carb/low fat or high fat/low carb(survival metabolism). The body always prefers glucose over fat for fuel however by going high fat/low carb, you're forcing the body to use fat for fuel instead of glucose. You can lower your fat intake, 5-10% of total calories and up your carbs, or you can lower your carbs and up your fat intake. One note of caution, low carb/high fat is not for marathoners, runners or anyone doing long-term strenuous activity. low carb/high fat is for a sedetary, not much exercise individual. How many grams in carbs are you eating daily?
  19. Thank you for sharing fallen horse. Does bitter mean oxalates?
  20. Your special skill sure does work and whats enlightening is that you're being yourself. We all have some type of energy within us that wants to come out however most of us are enslaved by our brain.
  21. @mas You sound like an angry person that use to be or is overweight. You should watch how you talk to people. How come fruitarians that eat well over 5000 calories per day never gain weight? High carb/low fat diet. How come paleo people that eat low carb/high fat never gain weight?
  22. This rule only applies when eating carbohydrates with high fat foods. Tofu contains very little carbs, its like eating meat. Its impossible to gain fat by eating tofu unless you ate it with carbs. The primary source of fuel is glucose, secondary is fat, the body will always use glucose first and fat when glucose is scarse, so when a person eats a high fat food with a high carb food, the body will use the high carb food and store the fat from the high fat food. You can waste your life counting calories or follow the laws of nature. Mix tofu with vegetables(low carb) and not grains/fruit. Then in between meals have your carbs or vice versa.
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