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  1. Hey Viliam, tell me something about your diet and training schedule. I am listening...we are neighbours
  2. Hi, Polish expat in Spain. Where do you stay there? I believe there are not many vegetarians or vegans in Spain, right? Haha... right! I live and study in Jaen, it's in Andalusia. I suspect that I am here as a vegan alone But it's not a big problem for me. I met few vegetarians here, but they weren't Spanish Soon (i think in July) I'm going back to Poland, there in my home city (Poznań) are a lot of vegans, restaurants, cafeterias, events and meetings for vegans I see, cool
  3. Hi, Polish expat in Spain. Where do you stay there? I believe there are not many vegetarians or vegans in Spain, right?
  4. Hey, that's cool. Please do share with me your workout plan, I am eager to learn from you
  5. Nice to meet you Tomas! Yes, I know I will do it, it is a matter of discipline and controlling your own mind, you are right. Thanks for support. I have just checked the internet and found out that you guys in Finland have also the name Tomas without H, interesting Unfortunately I do not stay in Prague, but will be moving there in course of next few month, most likely in June. Where do you live in Finland? Enjoy your stay in Prague.
  6. Hey Robert, Nice introduction from the admin, I appreciate that you do take care of the newcomers! My main question is - How to start? Who can help me with giving me some tips how to start? I mean mostly regarding training program - what to train, which exercises to start with etc. By the way - you have mentioned in your bio that 1.0-1.5g of protein per pound of weight works best for you. I cannot imagine eating so much food & protein drinks to get this much daily. I would have to become 'Iron Stomach Man' What do you recommend for a newbie? But take into account that I'm a hardgainer, though... Thanks, Tomas
  7. Hi Dylan, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for support. Well I'm 6'2" too but 146 lbs My goal is to get at least to 165 lbs. Maybe you could tell me to whom I should turn to in this forum in regard to exercise and training to start with. I'm glad that you had a nice time in Prague, it's a beautiful city indeed. Czech beer is great, everybody knows that Cheers, Tomas
  8. Hi there, I am new here. My name is Tomas and I am from Czech Republic, Europe. I am happy that I have found this forum. It seems pretty active Here is my background: I have been strict lacto-vegetarian past 12 years and I have recently switched to vegan diet due to my health (milk allergy). I have decided that I have to start working out, to put on some weight. But you know all people out there are telling me that it is not possible on vegan or even vegetarian diet. Unfortunatelly I am a hard-gainer and skinny since my childhood, so it is very difficult for me to gain mass. Hopefully I will get some help here.
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