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  1. Go to a licensed massage therapist. A real one. I go there before any doc. Always get fixed. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  2. Also a little less ruffage at first too perhaps. Try some of the imitation meet products. The Gardien frozen chicken products are good and dont bother me at all.
  3. I say skip the shakes for now. I know they give me killer gas,I just don't care! Ha! But that's quite the jump in for all the iissues he is having. Try a slow transition instead of all in,and,stop the shakes.
  4. Who relys solely on chicken in their diet for protein? Milk,fish? I think we can all argue for or against anything. Variety is the best way to go.
  5. Well then,it sounds llike you have it under control. Best of luck and please post your progress.
  6. You can't really just exercise the fat away. That's the wrong expectation. You will lose ft by watching what your are putting into your mouth,how much of it, and when. I would suggest meeting with a licensed nutritionist,but keep on exercising,the food and the activity go hand in hand.
  7. Do you have any photos posing you legs? I don't really see fat in the photo,but I'd like to see the muscles more.
  8. Throw that hand held one away! Ha! Those are horribly inaccurate. Do the skin fold measurements again. And remember,if this iis a figure competition,you aren't expected to be shreded/ripped like a body builder would.
  9. http://www.coachcampana.com/2012/03/11/personal-training-career-perks/
  10. I placed my order last week. I have to say, i have never ordered supplements from ANYWHERE and gotten a hand written thank you inside the box or custom artwork on the packaging itself. It is very cool and a nice personal touch.
  11. What is your current body fat percentage? Can you post some photos? It helps to see what someone looks like to gauge success in their dieting choices. Usually, the last place to lose fat, in my experience, is where the majority of the fat is. So if you naturally have more fat on your thighs, that will more than likely be the last place it disappears from. I must say though, for your height and weight, i would REALLY like to know your body composition break down, preferably from a 7 site skin fold measurement. If you get me the numbers for each site i can even do the break down for you.
  12. Yeah, I bought a whole tub. 15 servings for 60 bucks,I'd like to actually use it since it wasn't cheap. Il try the peanut butter and oat milk next with it. Oat milk is the only kind of "milk" I have found that doesn't wreck my stomach. Thanks for the suggestion. Since I wasted one serving already I guess it doesn't matter if I waste two on the chance I won't like it with the other ingredients added.
  13. No,it isn't expired. It just tastes like drinking chalk. Do you do anything to dress yours up at all? Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  14. I've been vegan for about 2 months or so now. I can't say iits been a hard switch over for me personally. Having a vegan girlfriend that is an awesome cook helps. So far the only thing that has left a bad ttaste in my mouth,literally ,has been a protein shake i tried using Vega chocolate protein powder. Man that is nasty stuff. I'm hoping to find some things I can add to it to make it more palatable on this forum.
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