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  2. I was always under the impression that to define one must cut carbs and increase protein. I understand that carbs give you the resources for energy, but "extra" carbs are fattening, are they not, if not burned?
  3. I agree with genetics and talent. But what I do not understand (or am I interpreting this incorrectly) why are all the pro bodybuilders or other athletes from various sports placed on such a high pedestal (not only in this forum). Please don't misunbderstand me, this is probably the best forum for discussion and pleasant people. Granted, it takes a hell of a lot of desire, motivation, will, discipline, etc. to reach what many have accomplished, but in my opinion they are as juiced as they come. I mean how different is it when a cyclist, or a swimmer, etc. (whether it be in the Tour de France, or Giro d' Italia, or any other race in this world) tests positive for an illegal substance and basks in the glory when another clean rider or riders finish (say 5th or 20th) and are not even recognized. Take the sprinter Ben Johnson, who was caught in the olympics for using illegal substances. He was banned and left the sport in disgrace. Or baseballers, why do the media and many, many sports enthusiasts condone such actions and shun a left eye. Going back to BB, nobody can even remotely get as big and ripped as these guys w/o juicing. It's impossible. I am not taking anything away from their desire and willpower to succeed, but at what price, and how can we as a people appreciate their achievements knowing that it's artificially induced?
  4. When you guys discuss cutting fats, what type of fat cutting are you recommending? I usually eat; olive oil, avocado, etc.
  5. Question: How come when pics are posted I can never view them. Is there anything in my settings I need to adjust? Thanks Patrick
  6. Yeah Zack, I hear you. That's different though. The other day I was doing shoulders and this guy was doing roman chairws on a decline bebch and having a leisurely conversation with his buddy doing Lat Pull Downs. I felt like telling him to shut up.
  7. Thanks xjohanx. Unfortunately, I can not open the file. Access from work is denied. I'll give TVP a try.
  8. Sorry Veggieprincess for not answering. I lost track of this thread. Yes I did, it turned out real good, but it is at least a half-day process. Thanks again for the recipe!!!!!
  9. One of the worst vices in a gym other than "kissing biceps" is when you are trying to get pumped (staying in your own little world) and about to hit a set and you have a few who talk while they are lifting. It's so annoying.
  10. Thanks guys!!! tvp then is tofu, right xjohanx?
  11. VP: I take Vega after training. VP, do you think this is a good thing to do? Patrick
  12. Can anyone tell me which source of protein is better seitan or tofu? I heard that seitan contains gluten, is that correct? And what type of symptoms can gluten pose on the body? Appreciate any feedback. Patrick
  13. Garlic is good for you; It puts hair on the chest!!
  14. VP; Which foods is EDTA mostly found in?
  15. Agree with Jessifly and VP. It's just ridiculous what man thinks he can do with nature. Look what they are doing in Brasil. They are destroying the rainforests to plant soy, where the soil in the amazon can not grow soy properly. So what do they do? They fertilizie it so heavily that soy grows steadily and steadily. I think that they are cloning is because the industry (farmers, ranchers, etc.) are losing cattle each and every year. I may be wrong. And cloning provides a "quicker" way of breeding the animals; thereby, never losing any stock for the future. It's crazy.
  16. Hey Lelle, I drive to Nuernberg now and then to visit friends. Where do you reside in N.? Patrick
  17. This is unbelievable! http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080115/hl_nm/cloning_food_dc
  18. Hi Rob, it's the guy you helped out with sending some stuff overseas from Food Fight. There is ahomeopathic remedy that is called "Calms Forte" I used to work in a nutrition store when I was living in Florida. Apparently, a lot of customers who used the product said it was really helpful. Patrick
  19. I agree with Carbomite. Pink, if you do decide to get some equipment to workout at home, think of the powerblock DBs. I recently bought the Elite set and they are really good DBs. Get a bench, and your are ready to go with many exercies. Granted though, if you do attend a good gym where the vibe is good, there is no replacement. But if you have the willpower to do the same at home as in the gym, than awesome. Despite what a lot of people say that you need a lot of equipment, (at least that is what I have heard from many others, not in this forum, but people in gyms), the bottom line is---you really don't. What you need is: Squatrack DBs Bench Pull Up Bar and you are ready to slay the Iron.
  20. A few times I have been reading about a DC system. I have never heard of this before. Would anyone please send me a link where I can obtain some info on this matter? Thanks Patrick
  21. The most I was ever able to do was 250 in one go. But that was 8 years ago, and at that time I was doing only body weight training. Mainly pushups and situps. I started off very slow. At first I was doing approx. 3-5 sets of 20 or 25. God was I sore. But then: Gradually (in about 5-6 months), I was able to do more and more. At one point, I was doing 4-6 sets of 200 per set everyday for a good two-three months. It felt good. I got myself those push-up bars, and believe me they give you a great stretch. I weigh anywhere from 84-86 kg (184/185 lbs); I'm 1'85 or (6'1''.) I'm starting to incorporate push-ups into my program again, and at the moment I'm doing 5-6 sets of 25-30. We'll see. I find the world record amazing. Interesting read below. http://www.recordholders.org/en/list/ulysses.html
  22. Personally, I used to use Whey protein before I turned vegan, a bit more than 1 1/2 years ago. At the moment the only thing I use is either Hemp protein, and for the last 6 months I've been using Vega, the natural flavor. And some Vega Bars. Other than that, I don't really see the need to supplement. (Just my personal point of view) I used to use L-Glutamine. As vegans, we all know we are most likely to acquire a vit. B-12 deficiency, so what I add into my Vega powder is Superfood from Dr. Schulze.
  23. Thanks all for the info. I am fighting a cold for the last four days and hate it when I miss a day of training. I did Shoulders on Thursday. And Friday's I usually take a day off and head to the Sauna. I was supposed to do legs on Saturday, but I just felt like crap.The body though does know best when to push and when to let off when feeling achy and fluish. Patrick
  24. Hi all, I was just wondering: When you've consistently been attacking the steel and you come down with a bad cold or even a flu that keeps you from training, for say one or two weeks, how, and when you get back into the gym, do you start off? Do you start with spilt training or do you train your entire muscle groups for one week and then "reenter" your routine? Take Care Patrick
  25. I haven't thought of that. I know biking is really good for fitness. I run, but maybe I'll give that a go.
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