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  1. To ALL: Thanks for all your advice and input. This truly is the best forum around, friendly people. Patrick
  3. Hello all, Could anyone tell me what meal is the best to eat after a workout? I'm takinfg Vega and love it, but am so damn hungry. I do not want to put fat on, but I feel like eating anything vegan. Appreciate your feedback. Veganpotter--do you have any ideas? Take Care--Patrick
  4. Robert, great pictures. And it shows all the hard work does indeed pay off. Out of curiousity: How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Patrick
  5. Do you all thisnk Creatine is worth taking? I mean, lets say one cycles on and off and then stops for a while, the person loses all that gain. I'd say, don't take creatine and eat correctly and train your ass off. Patrick
  6. I never understood how someone can run and talk at the same time. I grunt to get more reps out.
  7. Hi Paulcats!!! I have the Powerblocks and the stand 5-90 lbs. Elite Set. It is a great product. Cost is about $500. For the price you can't beat it. Take Care--Patrick
  8. Cthulhu, do you have the link to the facility in Mexico?
  9. Cthulhu, Thanks for all the information you post. Presently, I am reading World Without Cancer and it just amazes me. It's very valuable, the information you post. Have a nice weekend. Patrick
  10. That is not weird at all. I myself consume plenty of apple and apricot seeds daily when I eat the fruit as a whole. I recommend taking about 7-10 apricot seeds daily if you want a cancer free life- with a healthy diet, of course. Or you could try eating four whole apples, including the seeds, and 3-4 apricots with the seeds daily. You will need a nutcracker or a hammer to open the hard shell that guards the apricot seed though. Vitamin B-17 is water soluble, so take it with plenty of water. Cthulhu, I love aprciots and eat approx. 4-6 seeds daily. Will the seeds go bad/rancid if they are saved (say, in a glass jar) and they dry up. I just always like to have some available. Thanks--Patrick
  11. Pratt----Thanks for sharing. Unreal isn't it! Opens a lightbulb.
  12. Hi Paulcats, check out the thread in this forum titled: "The prime cause of Cancer explained here". Very very interesting.
  13. Hi Cthulhu, out of curiosity, how many seeds do you eat daily? I love the taste of those seeds. Yeah, call me weird.
  14. Hi Paulcats, just been doing some reading on Vitamin B-17. Check out G.Edward Griffin's book. World without Cancer. Thanks for sharing where one can get apricot oil. Patrick
  15. Hi Stephen, thanks for sharing that. I could not have delved into the detail as you because I am not a chemist or biology student, but your explanation(particulalrly the molecular reaction part) from what I have been reading is dead on. Best of luck on your studies and exams. Patrick
  16. I proclaim that every disease are caused by laserbeams from intergalactic spaceships that fly around in a distant galaxy. Now it's up to you to disprove it. If you can't than that must meen I'm right. I like your sense of humor Offense74
  17. Very interesting read about Cancer (I am reading it at the moment) is World Without Cancer, by Edward G. Griffin. How about Vitamin B17
  18. You are welcome. I forgot to mention: There are certain grains that taste really good and are very beneficial for us. Try Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat. Quinoa is very high in protein. Just rinse it before cooking. If yuhave dried fruits, try to stay away from the ones that have been oxidized. The sun-dried ones are the best. Patrick
  19. Hi, I would definitely try to eat as clean as possible. As already mentioned, stick to whole grains, beans, fruits, salads, etc. Set yourself a mild goal, say, 1 week without your junk cravings. If you can do 1 week w/o the crap, try two weeks. If you have a juicer, juice fresh fruits and veggies. A great book is from the late Dr. Norman Walker. I believe it's called Juicing or Juicing For Life. Do a google or go to a nutrition store. They should know where to get one. They are not that expensive $6 or $7. Also, if you exercise, replenish your system with hemp protein or Vega. Vega is expensive, but a good good source of a "complete" meal. I would, at least for a bit, stay away from cheeses. You will do yourself and your colon a favor. By the way: Congrats on quitting smoking! Stay well and do the best you can. If you stress out too much regarding eating, you place an unnecessary stress on yourself. Patrick
  20. I avoid cheese of any kind. Even if it's vegan. Very hard to digest.
  21. Hello all, Would anybody happen to know where one can purchase pure, true, organic apricot oil? Has anybody ever tried it? Thanks--Patrick
  22. Dr. Norman Walker and Bernhard Jensen Google them. Very informative!
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