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  1. Hey Suz: If you enjoy bread, I'd recommend getting the vegan cookbook from Sarah Kramer: La Dolce Vegan. It has great recipes with no gluten or yeast. Hope you feel better. Patrick
  2. veganpotter: Couscous has Gluten? Didn't know that. Thanks
  3. James: Forgot to ask you. Are all these fruits and everything you eat organic?
  4. Gorilla/ James, that short story by Henry Rollins you have posted on your space is revealing, inspiring and motivational. It really makes one think. And most of all it's so bloody true! Patrick
  5. Good morning Gorilla, Thanks for sharing this. I have been vegan for nearly 1 year and eat quite of bit of salads and fruits. But I also eat cooked food. I am not the type to count calries, do you? If so, how many calories do you eat daily? I am just a bit afraid to tackle an all out fruitarian diet with thefear to lost weight. I would most likely eat salds too because I love them. I am seeing your physique, you are in great shape. I've spoken to my girlfriend about this and, it's a tough call.I get awfully hungry after training, tennis or running. And I don't know whether just fruits would be satiating. Thanks again--Take Care. We'll chat again. Patrick
  6. Hi Gorilla, just curious: How many calries do you eat daily and how often do you eat? Do you eat any salads or strictly fruit? The reason I am asking is I read your thread"Gorilla's anabolic secret" and enjoy the positive vibe you and Bigbwii put out. I've been vegan for nearly one year and am getting back into training. You have made great strides. I hope to do as well, just don't know if an all-out fruitarian diet is ideal for me. Take Care and thanks for sharing your progress. Take Care--Patrick
  7. Veganpotter and Offense74: Thank you!!! It certainly helps to get clarification on such matters. Take Care-Patrick
  8. Pratt and Cubby2112: Appreciate your feedback. Thanks--Take Care--Patrick
  9. Hi all, This may be an odd question: My cholesterol is 117. I have been vegan for nearly one year. Prior to that, my cholesterol hovered between 150 and 180. I spoke to a nutritionist recently and he told me that that figure (117) is quite low. He tells me that cholesterol is essential for brain function, muscle function, etc. After reading, The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell he discusses cholesterol at quite length. He says that in many non Western countries (i.e. "diets"), cholesterol levels are even lower than mine. I workout quite often (run, weight lift, tennis, blading, etc. Could anyone be so kind and share some insights into this? Does anyone have an identical problem? The health practitioner says that if it doesn't increase, it can be fortified to increase the cholesterol with supplements. Any help/input is appreciated. Take Care and Thanks--Patrick
  10. I always put it in straight out of the box. What's also pretty good, is either some hemp protein or veg, throw in some fruit, couple of figs and blend it with water. It's a good start. Even though you are using water, it still is calorie rich. Patrick
  11. Thank you Paul. For some reason the website will not load from my end. Appreciate it--Patrick
  12. Hello fellow vegan's: I have been trying to access the champuionjuicer.com site, but I'm always getting a "this page can not be loaded" answer. Would anyone happen to have their corporate phone number? I'm trying to get their dual voltage juicer. Appreciate your help--Patrick
  13. Cashew Butter dipped in Figs and a banana.
  14. Hi all, So after all the blurbs, Trev, where does one get hemp butter? I'd like to give it a whirl. Patrick
  15. Servuss Offense74! Wie geht es Dir? Well, I am currently living in Germany and I can honestly recommend to you to not purchase any vitamins from Germany. The reason: They are expensive as you would not believe. Comparing prices with the U.S. (reputable nutrition stores, noth the BS ones like GNC and other quacks), the vitamins are ca. 50-70% more expensive in Deutschland than the U.S. Try www.tunies.com (they, too ship internationally). Ich hoffe ich konnte Dir bisschen helfen. Skol---Patrick
  16. Hey xdarthveganx: It's better than having a scotch on the rocks after training. Also, in Europe a lot of sports coaches years ago gave their squad beer after a workout because it contains, or contained essential minerals. The beer is not the watered,watered,watered,watered,watered-down beer as in the U.S.. I don't drink beer but Pilsner Urquell (THE Czech beer is what they drank.) Patrick
  18. How about raw beets as a tasty snack. Makes everything red. My co-workers think I am absolutely insane for eating them raw. I Love 'em. Patrick
  19. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0478324/ This dude needs a reality check. The Human Digestive System is not designed to digest meats. Check out this movie. "We Feed The World" Very Very sad documentary to what is happening with the world's landscape.
  20. meant to say so and coasting. Gosh, I'm already coasted, and not toasted from just thinking about these MV. Patrick
  21. ...actually there is a better super food supplement. Thanks xdarthveganx. Sounds like a hell of a MV. Appears to have some many nutrients in that one would think they are oasting through the day. Would you know what comany offers this. I shop at several and they don't have this one. Patrick
  22. xdarthveganx, SIR!!! I am not that bloody, although I turned 35 yesterday. Now what did you mean by good right? Did you mean that good, right are Schulze"s Superfood Plus? Patrick
  23. Hey guys, thanks for your replies and xdarthveganx, appreciate that input. I, too, am not a GNC fan nad have never taken, nor wouyld I. I am taking soemthing from Dr., Schulze (Superfood Plus) and was wondering whether that suffices as a Multi-V. Patrick
  24. Hello folks, Does anyone know a good vegan multivitamin supplement, and would anyone recommend taking one. I'd appreciate your help. Take Care--Patrick
  25. Thanks xdarthveganx for that detailed clarification. A friend of mine is a diabetic and I'll relate it to her. Take Care--Patrick
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