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  1. Hello Daria, Neither am I a nutritionist nor a physician, but I have read quite a bit on certain malladies, diabetes being one of them. I do believe that what the folks below are saying is accurate in that refined carbs can be real debilitating for any person, particularly a diabetic. If you want to read a very good book, try The China Study, by Dr. Campbell. That book is unbelieveably well written with thousands of scientific data. Dr. Campbell addresses diabetes and explains how it can be dealt with. Take Care--Patrick
  2. Hello Trev, where do you get Hemp Nut Butter. I've never had it, and would be keen on giving it a try. Patrick
  3. Hi Daniel and all!!! (It has been quite some time since I last blurbed) I have been using the vega product, both the powder as well as the bars, and I can honestly say that those are two tremendous products. They are full of nutrients. What I do with the vega powder is (when I'm in a hurry in the a.m., I scoop 1-1 and 1/4 into a blender. I add a bit of oats (or any breakfast grain), dried figs, banana, oranges, berries (whatever you want) and mix it up, and put it into a thermos. It's good, satiating and provides an ample amount of protein & calroes to start the day. Take Care--Patrick
  4. Good morning all, I just read the thread from Xavier. Check out this site. These blocks are really good and are quality. I don't know where you live, but I bought mine near Ft. Lauderdale. They are great if you are caught in a jam (timewise), just set up a small area in your apt. with bench and off you go. Patrick http://www.powerblock.com/
  5. Hello Brendan, I recently ordered the Berry and natural Flavor Vega Bars. They taste really good and are far better than any others on the market. The next closest (in my opinion) would be Cliff Bars. I would like to try the powder, but I must admit, it is a bit expensive for a 15-day supply. But then again, all the ingredients are solid. P.S. I just recently purchased and watched the DVD you, Tonya and Robert created. It was a really good, informative piece. It's just a pity that there wasn't an option for subtitles, such as: (Italian, French or German). It would have helped for the foreign speaking folks across the pond. Well produced!!! Take Care--Patrick
  6. Hello Veganpotter, I agree to a certain extent. Certainly we can't drive ourselves crazy. Nonetheless, it's better to know what type of crap this really is. I'd much rather have none than a littlke bit once a month. But as you say, all of us here try to keep a clean as possible diet. I just wish this junk wasn't in our meals. Wish you a good one. Patrick
  7. College B, oops I used the wrong quote Patrick
  8. Good morning CollegeB, this may be something you and most likely a lot of other people would care to read. Regards, Patrick http://www.newstarget.com/monosodium_glutamate.html
  9. Hello All, If one does not eat soy, (a primary form of protein) what other avenues are there to get the necessary amounts of protein. A person can eat only so many beans per day/week. Patrick
  10. Hello fellow vegetarians and vegans. I just want to bring up the issue pertaining to this BS additive. I read a lot of your posts and find that all of us (or the vast majority) mean well and are concerened with our health/food industry. In particular, it appears that no matter what we do, in some shape or form there are ways that crap like this gets added into our foods. Please take a look at this website because I read that a lot of you take TVP, and this additivve is in TVP to some extent or another. http://www.advancedhealthplan.com/msg.html Take Care. Patrick
  11. Raven, I forgot to ask you: How can one subscribe to Bryanna Clark Grogan's newletter. Or, what is the title of her original vegan cookbook? There are many on Amazon. Take Care--Patrick
  12. First of all: Thanks for taking the time and sharing some cool recipes Raven. Veganpotter; I'll look around and see what they haev to offer. If not, what the heck, I'll just do a google. I found one after I posted, but the cost was somewhere in the vicinity of $195- $210. Anyway, thanks again. Patrick
  13. Thanks a bunch CollegeB and VeganPotter. I agree the body does adjust. I have been Vegan nearly 3 months and I feel okay. I'm 6' 1 nad weigh between 82 and 83 kg. I just need to work on putting moe muscle mass. Patrick
  14. A kiss of cayenne pepper ands olive oil is awesome to guacamole.
  15. Yeah, Pilsner Urquell is the true Budwar, or Budweiser. Not the watered-down Budweiser we have in the States.
  16. Hey Veganmadre and Veganpotter, At the moment, I'm overseas, do you know of a good website that sells breadmachine/makers? Thanks for the tip; Patrick
  17. Thanks Raven: Yes, I know. I was just curious what type of substitute could be used in place of yeast if one has a yest sensitivity. Maybe you can help me on this one: If one has candidiasis, can one still eat yeast? Take Care---Patrick
  18. Sounds good. But what could you use instead of yeast?
  19. Hello fellow sportsmen and women, I am not the type who counts calries or protein intake, but could anybody tell me (approximately) how many calories and protein you consume during periods of working out (weights) or doing any other physical training( i.e. running, tennis, mountain biking, etc)? The reason I'm asking is I feel I'm not consuming enough (get a bit lightheaded and weaker) after a certain period. By training I mean really stressing your body, not just leisurely parading/biking around. I would really appreciate your input and any suggestions you may have. For now---Take care---Patrick
  20. Hey Vegan Potter, what did you use a base juice for your shak? Patrick
  21. Patrick


    Hello Folks, what I usually do with carrot pulp is: I add some raisins and bit of lemon juic and have a nice salad. It's pretty good. The Carrot muffins soud good too. Patrick
  22. Hello Dorothy, Nice to hear from a Miamian. Yeah, I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 10 years. At the moment I'm overseas and no matter where you go the same questions are asked over and over again. Nice to have you a aboard. Take Care--Patrick P.S. Oh yes willpeavy, the waves are not bad in Cocoa. Beats Lake Atlantic down south, unless a swell from Africa comes along. Patrick
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