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  1. Thanks folks. Yeah, for some reason I can't get into veganessentials.com I'll try the other one. Take Care--Patrick
  2. Hey Folks, hope all is well. Figs are indeed the best. And I envy sinisterkungfu for having fig trees. Just want to let you know (you all probably know this already) there is a website called livingtreecommunity.com that has a ton of wonderful products. I must admit it is a bit pricier (spelling) than others but check them out. To all the best--Patrick
  3. Hello Fellow Vegans, Could anyone tell me (website) where I could order Brendan Brazier's vega shake and bars. I'd like to try it out. I've tried foodfightgrocery.com but they do not ship to APO addresses. Thanks----Patrick
  4. The heck what others say. You are in charge of your life. After all, they don't put food on your table. There is no medicine for idiocy (spelling) Patrick
  5. Try the Superfood from the website below. It's the best multi-vitamin source available. http://www.800herbdoc.com/abp_1024x768.asp Patrick
  6. Hey Willpeavy, I bought a bench for home and powerblocks. Go to www.powerblock.com. Can't beat it. Terrific dumbbells; take up hardly any space. Patrick
  7. Thanks for the tip. Had absolutely no clue about mellons. Just out of curiosity. How much protein consumption and calories do you take daily? I'm trying to gain and then cut. I'm ca. 6'1 182 lbs. Patrick
  8. Eason. I have a four layered-plastic type pan at home that is perfect for creating sprouts. I just place the 'germ' inside the pan and pour water over it. I do this ca. 4-5 times a day for two -three days, and on the third or fourth day you have a slew of sprouts. They taste really good. I'm currently living in Europe and received it as a gift here. I do not know what the "layered-pot" is called. But do a google search. ANd check out the website below. It's a start. Patrick http://www.cityfarmer.org/sprout86.html
  9. "I am going to send her a link with undercover footage of a Chinese fur farm and ask her to, in view of what she just saw, consider tossing the fur. Anyway, I digress." Hi Compassionategirl. if you don't mind could you send me that link. I myself can not stand fur. By the way, do you know of a website where one can purchase "fake leather" (shoes, etc.) Thanks--Patrick
  10. Welcome to a great forum.
  11. Hey JB, just do it. At first it may seem tough. If you can't do it at once, I'd recommend cutting dairy out first. Then as your body adjusts to it, slowly ween eggs from your diet. I am not yet a 100% vegan. I still eat fish, particularly salmon. Set yourself a short-term goal, say avoid dairy for three weeks, and observe how your body copes with the adjustment. I am certain you'll be okay. Then approach eggs in the same fashion. Some people go cold-turkey, for others though this may not be ideal. Every body is different. I believe if you set short-term goals for yourself, the longer-term goals will be more easily reached. Hope this helps. Take Care--Patrick
  12. Thanks for all your responses. Thsi is a terrific forum. Robert mentioned Hemp protein. Does anybody know what company and under what name a hemp protein is sold. I know of a very good nutrition store in Coral Springs, Florida. Tunies Nutrition tunies.com (has solid proces) but do not think they sell Hemp protein drinks. Check it out. Take Care--Patrick
  13. Hello everyone. I'm new to the Forum. My name is Patrick and am currently living in Europe. Maybe someone could help me out with something: After training what type of protein drink do you weight lifters take? I normally took isolated, cold filtered Whey protein, but am curious if there is a good vegetarian substitute that one could possibly order from the United States. The Protein supplements in Germany are not very good, and are riddled with saccharin and aspartame. Any help would be nice. Thanks. Take Care--Patrick
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