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  1. My protein Picks: Nutiva Hemp 15g: I love the taste, nutty and hempy . Tastes like a real food, not a supplement. Much better tasting than other brands of hemp so if you were turned off by a different brand, try Nutiva. Hemp is supposed to be 80% bio available, but only 55% optimal in Lysine, and low in Isoleucine and Tryptophan. Good to complement with Yellow Pea or Lentils which are very high in these three. Jarrow Brown Rice: Affordable but taste/texture not so great. Jarrow Optimal Plant: Affordable compared to other vegan protein blends, and contains Rice, Pea, Hemp, Chia, and Chlorella mixed in optimal ratios, but tastes like a supplement. Vega: I used to use this. Vega tastes amazing, but ~$3us per serving, which I think comes to 10-20 cents per gram of protein, whereas the Hemp, Rice, Pea, Jarrow Optimal etc can be found for 2-4 cents per gram of protein online. Given there are plenty of other vitamins and nutrients in Vega so it's not a fair comparison. Vega Sport probably makes sense for serious athletes and those who can afford to spend $120 per month per protein. I haven't tried Yellow Pea, that is next on my list.
  2. Yeah there were 3 or 4 times in the past 7 years where things got so chaotic/stressful/depressing (job, a relationship, financial issues, etc) that my diet and animal rights were no longer a big concern, but those were thankfully brief situations, and my conscience and health-awareness kicked back in full-strength when things calmed down. Not that stress is a good excuse, but because I didn't go vegan until 7 I was 22, I try not to judge other people too much for eating or wearing animal products (even though part of me wants to!), so I can't be too hard on myself either. But my 20's are almost over and I'm I think more stable, so with any luck I will stay Vegan for the rest of my life, and hopefully help some other people "see the light" as well. I haven't visited this board all that often since the beginning bec while jogging and working out are a part of my life, they aren't as much of a focus as they might be, though when I have the time and money I do try to get into a steady gym routine. Anyway thanks for continuing to be an inspiration (and a great talking point for conversations with vegan-skeptical omnivores) all you Vegan athletes! I don't know how many times I've said to people, "no, being Vegan you can be perfectly healthy and get lots of protein, even be an athlete or a bodybuilder! Don't believe me? Check out veganbodybuilding.com!" -Joel
  3. Hearing a farm sanctuary presentation about the horrors of even the dairy and egg industry, and then finding this board, did it for me. The meet your meat vid was pretty convincing as well, I think it has stuff in there about eggs and dairy. Pictures can be worth a thousand words. Both pictures of the healthy vegan athletes, and pictures of the meat leather fur dairy and egg industry as it really is: http://www.peta.org/tv/videos/graphic/default.aspx And then of course pictures of happy animals http://a.pictureupload.us/45449577550e9937d43588.jpg http://www.farmsanctuary.org/photos/?album=1&gallery=26#content
  4. Just thought I'd check in and give a shoutout. Was looking at my first posts here. In April 06 I heard Gene Bauer speak at a humane society convention in CT, that week started searching the web for health and veganism articles to make sure it was safe, found this site, and almost 7 years later I am a vegan still. Had a few brief "relapses" which I'm not proud of, but I'd say 6.5 of the past 7 years Iv'e been 100% Vegan. Thanks Robert et al!
  5. Montrail has great sneakers/running shoes, all Vegan. I like the masochist trail running with or without outdry (gore-tex-like water protection).
  6. They look better in person than in the images. It is a well made shoe, best faux suede I have seen. As for fit, they are European Shoes, so European sizes, if you don't know your Euro/UK sizes see the chart: http://www.zappos.com/measure-your-shoe-size?gclid=CPL2-ZPVoa4CFWITNAodHGFJPg For instance I am US 10.5, the Novacas fit me in 43. Conversion from US to Euro/UK sizes is an imperfect science, for instance with Dr Martens Vegan boots, neither the UK 9 nor UK 10 fit me, i would need a 9.5 which they don't make... If you are US 11-12, you would probably want size Euro 44. You can place a backorder request for your size from Moo Shoes, that is what I did to get them, it was there within a month. The shoes sell out quickly but they place orders on a regular basis.
  7. Interesting, I'd never heard of gochujang. As far as fermented asian products, I love Miso myself too, especially red Miso.
  8. I want to check out the one in Williamsburg, it's on my to do list. My fave NYC Vegan restaurants so far are Cafe Blossom and Sacred Chow Both are stellar, awesome eating experiences, and focused on real food as opposed to meat analogues.
  9. I always take note when a worldwide type publication touches on Factory Farming or Veganism: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/02/pastured-poultry/ Personally of course I'd rather everyone be Vegan, but I am also in the meantime for harm reduction, and if articles on the merits of pastured-livestock over factory farms convince people not to buy Purdue or KFC, that is at least a step in the right direction...
  10. I bought the Novacas Dennis in Brown Suede from Moo Shoes a couple months ago: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j6/joelbct/Other/Novacas-Dennis-Brown-1.jpg I love them because they can be worn with jeans or dress pants.. They also make a black (non-suede) version. They are handmade in Portugal. I believe Brooklyn-based designer and Vegan Joshua Katcher is the man behind the design. He also has a line called Brave Gentleman which makes the Mastermind Shoe, which at $250 perhaps I will buy next time I have a well-paying job that requires dress clothes: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j6/joelbct/Other/mastermind1.jpg Mr. Katcher apparently can also create custom Vegan bespoke suits. I am so glad he exists and is doing what he is doing so that all of us slightly-style-concerned metropolitan Vegans can have both our compassion and stylish quality footwear at the same time. Highly recommend the Dennis shoe...
  11. One of the best things for me about becoming Vegan was that I started experimenting with all sorts of spices and ethnic foods I would not have explored otherwise- asian, mexican, indian, etc. I eat organic brown rice every day, with black beans, lentils, vegetables, etc (i love carbs, with no apologies, as long as it's whole grain), and always with spices as well as lots of extra virgin olive oil. This stuff is my favorite Curry Blend, Frontier Seasonings. Lots of news bits about how turmeric is supposed to be such a great anti-inflammatory too, which is cool because I could eat it every day. http://www.vitacost.com/Images/Products/200/Frontier/Frontier-Curry-Powder-Certified-Organic-Seasoning-Blend-089836184887.jpg I think you can get it in bulk too, which I should probably do...
  12. I know many on this board avoid supplements, but I am about to get back to the gym after a couple years away, and am going to try this Jarrow Optimal Plant Proteins 21g protein with these ingredients: Pea protein isolate, organic rice protein, pea fiber, organic hemp protein, Golden Chlorella, chia meal powder, xylitol, natural french vanilla, Metabolin (bacterial metabolites), Lo Han Guo (Momodica grosvenori), and stevia.
  13. OOOooo! I like that one. Thanks for the link. I read this not too long ago, Shiny Objects, Why We Spend Money We Don't Have in Search of Happiness We Can't Buy. Yeah, level of saturation-advertising, materialism, and consumer culture in this country is scary... but I still like my stuff, in moderation :/
  14. I am now reading Harris' The Moral Landscape, which argues that facts, reason, science, and the concept of well-being are the proper basis for morality, as opposed to liberal moral relativism or conservative religious "morality." I am only a few chapters in, but Harris does often mention the well-being off conscious creatures, not just of humans. I suspect that he is just trying to pick his battles by not focusing more on animals. In any case, to a thinking vegan, these 3 are quite important, especially in the USA, because the "biblical" argument in favor of eating animals is sadly so pervasive. Read Harris' books and you will have plenty of reasoned, thoughtful points to make as to why this religious justification for the status quo is mistaken and quite harmful.
  15. http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/10/were-eating-less-meat-why/# Mark Bittman op-ed- Americans eating less meat, as meat industry complains that US government is waging a war on animal protein. Riiiight...
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