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  1. @ jamesxvx 2 weeks to heal is incredible. The doctor told me 3-4 weeks. I am at 4 weeks and still not feeling 100%. Any specific foods you ate or exercises you did or any tips that helped out? @ Kora I can work around the injury but I truly am miserable without my previous routine, that was like 2 hours daily and I loved it. Any tips to speed up recovery?
  2. Hello everyone, I've been a vegan for about 5 years now. My diet consist of a big smoothie everyday (veg/fruit/protein) and some quinoa/beans/sweet-potato/etc for calories. I also take Deva multi-vitamin 4 times a week. I felt great until I recently hurt my ankle - doctor said sprain + inflammation. The doctor said I should recover in 3-4 weeks. It's been 4 weeks and I feel much better but still not 100%. I can't run/yoga/etc yet but I can walk around. Please give me some nutrition advice and recovery tips - feeling really down and need to recover to quickly to get back in the gym. Should've recovered by now. Please help, seriously need it.
  3. 1) Will a blood test tell me everything (all minerals, vitamins, iron, calcium, protein, etc) and is there a specific name for this type of test? 2) I live a bachelor lifestyle so when you say a big portion of veggies daily, are you going to the market, cutting them up, preparing them yourself? Or do you buy pre-packaged bag? And how do you cook them - i.e. stir fry, with pasta/rice, sauce, etc Thanks for your help
  4. I've been a vegan for over 4+ years. I did it on the spot, just had that shift. Didn't think of health, at all, just did it out of a moral obligation after I realized what was going on and never looked back since. Over the last 4+ years I've had a very unbalanced diet. Lots of rice, sweets, junk food, and haven't been very health focused. I have had vegetables/fruits in the mix, but the balance has never been there. I would like to get a complete check-up on everything currently going on in my body - protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, omega 3, etc - I'd like to know what I need more of, less of, where I'm lacking big time, etc I'm kind of scared and want to get this check-up done immediately. Is there a specific type of check-up I need to do, or a certain type of medical place that does these, etc - sorry for the dumb question but I'm truly clueless on where to began?? Thanks in advance!
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