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  1. Hello, I have a hurt elbow too I hurt had an injury in 2007 and every time I work arms or back, even chest the muscle around my elbow hurt and get stiff. Sometimes when I spend a lot of time writing on my computer my elbow just gets numb and have problems with my circulation. I am always worried about training and my elbow. It sucks. What I found it works, is after training certain body parts I ice my elbow. I keep an ice-pack with me the whole time. We have different injuries, though, and we need different treatment. I share how you feel though... Good luck! Bea
  2. Great post! Thanks you, it helped me. I am also training for a bikini show and I need all the tips I can get! Love, Bea
  3. Hello all! It's so great to have a site like this one for us vegans who love muscle and training! I am also starting my bikini competition prep as a VEGAN! Please do share some tips on nutrition and training. Love, Bea
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