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  1. Thanks for the response and advice Kora. I am leaning towards doing as you suggest and just let it go. Although, I do not think she meant it as a joke at all, if so she has a weird way of joking, because she did not crack a smile, her body language didn't appear to be in a joking manner and she said it very bluntly and matter of fact. I probably had some what of a stunned look on my face after she made the remark about loving her some cow. Maybe after that is why she decided to wish me a beautiful day. I believe if she keeps this up, commenting on someones attire, she will eventually run into someone who isn't quite so laid back as myself. But then again, maybe that shouldn't be of my concern and let her learn the hard way.
  2. Obviously, you are aware just from the list in your post that all three of the BCAA's are EAA's. The three BCAA's play the biggest part in muscles, they make up around 35% of the EAA's in muscle protein and around 40% of the preformed amino acids needed by humans. So of all the EAA's, BCAA's are the most important for muscles. The WHO recommendations for the amount of EAA's for a sedentary person are weighing 200 lbs: Histidine 900 mg Isoleucine 1820 mg Leucine 3560 mg Lysine 2740 mg Phenylalanine 2280 mg Threonine 1360 mg Tryptophan 360 mg Valine 2360 mg Methionine 1360 mg But keep in mind, these are the minimum requirements, as an athlete and especially if a bodybuilder you may need 2-3x these amounts. I did a video listing a plant food based plan showing how much and what foods you would have to eat to get the above amounts of the EAA's for a 200lb person. The different plans ranged from 70-105 grams of protein, but averaged around 80-85grams. So that would come out to a little less than 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight for a 200lb person. You hear different opinions on the amount of protein needed for athletes, but usually it ranges from 1-2 grams per kg of body weight. I would think a bodybuilder would want to be up on the higher end of that range. I have seen many here who do more than the higher end of that range as well. hope that helps some, good luck
  3. Today, while at a local chain grocery store that i visit weekly, I was wearing Dr. Fuhrman's "Kale is the new beef" t-shirt, as I was checking out the cashier said to me "i have to disagree with your shirt sir" i replied oh really and she stated "yeah, i love me some cow". I was surprised and shocked she would make a statement about any customers shirt so my only response was ....well that is you choice. She then told me to have a beautiful day and otherwise seemed like a nice young person. I considered talking to the manager before i left the store but didn't really want to get her in trouble. I chalked it up to her being very young and not knowing what not to say to a customer. But I am still thinking about the situation and wondering if talking to the manager would be a good idea, not so much to complain about the employee, but as a suggestion that they offer better training to their staff. I am sure if she said any thing similar about other customers shirts, most would get upset and cause a problem for her. So my reason for posting this here is seeking advice, has this ever happened to you, if so how did you handle it? Or how would you suggest I handle it, should i go back and talk to the manager or just let it go?
  4. I see on the main page of this website that there are several vegan companies, who have ads here and sponsor this website, have you checked any of them? The owner of the site Robert works with Vega i believe, maybe they have a product that would help you.
  5. Cool, if there is any way I can help you, either in your transition of eating or diet for you cycling/competition, shot me an email at [email protected]
  6. Hey Bob, Sorry, i just seen your response above from May 12th. Ok, yes, a 20 bpm heart rate recovery rate makes more sense. And yes, I use my heart rate recovery rate as motivation. I use it as a direct correlation to my cardiovasular shape at the time. The biggest factor I noticed when I had plaque buildup years ago, was a very slow heart rate recovery. As I stated above, research has shown a low heart rate recovery is directly related to morality(mainly heart attacks), i believe the research showed anyone with a heart rate recovery below 12 bpm within one minute of stopping exercise was at risk, if my memory is correct on this. I don't know if you viewed the video I mentioned above, if not, check it out. I went into great detail about heart rate recovery test. Since May, I have done 2 more heart rate recovery test on video. My heart rate recovery currently is still not where it was at September when I was at my peak at the end of cycling season. I like to have my HRR at atleast a drop of 50 bpm within one minute. Also, keep in mind, that rather you are standing, sitting or laying down will effect your HRR, also any body movements as simple as moving your arms will effect it slightly. That is a problem when trying to video one on yourself if trying to show your heart rate watch in the video while laying down, because you are holding your arms up and moving them around.
  7. The BC and the dried fruit could have been part of the problem. You have only been off the dried fruit for a week, you may need to give it a little more time as VeganBadass eluded to. I also agree with superman on eating more leafy greens.
  8. Welcome. I also cycle a lot, used to compete in mtb, now mainly road but don't compete. You will notice improvements in your cycling over time with your recent change in food intake. Do you compete in mtb and road?
  9. Dr. Fuhrman just released an article on this subject few days ago. It can be read at http://www.drfuhrman.com/library/protein_powders_muscle_growth.aspx
  10. Welcome kelle, Scott Shetler is a vegan personal trainer near Atlanta and he has a training blog on this forum. If you want a personal trainer, definitely look him up. As far as getting enough protein, it isn't a problem, so don't let that concern you. I made a vid which is available on my website going over a couple daily meal plans to show just how easy it is, check it out if you get a chance.
  11. Hey Tessa, List everything you eat and drink(with amounts) for an average 24 hr period, or email/pm it to me if you don't want to put it here, and i will try to help you out.
  12. Hello, Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, if you are getting enough protein you will be getting enough amino acids. So I wouldn't concentrate so much on the amino acids themselves, just keep up with the amount of protein you are getting. The website you linked is good. It discusses the myth of combining proteins in a single meal to get a complete protein. I also discuss this in a recent video in made. I also go through a meal plan in that video showing how much food to eat to get various amounts of protein, i think i did one up to 180 grams a day, all from plant sources. It really doesn't require that much food to do this. I am considering doing another video on amino acids, specially essential amino acids and how they can obtained easily in plant foods, which the website you linked discusses a little as well. My video is linked on my website on the video page and my website is linked in my signature below. I will be glad to help you come up with a specific meal plan with specific amounts of food to eat for whatever amount of protein you feel you need. Just email me if you want(email also on my website).
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