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  1. Hey Tyler, I would suggest to increase you vegetable intake, especially cruciferous vegetables. Do you like dried beans/lentils/split peas of any kind? If so, they would be good to add to your diet as well.
  2. Hey Scott, Sorry, i am just catching up on your log here. I seen on your post 144, you said 130-150 bpm was low for you. That's very impressive! At 150 bpm, that is what, around 80-85% of your max heart rate? At 150 bpm, on a scale to 1-10, how do you feel cardio and breathing wise? Does this vary for you depending on the exercise? I have noticed at 130 bicycling feels totally different that 130 running for me because i am in much better bicycling shape. But at 145-150 bpm range on my bike, my breathing starts to increase dramatically, although my max HR is a little lower than yours. So if you feel great at 150, what rate does it take to get you close to a 10 on 1-10 scale?
  3. overall looks decent, you may want to throw a salad in there especially if most of your vegetables are cooked. Have you ever tried black or wild rice? Brown rice is healthy, but black and wild are even better.
  4. Hey Beppe, It is great to see a cyclist here with a training blog! Look forward to reading it.
  5. Welcome Congrats on your change in eating and your weight loss. This is certainly good for your overall health and longevity. Yes, I agree with you, doing different types of workouts helps to work the body/muscles in many different ways making your overall fitness better, keeps the workouts more interesting and less chance of boredom of doing the same ole thing all the time. I also have found if you enjoy something you will do it more often. It looks like you have a good variety going on. Have you ever tried kettlebells? I recently started them and it is a good full body workout with all the various exercises you can do with them.
  6. Yeah, that is what I was thinking for the cyclette, atleast you can do it inside when all the snow is outside. As far as the time on it, that really depends on what you are wanting to accomplish. You were asking about best cardio, so that is why I said to get your heart rate to the level of 60-80% which is what is really needed to improve your cardio output. But many endurance athletes have found they get their best results from just going at these intense level for 1 workout a week, possibly 2x/wk, which has worked well for me as well. You could do intervals at 2-3 minutes at that heart rate, take 1 to 2 minutes to recover(depending on your fitness) then go at intense higher heart rate interval again, getting atleast 15 minutes of time at the higher heart rate. But if you can do 30 minutes of interval time, that would be good too.(so the 1-2 minute recovery time does not count towards the 15 minutes) If you are wanting to lose weight as well, then on your other workout days you may want to go up to an hour on the cyclette, but at a slower pace and lower heart rate. To find your max heart rate, take 220 and minus your age. Then do 60-80% of that max number during your intense intervals. So for example, if you are 20 yrs old, your max heart rate would be 200(220-20) and 60-80% of that would be 120-160 heart beats per minute.
  7. Cool log Scott. What is a long cycle? That is a kettlebell workout right? What does it consist of? Also, on the indian clubs, I noticed you were using 3 pounders. What weight range do you use for them? What's the difference in the workout type versus the weight of them? I have never used indian clubs but do plan to get some and wasn't sure what weight to get. Thanks
  8. Welcome. Sounds like you have had quite the journey.
  9. The cyclette would be fine for cardio if you do it at a high enough heart rate. Maybe try some interval training at 60-80% max heart rate getting in atleast 15 minutes at the higher heart rate.(more time if you are able). It is good to eat within a hour after your workout to aid in your recovery. I would try to make the recovery meal mainly carbs and protein.
  10. Welcome. NC here too. A lot of people here who give good advice. Good luck.
  11. Welcome. Glad you are making a change for the better in your life. Good luck!
  12. Fasting can be good for your body and your long term health because it gives your body time to heal itself. But it really shouldn't be used as a way to lose weight(not sure if that was your intent). Fasting will slow down the body's metabolism so after a fast you have to be very careful with your diet and may have to consume less calories than you were prior to the fast. It is hard to say what your calorie intake should be without knowing your weight and physical activity, but if you are gaining fat then it sounds like it may be too high.
  13. Wow, this article you linked is crazy. So complaining about the water may be considered terrorism? That doesn't even make any sense.
  14. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics(formly the American Dietetic Assoc) asked the owner of a blog giving nutritional advice for diabetics to remove some of his info. or he would face legal action. So now, he with the help of the Institute of Justice is sueing them. I don't agree with all of this guys nutrtional advice, for one thing he eats meat and a lot of it. But I believe he has the right to his opinions and free speech. It makes you wonder if one day if they may come after forums like this where nutrtional advice is offered. Here is a link to his blog and him discussing the case. http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/2013/05/15/round-3-thrilla-in-manilla/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Diabetes-warriornet+%28Diabetes-Warrior.net%29 Also, look who supports the academy, I guess this is why they give the advice they do. http://www.eatright.org/corporatesponsors/ And the American Diabetic Assoc isn't any better. http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/2011/02/08/19-million-paid-to-ada-by-bigpharma/
  15. Yes, I guess you could have developed some type of food allergy. You could get tested for food allergies or just try to eliminate certain foods to see if their is a positive change. And it is still possible your body is rejecting some of these unheathly foods, even after 12 yrs. The longer you eat healthy the more your body heals itself and more likely some unhealthy foods could effect you. Although, I agree you would think it would have happened before now, but you never know. You may want to eliminate them one at a time to see if any thing changes. That is about the only way you can really figure it out, is just to eliminate things as you go and see what happens. For me, even eating things I don't normally eat but you wouldn't think were that bad, but aren't what I would consider healthy such as a muffin or instant oatmeal will effect me negatively with indigestion. Your body can become very sensitive over time and what it is sensitive to can change as well.
  16. On the water volume, what I am referring to is most plant foods are very high in water content. I find I don't have to drink near as much fluids as before I started eating this way because I get so much fluid from the foods I eat. Fruits and vegetables are easier to notice the water content in them, but even foods like beans/rice suck up a lot more water into them when cooked then people may realize. The fiber volume, I am referring to that plant foods contain a lot of fiber and resistant starch which aren't broken down or digested by the digestive tract. So this creates a lot of bulk feeling in your stomach/intestines and may make you feel bloated. So the water and fiber content combined can sometimes really "blow you up" for a period of time. How long have you been eating this way? If not long, it may be that your body over time is adjusting to your new way of eating and becoming more sensitive to other not so healthy foods. By this I mean, since I started eating healthy, I notice if I eat something not so healthy, it effects my A LOT more than it did before when I ate unhealthy foods all the time. This is your body actually rejecting these unhealthy foods. I have been eating this way now for nearly six years, and it seems that just gets worse with time.(maybe the only down side to eating healthy if you want to consider that a downside?). So now, maybe the coffee, seltzer, beer or possibly other foods are effecting you in a negative why that they didn't before.
  17. So it sounds like hemp, rice and pea proteins are the way to go. I am not real familiar with the different vegan protein powders and am too lazy right now to look it up. Can anyone tell me which brands use the hemp, rice or pea if you happen to know off the top of your head?
  18. oh.......duh on the BBS.......... I have heard Dr. Fuhrman discuss the increased risk of stroke and heart attacks from having high blood pressure. I assume that risk is the same at the time the blood pressure goes up no matter your age. Although, having it at a younger age would certainly seem logically to put one at a higher risk because they would end up having the problem for a longer period of time. Dr. Fuhrman bases all his recommendations on research available, which he admits sometimes changes over time. Also, some things just haven't been studied enough and in such cases his makes his best judgement.(the effects of high blood pressure isn't one of those though) So while I don't know the specific studies to give you, I have faith that they have been done based on Dr. Fuhrman's statements. Personally, if I eat a meal high in sodium I feel it for the next 24 hrs. and I notice my body will heat up more while sleeping. I just don't like how I feel in such situations. Alhough, it wasn't always like this, back when I consumed high amounts I didn't notice it or if I was having the symptoms I didn't realize what it was coming from or just didn't think anything about it. It sounds this isn't a problem for you and your body handles it ok in that sense. But I still worry about the long term effects for you. Maybe you could just cut that amount in half over time?
  19. I think it would be an interesting experiment/study to run, comparing vegan bodybuilders who take protein powder and those that do not.(or wouldn't take any for awhile)
  20. ok.........well i hope i didn't sound condescending in my previous reply, it was just the 8000 mg amount is so high. what is BBS? The thing with sodium, it long term high amounts can cause high blood pressure. Even though your blood pressure is normal now, that happens a lot with people who consume high amounts of sodium. By that I mean, their blood pressure is normal for years and years, then at some point, maybe in their 50-60's, all the sudden their blood pressure runs up. The way I heard it explained is that at some point the sodium overloads the nervous system and like a switch is turned and it goes high. The problem is, once this happens, it may take 2-3 yrs to get it back down to a normal range even with a very restricted sodium diet at that time. So I am saying this about sodium more for your long term health, then how it may be effecting at the current time. Maybe BBS do need more, I am not sure what that stands for. But either way, 8k is a very very high amount.
  21. I eat mustard sometimes, they have found some health benefits from mustard seeds. So I think it is one of the better condiments to eat if you are going to eat any. The main downside is the sodium in most brands. But I think it is ok if you keep it to 1-2 oz day or 300-500 mg sodium day from that source, as long as the rest of your diet is low sodium and not pushing you over 2000 mg/day total. There may also be some low sodium varieties out there? I don't eat it enough to ever really have the desire to look for any low sodium kind.
  22. I believe you shouldn't eat the salmon or tuna(this is a vegan forum you know). IF you feel you must eat meat(i still consider fish as meat) fish would be your best option. But I believe it is optimal for your health not to eat any meat. If you want a cheap substitute for fish, I would recommend beans, you can't get much cheaper than they are. They have a lot of protein and high in nutrients. You can find a variety of cheap canned and frozen vegetables/fruit fairly cheap if fresh is too expensive. Actually, to me, meats are very expensive.
  23. Hello S-Ray, I was just discussing something similar in another thread here http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=35511 It may be the amount of water and fiber volume you are consuming when eating a plant based diet, especially if you are consuming large amounts of food. For me, usually my stomach goes back down by the next morning. Are you saying you stomach stays bloated all the time?
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