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  1. Exactly, I believe you are correct, it is the volume. There is a lot of water and fiber in lettuce(about 5 grams of fiber in a head of green leaf) so if you are eating the amounts that you are it may be a lot of volume mass filling your digestive tract which may be what you are seeing with the weight on the scales. But I wouldn't worry about that because it isn't really fat weight and should pass through you system pretty fast.(although you will put more back into your body everyday). It may be something you would have to stop few days or so before a show? I mean if it is filling up your digestive tract and making your stomach area look expanded or bloated? I am not an expert on that so just a thought and maybe something you will have to experiment with. I know I eat a large volume of food, and most any plant based athlete would have to, to get the calories they need and my stomach area expands quite a bit after a meal. I always weigh 2-3 lbs heavier after eating. But it is great you are eating so much lettuce, it is very good for you, with a lot of nutrients for the low amount of calories it contains.
  2. Lettuce only has 4-8 calories per shredded cup depending on the type of lettuce, so basically 1-2 carbs from that amount. So I would think you could eat all you want without having to worry about impeding fat loss. You would probably have to consume so much before it would ever effect your weight loss that you would get a stomach ache before.
  3. Sprouting is great for the winter time, because you can do it inside your house in a small glass jar. I have sprouted several types of seeds, including wheatgrass, but I believe my favorite is alfalfa. Sprouts are very nutrient rich foods. As far as growing outside in a garden, collards and kale can take the cold pretty well. I have heard that some types of kale can live through snowfall, but I have no personal experience with those varieties because where I live we usually don't get that much snow anyway. Spinach can take the cold as well, but I have found it harder to grow, half the time the seeds evidently do not germinate because the plants just never come up and I have not figured any consistent reason(soil, temperature, rainfall, etc) that causes this to happen.
  4. [ I didn't realize "you know who" was mostly vegan.
  5. Hey Scott, Very good website/blogs with a lot of interesting info. I noticed in your one blog from 5/13 you stated you were going vegan. Are you totally vegan now? I just ordered your newest book Abudant Health from Amazon. I see the first chapter is about nutrition. Since the book is so new, and possibly written before you went vegan, does the nutrition chapter reflect a vegan way of eating? Also, the link under your success stories section going to TapouTVTC.com. doesn't appear to be working or atleast isn't working on the computer I am currently using.
  6. Hello Dean, This thread may help with your question. http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28350 I don't put much stock in anti-nutrient theories concerning plant proteins. As I posted in the above linked thread, I actually think plant proteins have better absorption rates. But that is just my personal opinion gained from experience, I have no scientific data to back that up.
  7. Welcome Scott. What is your job in the health/fitness industry, if you don't mind saying? Is your book related to health/fitness?
  8. You are getting plenty of protein, so that shouldn't be the cause of muscle loss. I am not sure what you mean exactly by "puffy". Do you believe you are retaining fluid? If so, you may want to keep up with your sodium intake and try to keep it in the 1000-2000 mg/day range.
  9. Sorry to hear this news MF. But it sounds like you are in good care and you are handling well with your new ideas on working out. Did you ever notice any of the fibrillations and heartbeat skips? Was there any symptons or was this just something the test picked up? Good luck to you and hang in there.
  10. You want to see something amazing, check out this video of Nick Diaz's speed bag workout. This is a great example of the level of cardio and overall general fitness that can be obtained with a vegan diet. http://www.usatoday.com/story/gameon/2013/03/10/ufc-nick-diaz-23-minutes-speed-bag/1977533/?morestories=obnetwork
  11. Thanks for the news, although sad news, and the link to his obit. I enjoyed reading his blog on here and looking at his obit it appears he lead a fruitful and interesting life. RIP IronSmith
  12. Sadly enough, I think you are absolutely correct in what you say VeganEssentials.
  13. It is good that the USDA has a site which list the info. for nutritional content. But the USDA recommendations for food intake are unhealthy. And they wonder why we have so many obese and sick people in this country. Maybe one day they will really care about peoples health and not push certain foods because there is big money behind them.
  14. Yes, it seems the earth is full. The problem is, what can be done about it? Many people won't use contraception when it is given to them free. Wars lower the population but that is a hell of way to go about it. I don't know what the answer is.
  15. The key to maintaing your muscle mass is to take in enough protein and also taking in enough calories from fat/carbs for your energy needs so you are not using the protein you do take in for energy instead of maintaining/repairing your body which it is intended for. For 145lbs, 70 grams of protein should be fine, unless you are really hitting the fitness program very hard.(i am not familiar with jami eason's plan). I wouldn't go overboard on the whole grains such a bread/noodles. But "grains" such as millet, quinoa, spelt are better options and higher in protein.(I put them as "grains" because millet and quinoa are really seeds) Also, don't forget vegetables have protein as well, broccoli for example has more protein per calorie than many meats. The dairy does have protein but I would try to limit or eliminate it if possible. Dairy is not good for your long term health.
  16. Yeah, I have only watched the fight once so far, just in entertainment mode at the time(not counting strikes landed etc)but it seemed to me a draw. I may go back and watch it again and really "score" the fight, which sometimes can give you a different opinion. It also helps to mute the volume, the announcers sometimes can change your opinion of what is really happening. I wish Mac would have won but he made a good showing of himself. Gomi looked the best I have seen him since coming to the UFC. Apparently the time difference really does make a difference because almost all of the Asian fighters looked better than in the past when fighting in the states.
  17. Good to see a post from you Mr. Smith. I have enjoyed this thread of yours throughout. You are an inspiration. I know you have spent a lot of time learning about alternative medicine/treatments for cancer. If you have time and feel up to it, could you say what you have tried and what if any seems to been the best for you. Any that you haven't tried that you would consider at this point or wish you would have tried? Good luck to you, hang in there. It sounds like you have lived your life in a good way. In the end, I believe that is what matters.
  18. So you would be taking in around 132g of protein a day, which is on the high end of the range I mentioned. That higher end is really for elite athletes who are involved in heavy training or bodybuilders carrying a lot of muscle mass. I do not think you need that much protein, especially if you are wanting to lose weight. Too much protein results in more calories making weight loss harder. I would recommend trying to stay on the lower end of the range I suggested which would cut your protein intake almost in half from what you have listed here. And your diet here still has no vegetables in it, you did increase the fruit a little. I would replace whatever protein foods you choose to remove with vegetables. This may also reduce your total calorie intake(depending on how many vegetables you eat) but it will certainly raise your phytonutrients/vitamins/minerals intake and be generally healthier for you.
  19. It appears you are eating fairly healthy and you eat a good amount of vegetables and fruit. To increase calorie/fat intake, nuts/seeds/nut-seed butters is a good way to go, but it appears you are already eating them now. But if you aren't gaining the weight you desire, then you simply must eat more.(since you are already working out ) So you may want to increase the nuts/seeds even more, maybe try some avocados as well. You may just have to play with it and keep increasing your intake until you start gaining the weight you want.
  20. If my conversion of 1 stone=10lbs is correct, then you weigh 147lbs? I recommend 1-2 grams of protein per kg of body weight. 1Kg=2.2lbs So that would put you between 67-134 grams of protein. For you, I would suggest being on the lower end of that range. I am not sure of your current protein intake because I don't know how much of each of your foods you list you are eating, but it appears you have a protein source at every meal and snack. It appears you only have 1 vegetable and 1 fruit a day. I would recommend increasing that, especially the vegetables, this will increase your phytonutrient intake. Try to get a variety of different colored vegetables/fruits, the different colors represent different phyto's.
  21. I take this http://www.drfuhrman.com/shop/supplements.aspx#Mens
  22. I don't think you need 110 grams of protein a day. The 70-80g range should be fine, like you got in your yesterday example above. In you above example, you were roughly at 50% carb, 25% fat and 25% protein.(fat is slightly higher than that). So if you want to reduce calories anymore, I would reduce the fat, which would probably mean reducing/eliminating the nuts in your case. I am a fan of nuts and they are good for you, but if you are wanting to reduce calories, in your case they are probably the best thing to eliminate and not worry about the less protein you will get without eating them because you don't need 110 grams of protein. You may not need the protein powders either, depending on where your protein intake is without them.
  23. Hey MuscleKatze, I agree with WonderWoman, you seem to be very hard on yourself. If you cheat, and everyone does to some degree, I wouldn't get too down on yourself. Yeah, don't be happy that you did it, but don't get so down that it depresses you. Maybe you should try not focusing on exactly how many macros you are getting and just try to eat as healthy as possible. I personally don't keep up with all that info. I did once for a week or so, just to get an idea of where I am at generally. But some days you may be more hungry than others, when I am I eat more. In other words, follow the clues your body is giving you and not be set in a mind frame that I got to eat a certain amount of macros. The one thing I would say concerning your macros which I mentioned to you before in another thread, is imo your protein intake is high. I weigh 60lbs more than you and you are eating over twice as much protein as me some days. My suggestion would be to cut back on the protein powders some and try to concentrate more on the amount of phytonutrients you are taking in.
  24. Good post VeganEssentials. Just from what I have seen on tv, CrossFit appears to be a good way to get in shape, both physically and cardivascularly. But from what little I have read online from the various gyms, all the trainers recommend the paleo diet, which is very heavy on meat consumption(even for meat eaters). I wonder, are there any vegan Crossfit trainers out there?
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