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  1. Thank you all ,I appreciate the welcome!!
  2. If you turn that around,build muscle first it will help you slim down. The muscle will use the adipose tissue(fat) as fuel in rebuilding itself . I would recommend doing circuit training involving as many muscles as possible . This will further your building and losing goals.You can do this every other day for awhile,if done a max intensity it is a cardio workout in itsself.Involve the larger muscle groups,thighs ,chest and back. Ie;Leg press,leg curl ,bench press,incline bench press,rowns and pulldowns.If you need further help i can be more detailed. Good luck and dont give up .This is a lifestyle,a marthon not a sprint..and BTW I have UC so I understand
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    Im new here too, but welcome.
  4. I totally agree with this and found it to be exactly that case. I always consider the bioavailability of a protein and look for those stats when I buy. I use several different versions but of the same trifecta of proteins. Yellow pea,brown rice and hemp. Cleaner sourses with a close comparable bioavailabilty in the hemp and the other two as well. If it gets into your body quicker because of the less fillers that have to be dealt with, all the better. In my case again,i dont feel as bloated i try and get in around 200 or so. 100 or so from shakes,and the rest from food. Garbanzos ,nuts ,legumes beans . And actually since ive upped my clean carbs and cut back my protein ive bulked even more while maintaining around 11% bf..Im 250+..The roel of protein is important to maintain the fullness of the muscle once you start to cut,but the muscles need the fuel to put out the effort to break down and repair.Basically your friendis wasting his money and putting undue stress on his liver and kidneys. Id suggestmilk thistle to him just to aide his organs. Just my opinion im not a nutritionist or Dr..
  5. you can use glutamine like was suggested its is anti inflammatory by nature. Creatine is also good for recovery. I suggest moving away from soy and try out some of the higher bioavailable proteins that are out there. Vega has some great products,also I use Sun Warriors' Raw protein,and a Product called Protein and Greens by Paradise,and Life'sBasics has a good blendof Yellow Pea, Brown Rice and Hemp Protein. I live for that deep ache to know I got some deep fiber breakdown that needs repairing. Keepon rockin,age is just a number but you will feel it.
  6. I always try and tell folks to start with one meal and move the transition slowly. Once you have the one meal down to a habit move to the next meal. Depending on what i eat determines the gas levels,also mixing fruits and veggies is not always the best idea I have found in my experience,theres kind of a conflict going on in the stomach as far as absorbtion and digestion,could be related. Using some of the "meat" subs is a good idea ,again to make the transition easier and not so much a shock to the system.I prefer Gardien over most and boca's vegan burgers are a staple. Hope he continues to try and add more green goodness and less meat ,best of health to you both. Everett.
  7. Im out in the Inland Empire,Redlands bout 70 miles east of LA and an hour away from everything. Yea its been raining here for a couple days,monsoon water blasts yesterday it was pretty awesome. I feel ya on the pluggin away,im not given in til the body gives out,then ill sit and sip wine and talk about all the "there I was " stories..Im a gym rat and a fitness junkie,good food is a must ..im ignoring all the conventional wisdom and most of the doctors orders and enjoying a reawakening of my old creaky...ive got a brace for every hinge and about as many ailments as Carter has pills. but im still gettin better,after a nap of course..
  8. this was a month ago ive since added 6 more pounds of lean body mass.. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Love is All ..Om Shanti http://www.redlandskickboxingfitness.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/T-E-NTO-Training/253491341359098
  9. Hello All my name is Everett,I live in So Cal . Ive recently for a couple reasons returned to vegan as my dietary choice and lifestyle as well. I began back in 2000 for health reasons. A lovely disease prompted me to look at my diet to see if I could bring about some change. Over the years I have been Raw Vegan , Vegan ,Ovo Lacto veggie,and omnivore. But like i said recently ive begun to see a connection in diet and my personal health issues.My meat consumption was minimal any way and my heart was changed as to the plight of the food industries lack of compassionate use of animals as food.Its a practice to me to refrain from eating anything other than plant based and whole foods and mostly raw. I have been involved in bodybuilding through out the years and martial arts as well ,amongst my years of evolution i was a world ranked Muay Thai fighter and instructor.I had some issues for about 15 years with drugs and alcohol and I am happy to say those are no longer an issue. Long story short ,Im a 51 year old man who avidly workouts and consider myself a body builder. I am a certified Personal trainer and a kickboxing fitness trainer and have recently put all my efforts into starting my own buisiness where my ethical choices cant be forced by my employment to be overlooked. I am also chef who specializes in Vegan/Veggie and I dont want have to compromise my choice and have to taste food that is not plant based. So This is me in a nutshell.Its a pleasure to be amongst like minded people who can re-enforce this positive lifestyle. My catch phrase is..Love is All..OM Shanti
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