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  1. Hey everyone! Im new here! I live in kansas. Im a massage therapist, i enjoy yoga and all those good things! I have really been interested in becoming vegan, or atleast vegetarian. I have tried a few times, and i really felt good while doing it. But i also like to workout. So, after a week or two i always slip back into my old eating habits. Because, i HATE veggies. Lol, especially leafy greens...but on top of that it was hard for me to find what would work for me to workout and have the energy. It is all so overwhelming to me for some reason i can not figure it out! I would love it if someone could please help me out. Send me a link to a helpful app, or a web page, or even whatever helpful advise you could offer. I feel like a smoker that cant quit. I feel like its just because i dont know all i need to know.
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