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  1. Hier nog eentje vanuit Nederland! Daar had ik nog nooit van gehoord, van die vegansportweek, klinkt leuk. Ga vaak zat op vakantie naar Italië of Oostenrijk, dus dat ga ik zeker in de gaten houden. En als er wat georganiseerd wordt in België/Nederland qua meeting hoor ik het graag!
  2. I often use avocado's in my shakes, and this gives it a silky, smooth texture much like a standard dairy milkshake. For me, just a 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado is enough to give it the right texture.
  3. I would definitely not risk it, since I have heard/read many times that bb atheletes say they retain water after going to the sauna right before their contest.
  4. I actually had my first artichoke hearts this evening in a restaurant with a buffet. I saw them, thought of this thread and just had to try them They were really good.
  5. Thanks for the recipe, sounds great.
  6. Sounds good, might try this soon and then probably with some sort of curry with even more coconutmilk
  7. Those look amazing! Just curious, how do you eat your artichokes? Because I've been wanting to try them out, but I have no idea in what kind of dish/recipe they would taste good.
  8. Me too, a few times I've even eaten so much carrots in one sitting that I got muscle soarness in my jaw muscles afterwards 'cause they were so hard/crunchy Do you but these or make them yourself? If you make them yourself, what do you put in them?
  9. Agreed, it doesn't matter at which exact time you'll reach it. It's amazing that you've come this far already, that you kept it up, and that you are still going strong. You should be super proud of yourself!
  10. Good luck with the 100-lbs-lost milestone, that's a huge accomplishment!
  11. Oeh, those look great, and very easy to make, with very few ingredients. I'll definitely try them soon.
  12. Great that it's going so well with the cravings, your weights, your health ánd your sports. I've gone vegan very recently, and chocolate was one of my 'concerns' too I usually had 1 cheat/junk meal a week, and for the last year it was almost always some chocolate bar. So I just went to 6 different stores, read aaaaall the labels and found a few nice vegan options. I bought 2 different kinds (one with marzipan and one with hazelnuts ) a few weeks ago, to have something vegan ready in case I would get a huge snack-craving , but they're still in my cupboard, waiting...
  13. Nice, he is indeed very inspirational and an amazing example of a very healthy, succesfull vegan athlete. Can't wait to read his book.
  14. Great progression! Especially in only a few months. Looks like you lost only fat and really hardly no muscle at all, if any. Good job, you look great.
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