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  1. Welcome to vbb Hope your diet goes well.
  2. Thanks Robert everything is going great how are you? Whens the next time you will be in Toronto I hope to meet you there
  3. Whole grain bread Smooth Almond Butter 1/2 Avocado per sandwich Sauteed baby spinach Kale (Sun dried if you can find it) It's a great combination, I'm about to go make one now
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Austin and i'm 17 years old from Mississauaga, Canada. I have been a vegan for 6 months and a Vegetarian for 1 year before that. I do Jiu-Jitsu three time a week and Workout 6 days a week and I try and run when I can but I'm currently injured (broken toe). I am 6'5" 240lbs and I plan on going down to 210-220 range.
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