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  1. I just realized that this post is spam. Look at the links in his signature. Spammers are getting more clever these days. I've seen this kind of search engine spam on other forums. They're posted by real people so they're harder to spot, and the spam is in the sigline.

  2. The way I train you never look at a fighter's eyes. Your eyes should be locked on their center of gravity, right about where their belly button is.


    There are a few reasons for this:


    a) you avoid feints this way... a fighter can feint you with his eyes while his body moves a different direction

    b) a fighter can't move anywhere without moving his core, so you always see one of the first sections of the body to move (watch professional basketball players defend on the perimeter against a fast guy - if they're decent defenders at all, they'll be looking right at the player's core so they can move their feet to stay in front of him as quickly as possible)

    c) it allows you to stay calmer - staring a fighter in the eyes can lead to intimidation

    d) if your fighter has good feet and you're staring him in the eyes, he'll shred your thighs up in no time, it's very hard to see low kicks

  3. Well, the author specifically states that his intention way to create a "real food" cookbook and not a "health food" cookbook. That being said, he strongly emphasizes whole ingredients, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, etc. Some of the recipes involve as little cooking as bringing a pot of water to a boil, turning off the heat, inserting vegetable, and cooking in the now non-boiling water for 1 - 3 minutes.


    He also encourages you to use less or more oil/salt to taste or to make it more "healthy" if that's what you're info.


    But, it is soul food, and fried recipes certainly make an appearance. But there's a huge difference between sauteeing something in olive oil or using garlic-infused olive oil to roast root vegetables and deep frying in GMO soy/canola oil, which is what most people think of when they think of frying. These fried recipes are more the former.


    Also bear in mind I'm not all the way through it.

  4. Peppermint oil. Your house will smell like a candy cane, but it keeps them out. You can get a small bottle of the essential oil at any health food/supplement store. Sprinkle it along the baseboard where they are entering. You may have to reapply daily for a couple weeks if they're persistent. Other times, once is enough.

  5. Double the food and you're doing okay. But you have to ditch the processed stuff and empty calories. Not all of it, if you don't want to. But it will make a world of difference.


    +1... brown rice and beans is one of the cheapest meals you can imagine, even if you get organic. Add a little steamed broccoli and half an avocado and you have a great nutritious meal. Eat it twice (or even three times!) a day and you've got two meals covered for about $5.


    But I agree with Nathan that you're losing weight because you're not eating nearly enough. And the soy cheese and clif bars and other processed items make your meals more expensive than they need to be.

  6. It's not logical though that the caffeine in coffee stimulates cortisol which in turn stimulates fat gain - while the caffeine in green tea does not.


    If it's a matter of strong coffee containing more caffeine than brewed green tea, we also have to take into consideration that more caffeine has the effect of decreasing appetite more, thereby leading to less eating overall, thereby leading to less fat production/growth/gain and possibly even fat loss.


    Yes, it's a matter of coffee containing *much* more caffeine than green tea.


    Decreasing appetite by fueling yourself with stimulants like strong coffee so you eat less and lose weight is extraordinarily unhealthy. It's what happens to speed addicts.


    Cutting back the caffeine and eating more nourishing foods is a healthy way to lose weight - your nourish your body while losing weight rather than putting it through extreme stress and starving it.

  7. Really? Im not buyin' into this one.


    Well, it's a pretty easy theory to verify. It's a fairly well established fact that chronic high cortisol levels can lead to abdominal-area weight gain, as cortisol is linked to your insulin levels. When cortisol is high, so is insulin, thus your blood glucose management system can be thrown out of whack. Insulin's job is to lower the blood glucose level by turning that glucose into fat. Increased cortisol = increased insulin = increased fat.


    It's also fairly easy to verify that caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, which are responsible for producing cortisol. Thus, it's not a stretch at all to find that someone can lose weight by cutting back significantly on their caffeine.


    While coffee is extremely delicious (and I drink it a few days per week, substituting yerba mate tea on days that I train hard), it is definitely not good for you, and this is just one example as to why.

  8. Interesting concept. I gave it a try for the first time just now. I did 15 lbs. dumbbells with the thrusters exercise to try it out. I have to say I found it exhausting and my legs, back and shoulders are burning. I'll definitely try and work this into my routine.

  9. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=217678569&blogId=476892318


    Sunday, March 15, 2009


    Mac is most likely fighting on July 11th @ UFC 100


    Nothing is signed as of yet and no opponent has been named, but Mac has been told he'll be fighting at UFC 100 on July 11th at Mandaly Bay in Las Vegas.


    More info as soon as it becomes available.




    Good that the UFC is giving him another fight. Personally I think he not only needs to win, but he needs to win big, to keep getting fights.

  10. Yo, I was just looking around a few sites to find out how much iron there is in kidney beans. There was some conflicting info, on one site it said 10mg per 100g, and another it said 8mg. But either way, that seems like a lot of iron. Am I understanding it correctly? A can of kidney beans is 410g. So that's like 40mg apparently, which is about 4x the RDA.


    Can someone clarify this for me? Maybe I misunderstood something about the weight, I dunno.


    RDA recommendations tend to be low. They state that they're calculated for a 2,000 calorie diet, and even for a 2,000 cal diet, the recommendations are low. So you figure that most men need a lot more than 2,000 calories, not to mention if you're active at all that number can get as high as 3, 4, or 5,000 calories. Thus the amount of each nutrient you would need to follow the RDA guidelines increases.


    However, that being said, your body is not going to absorb every bit of that iron. If you absorb and utilize half of it, that's probably pretty good.


    Another thing to consider with iron is that, especially for men who do not lose iron every month in their monthly cycle, it's a nutrient that you don't need a lot of. Iron can get toxic if you intake too much of it. Unless you've been diagnosed with an iron deficiency, as a man you should not take a multivitamin containing iron or consume too much of it. The risk of toxicity is more likely than the risk of deficiency.

  11. Flax and hemp oil both provide the same benefits of fish oil and are readily available


    to paraphrase the naturopath she said that these 2 both have the same effects on skin but that the brain was unable to do anything with the oils as opposed to fish? Plz keep in mind that this is in relation to the mood swings that i was keen on at least moderating.


    That's not entirely true. Your body will convert portions of the EFAs in flax and hemp into the brain nutrients that you need. In fish oil, that conversion has already taken place, so your body doesn't have to do the work. You still get the brain benefits from these, but the conversion rate is on the low side. But not so low that they are unhelpful or that you *need* fish oil.

  12. I would eat more fruit before andafter your morning workout. You also seem to lacking significantly in starch and carbs. These are you body's main source of energy. Eat decent portions of brown rice and other whole grains every day. Potatoes are a healthy source of starch as well.


    I'm not surprised you're feeling low on energy if you're working put at7am and working all day and not eating enough fruit and starch.

  13. I fast for 5 - 10 days once a year to cleanse my liver and colon and give my body a rest. I always feel great afterwards, and I've used the fast to heal from very persistent sicknesses as well.


    I think giving your digestive system rest so your body can concentrate its energies on other things is extremely important. Although I've never tried fasting on a regular basis like once a week.

  14. Simplest food for bulking, in my opinion, is the good old potato. 'Taters all day long.


    I like to cook mine with a little bit of water, add in a bunch of chopped kale and spinach, and kinda boil/steam the whole thing with a lid on until the taters are soft. Then mash it all together with garlic, salt and earth balance. Best/simple/cheap bulking food I think.

  15. Fats are an essential nutrient, and it is unhealthy to avoid them completely. How much you need depends on the person, but yes, the right amount of quality fats can help you lose fat. Nuts and seeds are great sources of healthy fat. As are avocados, hemp, and flax. Olive oil is generally healthy but not as much as some other oils.


    Eat enough that you're not starving yourself of this essential macronutrient. It will help you feel full, improve brain function, skin and hair health, and many other things.

  16. For those of you that believe that there are too many people on the planet, are you happy or content when people off themselves, there are natural disasters, or even murderous dictators which kill thousands? I don't suspect there are actually people who feel this way (unless they are an elite or institutionalized) It's a rhetorical question actually, but I wonder to what degree you want the population to be thinned out, and what are the ethical ways to achieve this goal? Obviously being in favor of abortion is one step in the right direction for your agenda, but where does it stop?


    It's not a matter of being "in favor of abortion," an abortion is an extremely invasive and traumatizing procedure and I don't know a single person who is "in favor of them," just to clarify.


    But to answer your question about population growth, again, it's not a matter of being happy when people off themselves, there are natural disasters, or murderous dictators kill thousands. Being anti-population growth doesn't mean you're happy when people die. What it means is that you recognize that for humans to survive on this earth, we need to reduce our numbers. That is easily accomplished through birth control and not having babies, it doesn't require having to kill anyone, as people will eventually die no matter what. You shrink the population through less breeding, not more killing.

  17. Pro-life is a term established by retard fundamental christians. I hate that term. They are pro-medieval-religious-control, not pro life since most of them have no problems sending people to kill people in Iraq or eating meat.


    I am pro-choice all the way. Overpopulation is killing way too much people already and it is destroying nature around us really quickly.


    Yeah, anti-choice is a better term for most "pro-lifers." And I agree about over-population. That is the #1 crisis facing humankind in my opinion and will continue to be for a very long time. Many of the problems (some would argue ALL of the world's problems) we're facing as a species on this earth would be solved if the human population was at a more sustainable level.


    But as to the original question, I am pro-choice. Bringing a baby into this world if you are not prepared to raise them right is a bigger sin against that baby than having an abortion. Not only that, but it's a very slippery slope when the government starts trying to mandate what is and isn't "medically necessary." A pregnancy is very stressful on a woman's body and even a healthy pregnancy can lead to death during birth. That's not a decision that should be in anyone's hands other than the woman involved.


    That being said, I agree 100% with the notion that condoms and birth control (i.e., prevention) should be the biggest priority so fewer women have to make that choice.


    Which is another reason most religious "pro-lifers" are hypocrites, because they're also anti-birth control. Not to mention that you rarely notice them going out and adopting unwanted children.

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