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  1. First I'd like to point out that I never said that anyone would be "healthier" if they ate meat, nor did I say that "If I only cared about my health, I would eat meat." What I said was that people who eat small quantities of meat, and take care to buy organic, local-type sources of meat, are not eating unhealthy. To say that they are is wrong, and it makes us look like radical fanatics. I do not think that such things are *sustainable* environmentally, and I do not think that it is ethical. But it is not unhealthy to do so. If we want to be taken seriously by the nutrition community we have to acknowledge that it is possible to eat healthy on a diet that contains meat. It is also possible to eat healthy on a diet that does not contain meat. In fact, it's not only healthy, but it's also more environmentally sustainable and doesn't involve killing innocent creatures. But on the issue of health, a small amount of chicken or fish 2 - 3 times a week is not a health concern. It's just not. If you insist that it is, you will not be taken seriously by people who know nutrition. I don't think you should put words into my mouth or act like I think vegan athletes are inferior because they don't eat meat. A) I'm a vegan athlete myself and I perform better than my meat-eating peers in many ways, B) I never said that you need meat to be healthy, in fact, I *actually* said the opposite if you go and read my post. Somehow you've twisted what I said (that eating chicken/fish a couple times a week does not make you unhealthy) into "meat-eaters are superior athletes and you can't possibly be healthy on a vegan diet compared to on a omnivorous diet." Honestly I don't appreciate that. I've been vegan since 2001 and I've *never* said that a vegan diet is inadequate in any way. There's a huge difference between acknowledging the reality that some diets that contain small quantities of meat are not unhealthy diets and saying that vegan diets are inferior.
  2. I kind of disagree with you here. There are healthy ways to consume some animal products. I agree that the big exception is dairy. Dairy is simply not healthy, no matter what. However, if things like fish and chicken are consumed *as a condiment,* i.e. in very small portions, as a supplemental food source, as many modern-day omnivores in more food-conscious cultures (such as Portland, where a lot of people are falling in line behind the philosophies of Michael Pollan (Omnivore's Dilemma) and Barbara Kingslover (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle)) are doing, it's not necessarily unhealthy, and for us as vegans to claim that it is unhealthy makes it look like we don't understand nutrition. The fact is that you *can* eat a healthy diet that includes some meat. Again, it should be in very small portions, every couple of days, and not consist of red meat/pork/bacon types of meats, but the fact remains there is nothing wrong with doing so from a nutritional standpoint. There is something wrong with doing so from many other standpoints, such as ethically and environmentally, but not nutritionally. Just because plant-sources of nutrition are more than adequate to substitute for the "meat-as-condiment-not-as-main-source-of-nourishment" from a healthy-diet point of view, doesn't mean that the meat-as-condiment diet is inherently unhealthy. Again, that doesn't eliminate the many other reasons not to eat meat even as a condiment, but it makes us look bad if we try and claim that such a diet is unhealthy, especially since most of those people who follow such a diet eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  3. Back pain can be caused by a muscular disparity, where your abs are very strong, and the corresponding muscles in your back and hips that pull *counter* to your abs are not strong enough to compensate. This is also a common cause of knee pain, where your quads get much stronger than your hams and pull your knee in weird ways. Thus, it may help you to strengthen your back muscles, while not focusing on your abs for awhile.
  4. Try cooking a large pot of brown rice at the beginning of the week and reheat portions as you want them.
  5. I tend to agree with the anti-gluten positions. I still eat it, but I try to keep it to a minimum. I'll usually only consume it when I'm eating out (sometimes I gotta rock the vegan pizzas or hummus plate w/pita when I'm out!). Oh, and I suppose beer has a small amount of gluten in it, too. But gluten is bad for you (some people handle it better than others, though), and my skin breaks out and my digestion system suffers when I eat it. As for soy, I think moderation is key. I eat tofu and/or tempeh nearly every day, but I drink rice milk instead of soy milk. I try to get as many calories/much protein as I can from brown rice/beans/lentils though, rather than depending solely on tofu. I agree that the processed forms, such as imitation meats, are really horrible for you.
  6. Sorry man, there's no such thing as unlimited bandwidth and storage space for $8.95. If there was, every site on the planet would be hosted with this deal you speak of, and web hosting companies would be out of business overnight, not charging thousands of dollars a month for their services. "Sites" that are run with Yahoo!'s software, on their message boards, with their ads, and no actual ownership of the domain, content, etc might run for $8.95 a month, but that's not really a site, that's just opening your own personal extension of Yahoo!. You can't have an actual website with unlimited bandwidth and storage for $8.95. In fact, you pretty much can't have it for any amount of money, since even the most expensive server will still run out of hard drive space eventually, and the most expensive network will still run out of bandwidth eventually. But at any rate, I'm sorry you feel "attacked" by my messages. I felt like I was defending others (not that they need my help, it's just a pet peeve of mine when people blame moderators/administrators for things blindly), not attacking you, but if you felt attacked, maybe it's because you're projecting a little? I don't know, but I do know that you shouldn't jump to conclusions. I'll leave it at that.
  7. Yeah, it's going to be a tough fight for Mac. Really tough. But he's said he'd rather lose to the best than pad his record fighting mediocre guys. It's bitter-sweet, I think, that's he's getting Guida in his second UFC fight. Bitter because it'd be nice if he were able to get a couple more wins in the UFC and get more comfortable with the bigger stage before fighting someone like Guida, but sweet because if he wins he'll catapult into the elite in the lightweight division and be well on his way to a title fight.
  8. I'm going to see what I can do. That will likely require a change to the BBCode and is going to take some digging on my part. Thanks! It was nice on the old software when if you clicked on a link to another website it didn't interrupt your browsing here, because it opened in a new window.
  9. Just going by what has happened on here in the past. I'm sorry, but I think that's lame. The moderators and Robert have created this community and allowed you and everyone else to post here free of charge. Running a website like this costs money. Bandwidth, hosting, software all cost money. Running a website takes time and energy. Updating it, fixing bugs, keeping up with the community, moderating, etc. It's work, and it costs money. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made. Sometimes those decisions won't be popular. But it's Robert's board, and I think he does his best to be fair and run a good community. It's inappropriate to dump on him and the moderators without knowing any of the facts. No one is forcing you to post here, and the admins/mods have a right to run the board as they see fit. If you think they do such a horrible job, why not start your own vegan fitness website and see how hard the job really is? You might have a little more appreciation for the effort that goes into something like this.
  10. Could I request that you look for the setting that makes links posted to an outside website open in a new window? Thanks.
  11. Jeez why do you gotta jump to conclusions and assume there's some kind of evil moderator conspiracy? Running a message board community is no easy thing to do. Cut them some slack. Or at least wait for facts before condemning them.
  12. Sweet! This should be a great fight!
  13. I use the powder and love it.
  14. Sorry, nope, you're well within the normal weight range for an active person your height. Considering how much you run/weight train, you're going to have more muscle than most women your height. Muscle weighs more than fat. I'm not trying to be insensitive, I'm just trying to tell you how I see it. Your caloric intake is not nearly enough to support the exercise regimen you're putting your body through. This forces your body into starvation mode and it will try and retain fat/produce stress hormones in response (it's called ketosis, look it up, it's been the basis for many fad diets such as Atkins over the years, and ketosis is why people who do this to their bodies don't hold on to the weight loss they achieve, and why such fad diets are generally bad for your health). You need to eat enough calories to more properly sustain your activity levels to prevent this response and keep your body healthy. Health, strength and vibrancy should be your goals for dieting and exercise, not attaining some arbitrary weight goal that doesn't make sense for what your body is telling you it needs. Again, I apologize if I sound insensitive, and I hope you'll at least consider what I'm saying before dismissing it entirely. You look great at 120, and you'll feel better, healthier and happier if you focus more on health and strength and stop judging yourself by the pound.
  15. I'd just like to say that I think 120lbs is a very healthy weight for a normal sized woman (5'3" - 5'7"). I know our culture tends to make it seem like the ideal is a lot skinnier, but sheesh, I think those bean-poles are far less attractive. It is simply not healthy, and healthy/vibrant is what is attractive, not attaining some ridiculously low weight goal and sacrificing good health and a strong body to get there. Your after picture looks great. You look healthy. The amount of weight you're carrying looks perfect for your frame, any less would start to look unhealthy. Don't lose anymore weight. Your body is signaling to you that this is a good weight for it. Listen to your body.
  16. It depends on what kind of break, obviously, but most bones take about 6 weeks to heal. However, I broke my foot in January of 2007 and had to wear a hard cast for 12 weeks. After I got the cast off, it took another month before walking didn't hurt. After 2 months, I was starting to do some light jogging and training, and the leg that had been in the cast was starting to regain strength. It took a full 6 months after the cast was off before all the lingering pain and stiffness completely disappeared. And my right leg is still visibly smaller/weaker than my left.
  17. Mac has been featured in two mainstream, popular magazines. Sports illustrated did an in-depth feature on him here: http://www.sportsillustrated.com/2008/writers/ben_fowlkes/05/01/mac.danzig/index.html And Men's Fitness is featuring him as one of the "25 Fittest Men in America" in the July issue. They have an interview here (first question is about veganism!): http://www.mensfitness.com/fitness/288?page=1 (my favorite question in this interview: "What do you think about the claims that soy protein is estrogenic and will make you grow boobs and cause your balls to fall off?") and also a "UFC Workout" based on his routine here: http://www.mensfitness.com/fitness/workout_routines/292 Mac's official site, http://www.macdanzig.net also says that while the fight hasn't been signed yet, Mac's next fight will likely be in September.
  18. Actually compassion has many benefits for social animals that depend on groups of other animals of the same species to survive. There are many behaviors that seem odd when viewed through the lens of "if I was a solitary animal and the entire world was trying to kill me, would I do this?" but when you view it in the context of social animals that have established a hierarchy, there is a clear and significant benefit to all the creatures of the social group when the individuals of that social group are cared for. The stronger the pack the greater the chances of survival.
  19. Pain or fear are responses to stimuli that serve a very specific evolutionary purpose; they give an animal a reason to flee a situation that could be harmful to it. Given that a plant has no ability to flee, they would have no evolutionary reason to develop the ability to feel pain or fear. They have no brain to process and interpret these signals, either. Chemical reactions in response to, say, part of a leaf being torn off, that causes the plant to repair the damage, is not the same thing as pain or suffering because it doesn't have the context of the brain being self-aware and able to interpret those signals. It's just a chemical reaction. I think the arguments that plants can feel pain or suffer are silly pseudo-science at best. Nevermind the fact that people who throw them around are, as has been previously stated, full of it, and kill more plants anyway with their meat-centered diets. That being said, I like plants, and I enjoy caring for them, and growing them in the garden. I might even say I respect them. And while I think there is benefit to consciously acknowledging the nourishment you're about to receive from a plant, it does not suffer when I kill it in order to consume it.
  20. The best time to drink water is all the time, in my opinion. Water is so essential that it's damn near impossible to drink too much. Even people who think they keep themselves fairly well hydrated are probably lacking, and they don't notice the subtle ways it can affect you. Personally, I've heard the arguments against drinking water with meals, and I'm not convinced that they hold much water (pun intended, hehe). I've never seen a study that shows that drinking water with meals can slow down your digestive system, and I've been told by nutritionists that they also think that there is nothing wrong with drinking water with meals. To be honest with you, if I drank only 4 pints of water a day I'd be extremely unhealthy. That does not sound like enough water to me, if you're at all active or sweat while doing day-to-day activities. I drink usually about 5 32oz bottles of water on non-training days, and at least 8 on training days. Granted, I sweat more than most people for some reason, and thus I have more fluids to replace, but still. I feel dehydrated if I don't get at least 5 or 6 bottles on any day, even if I'm not sweating that day. I carry a nalgene bottle around with me wherever I go, because I'm drinking from it every 15 minutes or so. But anyway, my opinion is drink more, drink all the time, and don't worry about it. You'll be healthier if you're more hydrated.
  21. Personally, I think way too much emphasis is put on people's (often wrong) impressions of what makes a good "street" art. Just about every single martial art (I would say that tai chi, while it does have fighting applications, would be an exception) makes a good "street" art if you're trained properly. You see, the problem is not generally with the art, but in how some modern teachers train the art. I don't know about in Europe, but in the states, there are many taekwondo and karate schools that are mostly about making money, not about actually training. That doesn't mean that taekwondo and karate and bad arts, or not effective, it means that people aren't being trained well in them. That being said, I think krav maga would be widely recognized as one of the most self-defense, street-oriented arts in the world. But honestly, no matter what art you choose, your teacher is the most important thing to consider, and what type of art you're training is the second most important. But I'll take a traditional, tough, disciplined teacher in a "non-street" art any day over someone who doesn't train me hard in an art that purports to be better on the "street."
  22. Boy, my picks are looking pretty awful right now!
  23. So who watched the fight? Danzig owned Bocek. Literally just beat his ass. It wasn't even close. I was concerned, though, because it seemed somewhat like about the middle of the 2nd round, Danzig got bored with the fight, or tired, I couldn't tell which. He had Bocek's back at several points, had him in full mount at several points, and he didn't really try and ground-n-pound him, he just sat on top of him and gave dirty looks to the ref. But he brought the energy in the 3rd round and finished it off. It was actually quite brutal. Bocek literally had blood spurting out of his face in the post-fight interview.
  24. I think Utah is a long shot to make the finals. They have trouble winning on the road, which is necessary to win tough playoff series, especially in the western conference. But, with the way the west is, you can't count out any of the top 7 teams. Any one of them could make it, but if I had to pick, I'd pick the Suns. I like the Pistons in the east. They're tough, experienced, hungry and the underdogs (the role they do best in). When the Pistons are the favorites, they flop. When no one thinks they can pull it off, they're unbeatable. I think the Celtics will make the conference finals, and lose in 7 to the Pistons. So I'm predicting a Pistons/Suns final.
  25. I can't wait. There's a bar near my house that shows UFC fights with no cover charge. Going to get there early to make sure I get a seat!
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