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  1. Hi Dylan, I'm ok I'm very busy lately, because of BA thesis and other responsibilities. In my free time I work hard at the gym, or climb. I'm trying to build strenght, burn some extra fat and build some muscles. But sadly I still look the same. I don't know what I do wrong, maybe I eat too much, or my trainings are too chaotic. That is why I'm going to write a training plan for April and stick to it and I'm going to eat less fat more protein. This year winter in Poland was hard and, even so it's calendar spring now, we still have snow here and air is chilly, there is no sun! I'm sick of it! Because of cold I eat too much fat. Fruits and vegetables are extreamly expensive. Oh! I really need sun, I hope in few weeks it will get warmer here. This is a current photo of my back... honestly, I can't see any difference http://s17.postimg.org/jzqmu0fh7/P3250097.jpg
  2. Life is good! On last friday I finished first half marathon in my life. Yesterday I signed up for my first Duathlon (6km cross country running+ 18 km cross country cycling+ 4km cross country running). Distances are not long, so I have to improve my speed. Competition takes place in may, I'm going to train hard
  3. Heeeey all! I came back to regular climbing and jogging. I hope, I will burn my fat layer soon. I bought vegan glucosamine for my joints, it should protect me from injuries. I'm trying to reduce amount of calories... but it's hard I would like to eat 1700kcal per day, but I usually do 2000kcal. Eh, I love food
  4. thanks! Well, I had slight scoliosis as a child. But as a teenager I trained horse riding, then I began to swim regularly. I think, thanks to those sports my spine right now looks fine
  5. Thanks jamesxvx for good words. During last 2 months I had terrible problems with my immunological system, so I was sick most of the time. I couldn't train hard. I started to take some pills with bacterial lysates, at the beginning I felt more sick because of it, but now after 2 weeks of curation I can say that I feel that my organism is much more resistant. This is my front side, still jelly-belly (this time I'm going to change it for real 6 pack ), and please don't focus on my "good morning" face. http://s3.postimage.org/foxtewzk3/P1300048.jpg Ok, I'm ready to work hard!
  6. Hmmm... Since September 2012 (when I started to write here) I had good and bad moments, sometimes I felt like in a very good shape, sometimes like a rubbish. Today I did a photos and I realised that I didn't change at all. It's good and bad in the same time. I can't see any progress but I also didn't become a victim of yo-yo effect. But... I have good news for you! I decided to fight! With 1st of February I'll start my personal "monkey" project. I call it "monkey" because my goal is to be more agile and stronger (just like a monkey) than I am right now. I want to have visible results in 3 months! And be able to do 10 pullups in one serie. And this is how I look now: http://s8.postimage.org/82demiq9x/P1300055.jpg
  7. Ajajaj! I need a motivation now! It's cold and snowy here! I eat tones of fat and train less. It's dark outside and depressing! HELP!
  8. Thanks James I'm fine. I'm just super busy lately because of my studies, that is why I can't write often. I still have problems with my knees, few days ago I went for a run (after long break), and because of that my knee startet to hurt again... I'm very sad because of this. I don't know what is wrong, I'm just 24 and I have worst knees than a grandmother. Anyway, I'm trying to be active, I still can climb and swim, so I do this in my free time. Btw this week I'm trying raw diet. Now I'm after my second day of raw diet It's just an experiment, after one week I will go back to traditional vegan lifestyle I just want to understand how raw vegan life looks like. So... I have to admit that it's not that easy as I thought it will be I'm bored of eating fruits and nuts, I want beans!! haha
  9. Well, I was busy lately, I didn't have time to write. My schedule is quite crazy, but I still have time for climbing and swimming. Now I'm ill so I have to take a brake, but in general I'm active. My health bothers me lately. My immunological system is weak, my blood morphology is bad. I'm depressed, a bit hopeless, and it's getting colder and colder outside. I have WBC, LYM, MON, RBC and HCT too low. My doctor is confused, she told me that I have to repeat blood examination after month and then we will see what next... maybe ladies in laboratory made a mistake. I don't know what to think, I'm anxious.
  10. I'm not well lately, my thoughts are quite bad. Weekends are killing me. I need to have busy scheadule, when I have too much time I think too much about unpleasent things and I fall down. So I'm glad that it's monday again, I hope next weekend will be more constructive, right now I'm mentaly smashed, I don't see any reason why I do all those things... study, sports, healthy food, perfect lifestyle... what for? Right now I don't see any sense in it. Ah! I hope this state won't last long. I took blood and urine test today, basic parameters. Results will be on Thursday. It's my first that kind of tests since I'm a vegan. 12.10 climbing 13-14.10 lazyness+ party+hangover+depression+ big eating 15.10 swimming
  11. I was wondering what are the "lettuce ladies" (I've never heard about them before). I typed it into google browser. Well... I am embarrassed by this action, "tofu wrestling"!? what is this!? My first thought: How can you make such a fool of yourself!? Shame on me for those ladies. It's sad.
  12. 9.10 25 km bike 10.10 nothing 11.10 swimming
  13. Your mother is very lucky to have you It's cool that she is on vegetarian diet. I wish my parents were vegans or at least vegetarians. But there is no way that would change their nutrition. My mother thinks that veganism is for vain and spoiled people who have too much time in life, so they think about nutrition too much, instead of doing important things. Rock climbing is safe, average annual risk of death as a concequence of rock climbing per milion people is just 3,13, while 59,52 per milion die in the road accidents.
  14. Robert, that is true, I often joke that my bike is my boyfriend I take it everywhere with me. Since it's not too cold I ride each day. I like to be independent of the public transport. Yeti, It's not a big change for me, because I have never used sugar to tea or coffee, I don't drink sweet drinks. What is more in Poland it's hard to buy vegan sweets, I have only one option: dark chocolate... which you can buy without sugar I use sugar only to cakes and home made jams. Since I decided to avoid sugar, I simply don't bake. Hm... I miss chocolate-zucchini cake, maybe I should bake with stevia, thanks for idea. I have to confess, that I have never tried maple syrup It's not popular here, you can buy it in good shops, but It's expensive. I always wanted to try maple syrup with pancakes! Maybe one day... Yesterday's activity: 12km by bike +climbing wall Today's activity: about 40 km by bike swimming!
  15. Wow, home in the mountines, sounds perfect. You are so lucky to live there. You should start to climb. I read that Idyllwild is flanked by two large rocks, so cool! Well, we eat to live, not live to eat. Obsession with food might be dangerous. I agree that we should follow our intuition and eat what our body suggest. Once i planned each meal several days in advance. But it was driving me crazy, I was thinking about food all the time. Now I have just few "rules" in my nutrition: avoiding sugar, wheat (with varying degrees of success) and eat less than guys (sometimes it's hard) I will follow your log. Have a good week!
  16. Steph Davis inspires me. Rock climbing vegan! Perfect combination!
  17. Hello! I'm pretty excited, today I got an email that first training of sport rock climbing of our university team is on 19.10. So, I have to build super power in 2 weeks! Sport: 40km bike climbing wall Food: 1800kcal
  18. Another busy day! Sport: 25km by bike my knee still hurts! Food: 1500kcal
  19. Ufff... I spend all day at uniersity again, came back home at 7pm, ate dinne and I was ready to climb, but my friend visited me spontaneously so I stayed at home. Today sport: 25km by bike Food: about 2000kcal ... If I want to loose some weight I should cut calories, I know. The problem is that I can't warm up myself in the evenings. My hands and feet are really cold and I'm shaking. Only food helps, so I eat in the evenings a lot :/ and I don't know how to stop myself... I really hate cold!
  20. I am We have good music festivals here. I'm a big fan of Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival (it's in Katowice). This year TNGHT made a big impression on me. I think trap can be a bit anoying, I'm not listening to it at home, but when it's live is super cool I was soooo exhausted after TNGHT performance, they played at 5am, anyway... everyone were dancing and acting crazy!
  21. Ok, on monday I did 25 km by bike and I was climbing. I had 2 months of break, so after hour of training I was exhausted Oh! I love climbing! Today I had busy day at university, meanwile I did 45km by bike and 45 minutes of swimming. I had an idea to go to the gym at 10pm, but I'm so tired that probably I won't do that :/ And I need to work a little bit at home. Haha! And tomorrow again climbing wall What is more, I decided to avoid wheat, it makes me fat
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