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  1. I used to do the starch based thing until I got into weight training. I simply couldn't increase my performance with the low fat/protein levels. Dr. Mcdougall and his pals didn't really do the athlete thing anyway. They target audience are fat 40 year something folk who are at death's door. This website is mostly for athletes who are incidentally vegan.


    Esselystn jr. made it work, so I don't know what to make of that.


    But I'll keep my healthy sex drive and weight training gains over shaving seconds off my run/cycling times if it means eating olive oil, nuts, and seeds.


    Did anyone else get gas problems with a low fat diet?

  2. The dietary and environmental reasons might give impetus for considering limiting animal consumption, but can do little for holding an ethical position, especially when sustainable CSAs and happy 90 year old healthy dairy farmers are introduced.


    So that leaves the ethical position, and if one uses Singer's argument, then it is entirely possible to consume dairy or non sentient seafood. This in turn doesn't make one vegan, but when discussing seriously the topic of animals and ethics, which person is more existentially authentic?

  3. Would it make more sense to define veganhood based on knowing the ethical principles that your veganism rests on? It's almost academic time, which brings back memories of co-ops hosting vegan cooking seminars and vegan student groups. What was obvious in all of them was that people went to these simply because of nothing else to do. No ethical debates or something fucking interesting. Not saying that there is anything wrong with attending vegan meet ups to amuse oneself, but I can't help being an amateur cultural critic, and so my current understanding of these meet ups is that they are on the same level as going to a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showing to amuse oneself with all of the colorful an cheerful social deviants.


    I happen to be non-vegan in the strict dietary sense. That is, I consume small quantities of ghee/butter and various types of seafood. Not even a vegetarian!


    Am I even wrong? Need to know.

  4. Okay, so I'll be aiming for 5 reps of 5 sets per day. Might not be the best way, but it'll be a nice experiment.


    Here is the baseline so far. Now, I'm just at 4 reps of 5 sets per day. Sometimes I can squeeze out the 5th rep, but mostly just sticking to 4.


    I'll post back in a few months to check for any progress in physique and strength gains, if there are any. It could be a huge failure, who knows?


  5. I've done push ups and pull ups and chin ups every day at home, seeing huge gains in strength and definition. But what about doing standing military presses every day? 3 reps for 8 sets counter productive? My max is probably 6-7 reps.


    Just got 2 45lb dumbells from someone, so it's not like I can simply change the weight. There is no way I could do all 8 sets within an hour. I need to space them out throughout the day.

  6. This is my under forearm without flexing or working out within 20 hours. My body-fat is probably around 15 to 20 percent. Why are my arms in general have "rope veins"? Is this a sign of high blood pressure?


    Another strange thing is that while I don't have a prominent 6 pack, my veins on the obliques and especially the groin stick out almost as much as my fore arms. Is this just odd genetics?


  7. Progress at 180 lbs.


    135 lbs lat pull down 8 reps X 4


    8 dips X 5


    standing overhead kettlebell (one kettlebell) press 24kg 8 reps X 6 [3 sets for each arm]


    4 pull ups X 4


    It would be more accurate to call the past few months a low fat vegetarian diet due to my traveling, particularly in a french speaking country. I did however keep the total amount of grams of protein under 50 per day. I certainly didn't lose strength, but I don't think I gained anything that's noticeable.



  8. I figure I'll use this forum to document my progress in beginning a low fat vegan diet, something similar to Dr. Esselstyn's or Dr. Mcdougall's. I began a fairly compliant vegan diet in July 2011, dropped 30 pounds to my current 200lb. My lipid profiles says that I'm heart attack proof, so all is good on that front, but now I need to get the weight down to at least 170lb.


    Current baseline stats:



    69 inches

    5 sets of 10X Lat pull down 120lb

    5 sets of 5 Dips

    3 sets of 8X double dumbell curls 35lb

    2 miles at a leisure pace 14-15 min

    Regular bike rides at roughly 20 miles a week


    What other exercises besides bench press, squat, and dead lift, should I record for a reference point to look back at?



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