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  1. I wait for the season to show up on netflix:)
  2. You don't eat meat out of moral reasons, yet you plan to hunt? My morals, not yours:) You can totally not hunt if you don't want to, but don't come crying to me when the zombie apocalypse hits AIGHT?!?!
  3. Personally I don't eat meat because of environmental and moral reasons, but once I learn how to hunt I will make sure that my family(not vegans) never eat store bought meat again. My father follows many native traditions and both of my brothers and myself have been a part of it for many years, the only one of us with actual blood ties to the culture is my half brother. None the less I have a very strong attraction to the teachings and philosophies. If you want my non-native opinion:P don't let the tradition of hunting and preparing your own meat end with you.
  4. My dream is to canoe down the Amazon river. It can be done in about 200 days, and all things included(bugs, rain, possible and likely illness) it would be heaven. The only down side to living in Canada is that during the winter, unless you are equipped to the tits it is very hard to go on any serious outdoor adventure. Don't get me wrong if I could afford everything I would but for some reason being healthy tends to make all my money disappear. Besides canoeing many of the eastern national parks in Canada I have hiked a lot of Yellowstone and some volcanoes in Ecuador. In the summer I work at a summer camp in the Laurentian Mountains which is my favorite part of the year due to the 30 second water, forest and mountain access.
  5. Ya quinoa would be ideal but getting it sticky enough would be a challenge. Ima have to try the cabbage too, I love cabbage and rarely eat it. Have either of you tried this personally?
  6. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions as to something healthier that I can replace the rice in sushi with. It is one of my favorite foods and I have recently started making it homemade. Any tried and true substitutes?
  7. Monteal and I also do Jiu Jitsu. Nice to see a fellow combat athlete repping veganism.
  8. A little bit about me: Im Mike and I live in Montreal as an artist and an amateur athlete. I have been active my whole life lifting weights and playing sports but it has only been the last 3 months that I have made the complete transition to being the healthiest person I can be. Since tearing my ACL playing rugby I have been competing internationally in grappling competitions focusing on submission wrestling and jiu jitsu. It has been 3 years and I am a blue belt in 10th Planet JJ under Louis Ho. After watching Forks Over Knives I ran into Mac Danzig at a competition in Toronto, Ontario. I kind of took it as a sign and decided it was time to be vegan. My brother (who I live and train with) is also in transition and is currently a vegetarian. I have several goals in mind that I want to accomplish for athletic, career and personal reasons. Being 5'9", fighting at 160lbs and under was a pretty good weight for me and my lifting was geared toward strength and endurance. I am in no way unhealthy looking, I know that I am very fit especially compared to most people but it has never felt like enough (not just purely aesthetic). So my goal is to reach 185lbs and fight down at 180 and under. It has been 3 months and I have reached 170lbs, an approximate 8 pound increase from when I started. Along with the muscle growth, I want to improve my all around athleticism i.e mobility, flexibility, explosiveness etc. My weekly schedule looks something like this. Sat-Tue I work 10+ hours a day, with constant access to a gym. Wed-Fri I train every night from 7-10 or 6-8 grappling. Thursday mornings I meet with my personal trainer at a fully equipped facility where he assess my needs based on competition proximity and injuries (which are frequent due to the nature of my sport). I try to eat as much as possible but what I lack is an exact calculation of how much of every thing I need to be eating on a daily basis to meet my caloric quota. I supplement with Vega products and multi-vitamins. I found this site the other day just browsing the internet for information. The main reason for me joining is that I need a place to learn and stay motivated in achieving my goals. I know this stuff isn't rocket science and when all is said and done the basics are the building blocks of any successful program, but besides my brother and my mother (who are also embracing the change but to a lesser degree) I feel alone in my pursuits. In such a small amount of time I have managed to inspire plenty of people to re-evaluate their lifestyles and seek healthier choices but I could use some inspiration as well. I will be a frequent poster and I am very excited to be part of this great forum of like minded people. If there are any Montrealers on this forum give me a shout. Thanks for reading:D
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