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  1. Sorry for the questions! But like, whats the difference in body composition and looks with a high carb low fat diet vs a moderate fat moderate carb diet? ( 60 minimum carb / 20 protein / 20 maximum fat vs 55 carb / 20 protein / 25 fat ) new vs old diet
  2. So heres a "tricky" question. You seem very educated. If I hit my calories for the day but its mostly carbs and low fat, how will be body composition be? I realize weight stays constant when eating at maintenance, but what do the three macronutrients determine in body looks?
  3. I hate them! All they talk about is macros and IIFYM beijg the healthiest thing out there, along with saying you need half your bodyweight in grams of fat and how important moderate to high fat diets are, not even showing any support or information for a high carb, low fat diet (moderate 20% protein)
  4. The t nation article was an excellent read! thanks so much I finally understand what to do XD thanks again everyone The guys at BB only say IIFYM is best and anything else sucks and blah blah blah thats why i get skeptical
  5. Heres a question then im done XD Does any ratio work and can be for optimal health as long as you feel good on it and do wha your body likes best? For example, if I love 60% carbs (minimum), 20% protein (always) and 20% fat (maximum) can i just use that? Seems to me all ratios work as long as your comfortable correct me id im wrong
  6. Got a few questions that have never been answered for me and would appreciate knowing! 1.)Is this a good combination of about 70% carbs 10% fat and 20% protein? 2.) Whats the benefits and negatives of low fat diets? Is it safe in the long run for our bodies? Before I go another day on these ratios i wanna know if it is healthy 3.) Is it true only calories in vs calories out determine weight of an individual and macros (percentage ratios) determine the person's body composition? 4.) Do excess carbs burn off as body heat in the process of thermogenesis with my diet (i hear it only works with low fat or else excess carbs are stores as fat since it cannot reach the cells with high fat amounts) Specifically if you are raw vegan 811 you'd be able to help me out! Im almost at the 80/10/10 ratio (not a raw vegan by any means, lacto ovo veggie) and wanna see how this new ratio is. That is, if my body responds to high carb low fat moderate protein efficiently. Or else ill go back to CPF 55/20/25
  7. Looking for an iphone app that not only tracks macros and calories (as all counting apps do) but also. vitamins and minerals (if available). MFP only tracks calcium iron vitamin a and vitamin c thanks
  8. Yeah my squat is 185 for 6 reps I also lunge with two 30lb 10 reps for 3 sets and do plyometric work on legs day No deadlift unfortunately
  9. it seems awesome cause you eat a shitload of fruit which i love to death! But im too skeptical such as on low protein intake, etc And thanks for the help man, appreciate it
  10. ah man thats awesome you're raw! I just finished ready Dr Doug Graham's 80/10/10 book today! Been looking into it all for a long time. Had my first mono meal breakfast yesterday of half a pound of dates! Man was I hyper after, and satisfied for around 5 hours! More than my usual cup of oatmeal Would 3000 calories or 4000 of fruit and vegetables be equivalent to 2000-2500 of a lacto ovo diet consisting of a large variety of foods? Never got that. And does high carb only work in conjunction to low fat and protein or just low fat? I know the teo together cause glucose to be stopped in the bloodstream because of fats but if it is low fat then carbs wont turn to fat? educate me! Like if i eat a bunch of carbs now (usually 55/25/20 cfp) but had 65/25/10 would that lead to fat storage because fat and high carbs dont mix well? And is it expensive? I still live with my parents so I think im staying a lacto-ovo until i move out then try 811, And heres my routine for lifting Sun - rest Mon- Legs/abs Tue- rest Wed - Bench/bi/abs Thu- back/traps Fri off Sat Shoulders and tri/ab Those are the usual combinations, days when performed vary ever week
  11. Like i eat 5-10 servings of fruit and ~5-8 of vegetables everyday and not always half my bw of fat (you can tell bb.com has taught me to use macros lol IIFYM)
  12. true, that may be some of the best advice yet. I am trying to stop counting calories but always go back.. Just listen to my body, eat when im hungry, dont eat when im not. Sounds excellent One more question: how important is it for you to hit macros every day and to hit calories health wise?
  13. Sounds awesome man summed it up well. Im concerned with my caloric intake. The harris benedict says im 2310 or something around there. Averaged out that and another and came to 2200. But lately i seem to be more hungry and lifts are increasing. Maybe a growth spurt. Am i undereating for a male teen? I really just dont wanna get fat and wanna eat more! Im fairly active as said in the first post which makes me think i should eat way more
  14. After being on bodybuilding . com for a while, not getting to far with them (obvious reasons ), I decided to come here for some help I have been a lacto ovo vegetarian for about 2 months and man do i feel a lot better! Eating way more fruits and veggies and bettering my health Stats: 16, 5'7", 128-130lbs TDEE: 2200 About high 15 low 16% bf according to bb.com and pics I hit my macros every day, and my diet ratio is near a 55/25/20 of c/f/p I bench 150 3 reps, Squat 185 6 reps, curl 60 10-12reps to get an idea of my training Been at it for 3 years but just started to get dedicated and serious to it I wanna know if my TDEE looks fine and how i can increase muscle strength Lift 3-5 days a week Run 5 days a week, sprints at practice
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