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  1. So yesterday, curious, I stopped by Food Fight! and picked up some single serving Vega packets to give it a try. I picked up two protein packets and the pre-workout lemon-lime energizer. I took the pre-workout drink and headed to the gym, and I swear I've never had so much energy. I don't know if it was a combination of it working or my expectations creating an awesome placebo effect or just the fact that it works so well, but I felt like pure super hero. Single arm dumbbell shoulder press 40 lbs 5 x 5 standing dumbbell curl 30 lb 5 x 5 seated shoulder press 35 8 x 4 seated lateral raise 15 5 x 5 bent over lateral 15 3 x 3 barbell squat 165 4 x 4 I just tried the vanilla protein and i was pleased. It was pretty tasty The pre-workout drink was a little..not as tasty, but still good.
  2. Oh god i'm so bad at this keeping track thing. But, I can see how useful it can be. For example, all the things I did last week wasn't tracked and now I forgot. Good job Noaton! Today Single arm dumbbell curl to shoulder press 45 lb 3 x 5 Single arm dumbbell incline chest press 45 lb 5 x 5 dumbbell side extension 15 lb 5 x 5 Plate bent over row 45 lb 5 x 5 barbell squat 155lb 5 x 5 barbell deadlift 155 4 x 4 dumbbell curl 25 5 x 5 tricep pull down 45 5 x 5 I do know that I do this basic routine about 3 times a week, and this week I added an extra set, rep, and 5 lbs to most of the things. I think. Also, candy and sweets are the devil. I've been eating a lot of beans and tempeh combined with brown rice and quinoa, but I'm wondering if I should be using some sort of protein powder as well, a shake could help me stop my snacking.
  3. Tonight! 4/5 Dumbbell goblet squat 35 lb 20x 3 sets Barbell dead lift 115lb 5x 5 sets Barbell hang clean 90lb 3x 3 sets Push up 20x 3 sets BW dip 12x 3set Pull up 12x 3 sets
  4. I'm horrible at logging anything, but I think I should do this. This is last night's log, and I should be updating again tonight for tonight's log. 4/4 Incline single-arm dumbbell chest press 35lb 6x 3 sets single-arm military dumbbell press 35lb 6x 3 sets single-arm dumbbell row 45lb 6x 3 sets dumbbell lateral raise 15lb 4x 4 sets dumbbell forward raise 15lb 4x 4 sets body weight pull up 10x 2 sets body weight push up 20x 3 sets plank 30 sec Flutterkicks 30 threecount bicycle crunch 40x 2 sets
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    Well, I think I can go just about all the time. My schedule is free now that I don't have a job.
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    Hi everyone. I'm a new vegan. I'd like to be healthier and get into shape, and I figured this was the place to start I'm not new to veganism, my girlfriend has been vegan since we've been together, about 3 years now..and I do a lot of the cooking (separate meals! that's romantic), and I'm not new to fitness..I've been a gym goer for years now, and I had a stint in the military - but I am new to vegan fitness. I'm not fat, I'm not skinny.. I've lost a lot of muscle mass that I had before, and I'm out of shape. It really sucks and feels horrible. I still exercise but I don't see results anymore. I'm 26 and I'm too young to have old-man-itis! I want to see results and to feel better. I think this is a step in the right direction.
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