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  1. Thanks for the advice Robert - muchly appreciated My partner actually has your book at home so I might read that over my long Easter weekend
  2. Hi guys. I've been vegan for about a year and a half now and vegetarian for three years before that. I love being vegan and will not change it for anything. To live my life knowing that no animal has to hurt for me is just such an amazing feeling. I recently joined a fitness challenge which trains girls with "healthy" eating and exercise. It's called "Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge". The exercise training doesn't start until the 14th April but we have already been given our healthy eating diet plans. Unfortunately these plans revolve around the diet of a meat eater, with every meal having to contain a portion of meat for protein. I am finding it very difficult to veganize this diet. I am really unsure of what type of vegan foods I should be eating for breakkie, lunch, dinner and snacks. I've always eaten HEAPS of fruit - and suddenly I'm being told that more than two pieces a day is actually fattening for me because our bodies can only accept so much fructose a day. I am not overweight - I weigh a mere 55kgs (and I'm about 169cm tall and 25yrs old). I have always been slim due to my lovely dad's genes that I inherited . However, I have now lost my nice toned body and have a slight bit of stomach fat and little bits of cellulite on my legs and bum. I really want to become fit and toned again like I was when I was a teenager. Would anybody be able to help me with what I should be eating to help maintain my energy and nutrition whilst exercising to get this body? BTW I am not low in any vitamins or minerals. My B12, Vitamin D and iron are all perfect. Thank you!!!
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