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  1. Hi Samee! Where in TX are you?
  2. Hello to all my vegan homies. I have been vegan 8 months and vegetarian 2 years prior to that. I am originally from Colorado but now reside in the ATX. I love it here, so much good food!! I am currently 5'5 and anywhere from 125-130lbs. I don't have any specific goals as of yet, other than I want to look good for engagement photos and nuptials. My fiance has been vegan for 10 years or so and is currently training for his law enforcement career and it would be great if I can keep up with him. He has been a great source of information but I would really like to get with some ladies on tips and encouragement. If there are any out here in Austin interested in getting lunch sometime or hitting the gym, hit me up!
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